Q: Some time ago, you showed your aura to some disciples – and it was strikingly bright, white and shining. But we never discuss this phenomena: what is aura?

Guruji: White aura is the rarest of rare. May be only one person have white aura on whole planet in the span of 100 years.

But I think aura is like a corona: brain and the  entire nervous system is working as an electrical charger. Brightness of aura means that your electrical charge is extremely pure and  very powerful – so corona is formed.

Q: How do you change a battery?

Guruji: I think it depends on the strength of your effort and  capacity of inherited conscious mind– if you’re not practicing yoga.

Q: What kind of energy transforms  into what?

Guruji: With gradual awakening of the brain more electrical and  electromagnetic charges are taking. When area becomes too bright – you can see a result of this process. It’s all about brain development, ultimate electromagnetic charger.

Q: What about variety of aura’s colors?

Guruji: Levels of electric charges create different color, similar to the different specters of fire flames; electric charges vary as well.

Wise people decipher and connect them  with certain disorders, quality of mind and spirituality. I think it is valid.

Q: Some of Your disciples have a privilege to see Your aura in the shape of Shivalingam?

Guruji: Yes, I also feel blessed, because in the beginning of my path my aura had not have Shivalingam shape.

When I was dictating commentaries to Gita and other works – this aura was shining with golden color. Since natural Shivalingam was found and installed here and daily ritual had begun, my aura turn bright white and formed in a shape of Shivalingam. It’s recent development.

Q:  Sometimes greenish color appears in your aura, why?

Guruji: If I remove this emerald ring – then the green color goes away; maybe aura is reflecting this.

If I’m not wearing it – I’m losing all the interest in talks and withdraw myself.

Q: You were not wearing this ring for several months

Guruji: yes, and I’ve noticed that green touch in aura disappeared, it became very white bright and I lost interest in talking and seeing people – so I put it again.

Q: How  is this phenomena of electrical charges, generated by the brain and  reflected by aura is connected with vayu sharira?

Guruji: Some sort of a generator is situated behind your nasal cavity. When you inhale and exhale, air creates  certain charge, which electrifies the brain with pranic force.

It can be compared with batteries with continuous charging capacity,  able to store more and more energy  – so brain begins to develop.

It leads to various realizations about meaning and essence of Life, and exploration of the subconscious mind begins.

(98% of mind is lying dormant, no electric charge is there apparently. When the 100% of brain  capacity will wake up – you will get that electric body, vajra kaya.

And level of accumulated electric charge capacity will be so overwhelming that it will not be tolerable by unprepared body, it may burn down…

Air acts as a real fuel for this internal generator, it feeds it. Maybe because vayu-air is considered to be oa gross element these electrical impulses are created.

Even though they are called “gross”, these basic elements of our Creation are extremely mysterious, they  could be continuously refined from gross to micro and macro level.

Q: Is form, or rupa needed in order to generate aura?

Guruji: Your aura is generated by consciousness, awakened in a very positive way – that will determine the color and the power of it.

Q: So no other elements are needed to produce the glowing aura?

Guruji: Aura is a visible trace of your brain development and indicator of  it’s purity. If your mind is not pure – you will never been interested in developing it; not even aware of it.

I’ve been observing my own aura since 1984 or 1983 – my mother saw it first. I was practicing Kriya yoga in the night time and my mother was worried about me, waiting for me to come down  from a small room on the rooftop where I was practicing. One day I just came downstairs without switching on the light and was just sat on the chair there.

She came into the dark room with  milk and two rotis- and dropped them, shouting: “Oh, your head is on fire”! I looked at myself in  the mirror and saw golden flames on my head.

I immediately switched on the light and said: “ Oh, it is nothing, you’re mistaken”. Then I become aware of it – and experimented with it a lot. That’s why I could appreciate the changes in it’s color. When it was seen it was pure gold color, very bright; now it is white.

Q: Can we call aura the shadow of the consciousness?

Guruji: It is a reflection, direct reflection of the consciousness. Or let’s say – expression of the consciousness. And consciousness depends on the electric charges of  the brain… It is just the electrical field, created there. Like corona – the altitude of high-tensioned vibes.

The very process of development is extremely exciting. There are two types of tragedy: when you’re trying to achieve something and you fail; and another type – when you’re trying to achieve something and you achieve. It will leave you empty and anticipating next steps:  what to do?

Q: But on can set another goal, find another toy?

Guruji: Or another horizon, yes

Q: Isn’t it what immortals with unlimited future do?

Guruji: It is very difficult for us, mortals, to imagine their mental state and frame.

Imagine a person, who is not afraid of anything, doesn’t need anything – what keeps them motivated? That is the big question. What are they doing?

Q: the tiredness of seeing the passing years settles in any mortal?

Guruji: thanks to the vampires movies. We’ve seen some places of samadhi – Matsyendranath’s samadhi, Bharthari’s samadhi – maybe like vampire’s elders they are keep roсking the time. They will go into samadhi for 500 years or 1000 years then wake up to see what is happening – then again go back there. Could be that.

Q: I don’t think our world and their world intersect?

Guruji: In some very rare cases. They know everything about us and we know nothing about them.

Q: What can we possibly discuss with them?

Guruji: By asking a question you’ll be demonstrating only your foolishness; wise thing will be to wait for them to talk first – and then let this conversation develop, seeing in which direction it’ll go. I didn’t know what will happen – so I did that automatically when I’ve met Babaji, it was my good luck.

Q: Did you receive a lot of information from this conversation?

Guruji: I was fortunate. But sometimes it worries me also. I’ve seen six. Billions of people die without seeing even one.

Q: 7 is a magic number – let’s wait for one more?

Guruji: Let’s count immortals: Babaji;  this man, who came with him (he may be a  very long-lived person so we can count him)  then three Naths, who came to see me -5; 6th – Matsyendranath with those 2 ladies, so it’s already more than 7.

Then Ashwatthaman.

I spoke about meeting Matsyendranath with these two ladies with Matsyendranath – and people were listening; then we found out  that there is a temple on the hill in Maharashtra; two temples, dedicated to Gorakhnath and Matsyendranath.

Matsyendranath temple has  2 female statues, standing behind his murti. But their identity remain unknown. Nowhere it is mentioned, who they are – but the temple is there.

Q: Maybe priest of the temple knows?

Guruji: no, they don’t know, who they are. Hypothetically they are saying – they maybe his Shaktis or Siddhis – something like that, but they don’t know exactly.

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