…Shiva Svarodaya – is the very old thing, it’s part of yoga. And it works. Not many people had commented on this, but the literal translation is available. I’ve read it – it’s very good.

Q: is it suitable to use?

Guruji: I think, information is good. If you’re interested you can use this information from time to time.

Q: I was trying to see the shape of my breath – but it was just spots every time, not triangles or squares

Guruji: that is for advanced people, but you can judge which nostril is on. This much you can do, but going for the elements need more time.

Q: but this shape of breathe exists?

Guruji: yes. I have come across 2-3 people – they were masters in this. They could tell you the future simply by looking at you. You can just do some breath out – and they could tell you so many things.

Q: but it’s impossible to reach some level in swara without doing pranayama?

Guruji: let’s say – it’s a branch of yoga. And only advanced yogi can do it. Some people take it as a part of professional astrology. But the base is yoga.

Q: and what about Chaya upasana?

Guruji: it works but it can be dangerous.

Q: why?

Guruji: you’re need to be very strong to be able to control your Chaya purush. That’s the problem. When you will start – it will begin appear in the sky; then it becomes much more complicated, more mysterious and more dangerous.

Q: but if you’re not a yogi – how could you perceive your Chaya?

Guruji: you can not control that. And you already know, that in magic the shadow is considered extremely important. To control much shadow – actually transfer your consciousness into your shadow – then to move everywhere; it takes quite a lot of power and wisdom and big control.

Q: so the shadow has it’s own consciousness?

Guruji: it may. That’s why until unless someone is absolutely sure of himself or herself – then it is done for entertainment. I will say – this is the yogic way of astral travelling. Just transfer yourself into that and move around wherever you want to move and come back.

Q: when you transfer yourself into the shadow – what is happen with the physical body?

Guruji: not physical body, just consciousness. Physical body will remain as it is.

Q: shadow and the astral body is the same?

Guruji: it is like creating very different astral body, in which you can transfer your consciousness; if you know exactly how, it is much more safer. Your astral body will remain inside you, but only your consciousness will connect with that shadow, Chaya purush, so in a way it is more secure than astral travelling. Because when you’re doing astral travelling – your body is like empty, so another powerful spirit or the ghost can take over it. These things are being known to happen. But then again – it is just like controlling gorilla: if he becomes angry – what you will do? For that you need to control your thoughts absolutely; one thought – and it will go different. So better first to develop over self – then try.

Q: what happens with the physical and astral body, when you transform consciousness into Chaya purush?

Guruji: they just like taking a mobile connection. Like internet. And internet can spoil you and you can learn so much out of it.

Once you’re able to achieve khеchari mudra – it becomes very simple to you to control your swara. That’s why yogi is in command of himself most of the time, if he has gone to that level. For normal man it’s impossible to control; they show so much technics to change it, but in my opinion khechari is the best which can happen to anyone.

Q: but to achieve real appearance of the elements you must to…?

Guruji: you must actually knowing them first. First you must be able to recognize them – so it is advanced thing. I don’t think many Guru’s are talking about Chaya purush. Now I realized that I know much about it.

Q: this is amazing thing! What I understand the first you must achieve awaken Kundalini?

Guruji: self control, self knowledge, power of the self.

Q: you must activate all chakras before?

Guruji: no, you will be going in wrong direction. I will say – activation of all chakras, rising of kundalini is the part of yourself development. That’s why I’m saying: you need extreme self-development, self-control – that will give you enough power to all these things. It is just part of it.

Q: again we stop near the power

Guruji: actually it is very interesting to talk about power, but to go all the way to achieve power is very difficult and very troublesome. Talking is good. You like to see heroes and follow the hero, but who wants to be a hero? It’s too much worries.

Q: everybody wants, but everybody wants to go easy way

Guruji: there is no easy way.

Q: how Chaya purush is connected with koshas?

Guruji: first you actually make it appear – methods are given there; then you chant a certain mantra, which is also written there. But until unless Guru give you this mantra – mantra never give you results. That mantra is not for Brahma, it is for the mind. When mind also is activated in the certain way – then it can connect with that Chaya purush and the consciousness will remain the same. It is just sending a drone somewhere and looking the things on the screen – that is the nearest example I can give you.

Q: so Chaya purush is not a mental body?

Guruji: no, it’s just a shadow.

Q: more I’m listening your explanations – more I understand that our body is like the last step of technologies – wifi, drones…

Guruji: yes, the body is very advanced.

Q: now the question is how to use it? Where is the user’s manual?

Guruji: how many people you know, who read user’s manual? Only on/off button and nothing in between – that’s the problem. So let’s use our instrument.

Destiny is the computer program, which has been put inside us – so we have to follow that program. Otherwise the program will crash, or the computer will crash.

Q: but if you are very advanced user or hacker – you can change the program?

