When Jesus was talking about: be like a child – we were imagining that he must behave or look like a child; but he was talking about theta- waves. Unless you be like a little child – you will not enter the gate of heaven. It was direct statement of theta state of mind. Now we have a term for that.

Q: all yoga is about how to die being alive at the same time?

Guruji: the death is part of life and we should know about it. And yoga is the union, coming together – union of conscious and subconscious mind, this is what I think. Death-like state means to make your brain waves flat – then only delta waves will remain. And remain alive in the same time. This merging were described by many people with different terms – samadhi and other things. As we explained, samadhi balances them, makes them equal.

Q: on what stage begins the friendship with the conscious mind and dehi?

Guruji: only when you’re in between twilight state – you become aware of dehi. Before that you may see it in yoni mudra but it will not register in your mind and what you’re actually feel – it will take years of regular practice just to register what you’re seen which is living inside; then when you go further in theta state of mind the introduction will happen. You can keep on looking at someone without recognizing. First you see, then some introduction takes place, then friendship begins. Or let’s say the relationship begins, which develops into friendship.

Q: what comes first: friendship with the dehi or the merging of the conscious and subconscious mind?

Guruji: first subconscious and conscious thing starts. That will attract dehi: yes, he’s or she’s doing something. Otherwise there is no way to attract attention. Then dehi will agree to remain inside the body.

Q: but he doesn’t lose his individuality?

Guruji: no, never. That is what they say together forever. They will remain separate – mind and dehi – that’s why the communication and discussions will continue, till eternity.


Q: is it possible to be in samadhi state with breathing and heartbeating?

Guruji: yes. Initially. Your body is strong enough to tolerate just 2-3% of your brain capacity. If suddenly the whole brain will wake up – it will burn out your body, because body is just support system for the brain.

Yogis were very smart people; – I think we will all agree on that – so they found a way: take a body to a suspended animation and wake up the subconscious mind – so the burning of the body will not take place. Slowly-slowly-slowly the nervous system and the physical system, the whole body will become strong enough to carry much higher awaken consciousness. Then whether you are in suspended animation or you’re doing anything – it will be no difference. It’s all matter of conditioning.

Q: what is the criteria that suspended animation is not needed anymore?

Guruji: after a few thousands samadhis. I still think: the conditioning of the body will continue – there is no limit to it. I feel this conditioning is still doing on. Lahiri Mahasai said that after 4000 of samadhis your mental state will be definitely different. Suppose that bodybuilder or wrestler are doing 5000 push-ups –  we just see his physical development; but I guarantee – his mental state is different with so much training. That is very obvious. I keep telling everybody: the body is the greatest of great mysteries.


Q: where is the difference: I just see a dream or I’m travelling to astral world?

Guruji: dreamworld and astral world are one and the same.

Q: You mean – every people who see the dreams – they are travelling to astral world?

Guruji: almost everybody goes to the astral world. Some remembers, some don’t. having out of the body experience is nothing; having inside the body experience for a  very long time is more important. One day you’re going to have out of the body experience permanently – so why run after it? Try to remain inside the body for a longer period.


Q: very often when we think that we’re in our heart – it’s just a reaction?

Guruji: most of the time our behavior is a reaction.

Q: how to separate them?

Guruji: calm down first; then you will be able to see whether it’s your own action or it is just a reaction to something. I will say – we don’t have any choice.

Q: we just following the script of life or what?

Guruji: whatever society exposing us to. What we have choice? Different advertisements telling us what to use – toothpaste or deodorant or something – and we just choose out of them. You have no free choice there!

Q: but when we develop our mind…?

Guruji: you will be able to use whatever society provides you in a very good way; and also you may be able to give something very positive back to society also. If it is just a reaction to certain situation in the society – it is not necessary you will be giving something good back to the society. Think big.


Q: when we was in some karmic relationship with someone – like bad or heavy karma following us; if during the communication we couldn’t untie the knot of karma and one is dyeing – could the other, who is alive, somehow untie this knot?

Guruji: but is it so necessary to untie the knot? Is it necessary – if person died anyway? You cannot remove him from your memory. Untying will be possible if you will be able to remove this person from your imagination absolutely. Otherwise he will live in your memories. Why you’re trying to untie something? Accept the fact and move on.

Q: if you’re planning to reincarnate and back home?

Guruji: where is home? We cannot even come back home we lived when we were children. Those people are not there – which made us feel at home; the place is no longer looking the same – so which home we’re trying to back to? It is better to move and to create your own home somewhere

Q: if the person has the feeling that he was separated from some supreme being or supreme spirit?

Guruji: how do you know? It’s just religious thing. Most of the bhakti cults are actually preaching this. If it is your own discovery – then you will accept it.

Q: but what if it’s the inner feeling?

Guruji: that means it’s the feeling of the child who has gone from home to study. When the education will be over – he may be able to create his own home. Because the old home will no longer be there.


Q: what is the difference between that who are worshipping deities with rituals and that who are worshipping by their own inner feeling and understanding?

Guruji: first try to understand your inner feeling, the source of your inner feeling; then try to find the source of your life – if there is the spirit inside or what is the source of your life. After finding the source of life you can move on and try to see him – he can tell you something supreme beyond. Step by step.

Q: what if someone worships in outer space – bringing flowers or something?

Guruji: I think this is also very good because it disciplines you; you have a very good routine in your life – and it will give you the very clean way of life, very pious life. And it will have direct effect on your mind – it will also become more pure. Because whatever you are doing with your body in a very pure way – even it will be called religious or something – finally it is training your mind. Routine will form and your mental state will be different – and you will be able to see beyond this things also.

Q: so we couldn’t say – one way is higher and one is lower?

Guruji: no. that is just ego plays – that my way is higher than yours and your is low – that’s nothing more than ego.


Q: from where the feeling of guiltiness starts?

Guruji: by becoming Christian: you were born in sin. The feeling of guilty when you have done something – after that you’re feeling very bad, that I shouldn’t have done this ; from there the feeling of guilty begins.

Q: if it didn’t come?

Guruji: first time it will always come; then if you continue to repeat it – the feeling will go. Listen to your heart first time – it will tell you always.

Q: I think society is trying to put that feeling on you permanently?

Guruji: fear keeps you disciplined.

Q: for a yogi it’s a great achievement to overcome it?

Guruji: I’ve never seen any yogi who was feeling guilty.

Q: maybe this feeling comes if you’re not confident enough?

Guruji: confidence develops with the practice. What is confidence? When you know more confidential things then the other man – then you’re more confident than that person. Just knowing confidential things is the basis of confidence.


You will need to establish your motive first: why you’re wanting to learn Kriya yoga and what you’re wanting to achieve. Then you will begin to understand the essence of it – with enough practice. Motive needs to be established first.

What is your opinion – what is the essence of it?

Q: technically I think it’s concentration

Guruji: concentration to achieve what?

Q: concentration on eternal

Guruji: when you will experience absolute concentration? When you will actually realize what is the purpose of your life – then your whole life will be concentrated to achieve that purpose. Then only you will experience real concentration. We’re discussing primary motives, not shorter motives. Shorter motives are for executive trainings, who are ambitious to work for a company.


Q: for a yogi: how to escape the entrapment of arrogance and feeling yourself the superhuman?

Guruji: that is the first realization – that you’re not superhuman. That is the first result of practicing yoga – that you are pretty ordinary, still.

Q: why when You’re talking – You separate common people and yogis?

Guruji: because common people are not practicing yoga, especially this system of yoga. When you’re discussing something – you have to draw a line. They are not doing anything like this. And it doesn’t make you superior to them: it is not their motive to do. But I don’t have to go out of my way to please them and say – oh, you’re so great. If they come to me – I treat them well. If I go to them – they treat me well, so we have no problems. If you go out – you don’t find a board proclaiming that Shailendra Sharma is a yogi. Not even you will see that Kriya yoga is taught here. Arrogance is always false, unnecessary thing. Self-confidence – by knowing yourself you will realize that. With the practice self-confidence will be more.

Q: usually people see self-confidence as arrogance?

Guruji: idiots. You don’t have to go out and explain them that you’re just self-confident. You don’t have to do it. Let them form whatever opinion they want to form.


Q: what is the role of the woman in yogi’s life?

Guruji: women play a very important role in yogi’s life. First thing – yogi is born of woman. It means his body was created inside a woman, whom he called mother. Also this planet we called Mother Earth, Mother Nature – they are all women. Their support is extremely important to reach the certain level or achieve certain things in spirituality. That’s why yogi said that Adi Shakti is almighty. I think the best example is Shiva: when he got love from Adi Shakti and they merge together people start to call him Ardhanarishwar. Nobody is calling him Ardhapurusheshwar. The support of Adi Shakti, blessings of Adi Shakti – all women are representing Adi Shakti; so their good will is extremely important. And good will doesn’t mean forcible will; it should come from the woman’s heart. I’ve been observing: you can forcibly possess a woman – by marriage or by force, anyway; but to win over her heart is a very-very great achievement. This is what I think.

Q: you should have the right attitude to the women?

Guruji: it’s the very complicated thing to actually decipher – how to be with woman, but the simplest thing is come to my mind: to get the real good will from the woman’s heart is the highest achievement for everyone. Every yogi should try for that.

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