Guruji: we’re trying on level best to do that. That’s why it’s said that yogi should stay away from the system, away from the society – that is away from the program and you will be out of it.

Q: if you are advanced user – can you be inside the program and out of it in the same time?

Guruji: possible, why not. But once you’re understand the program – I don’t think you will remain interested in it. It’s just a program.

Q: it’s like to look at magician: when you don’t know the trick – it is interesting, but if you know the secret …

Guruji: no interest absolutely. When we don’t know something – it’s very difficult. Like we are walking: when we are able to walk – it’s nothing. But when you have the physical problem – the simple walk becomes too much complicated program, the simply walk. How many muscles are involved, how maintain the balance, how the gravitation works, the Earth are moving under you – I mean so much physics is involved in such simple process. But for us it’s not a problem – we just walking.

What is freedom? When everything is for free – that is freedom. We are not free yet, but we have yoga to become free. And we will get everything for free then. You will have freedom from the limitations – you will have superbody and super consciousness.

Q: why you’re saying that shadow can be dangerous? Because it can attack you?

Guruji: it will be like going mad – if you’re not absolutely in control of your thoughts and realizations – you will be creating the big problems for you.

Q: but what can be the problem with the shadow?

Guruji: suppose your hand goes out of control.

Q: now I understand. You tell us, that when yogi becomes more advanced – his shadow becomes more transparent. How it is connected with Chaya purush?

Guruji: because he’s getting refined and balance of his elements is getting equal. Light is reflecting only from earth, water and fire, it is passing through air and akash. So if the air and akash are becoming balanced – your body will become semi-transparent and the light will go through it. But advanced yogi not need Chaya purush. You’re already gone beyond that.

Q: swara yoga is a branch of yoga?

Guruji: yes, it’s a branch of yoga – just information, which yogi can use before he’s reach the climax of yoga in between, because everybody needs to survive. So it is part of survival training.

Q: so Chaya upasana is also branch of yoga?

Guruji: just the information that you can use your shadow for the certain task. You’re living in the jungle, there is nobody to help you, so at least your Chaya may make chai for you. Only for that. But I think Alladdin’s lamp is more interesting to have.

Q: but you don’t know – the genie could be crazy

Guruji: let’s say – he will be the friendly gentleman and he will fulfill all your wishes.

Q: somebody told me that genies are created from the ashes which are remains after cremation

Guruji: could be, because they are coming from the fire element. In India – not nowadays, but maybe in villages it is going on – they say that man is coming in the night, searching for the nurse, who is helping to delivering children. If she will go and help to deliver a child – he will give her some ashes, when turns into diamond when she’s coming back. So when the genie has a child – they also need help from a person. Nowadays we don’t hear such stories. When the spirits are advanced, they prefer to live in small cities or villages. In big cities only evil spirits live.

Q: but they must have more possibilities to remain invisible in big cities than in villages?

Guruji: no, because these concrete things are full of iron – they stay away from iron. There is some reaction with iron. So much concrete and iron, and now railways are everywhere – they don’t like to cross over.

About 10-12 years back it was big incident on Mathura-Govardhan road. It was winter time; two policemen saw the small child crying on the middle of the road – it was 10 km from Govardhan. Policeman stop his bike and decide to take this child to the hospital. And he informed his boss about it. One of policeman was a driver, and another one sitting behind him, carrying the child in his hands. The child suddenly become to be heavier and heavier and grow bigger and bigger. And that constable was very afraid and shout to stop the bike. And the child jump over his hands – he become about three meters tall – and in a very terrible voice he said: you have iron on you, that’s why you’re alive – otherwise I drink all your blood. And he disappeared. When they didn’t reach the hospital – another policeman came and find them on the road, shivering and with the very high fever – and they were so afraid and just repeating – he’s gone to drink our blood. It was really happen, it was in newspapers, and the iron things were their guns. I think it’s a good idea always to have a piece of iron on your person. And the iron on them were their  service guns – that is pure iron.When you’re moving around India or somewhere – you never know who can come and say hello.

Q: why exactly iron? It is connected with Mars or Shani?

Guruji: it is connected with Saturn, but there must be some other mystical things which not be known. Similar incident happened in my home town, in Gwalior. I had a neighbor when I was living with my family. Their work was repairing the tires. He was the very decent man, and his father was also decent – very nice people. One summer it was too hot – and there is no traffic here when it’s too hot. Somehow the small girl about 8 or 9 years old came to their shop. She began to cry, and the father ask her, what happen. She answered, that she came here with her family, but somehow left and they go back on the tractors. “So please can you help me to take me home”. He immediately told to his son take one servant and take the girl back to her home – they took their bicycles. They ask her about her home – and she said the name of place about 20 km from there. Very remote area. It was the university there, but this area was beyond the university – very lonely place. They took bicycles and go. When they left the city limits and enter the desert she somehow begin to be very happy and begin to sing. They were very surprised, but she looked at them in a very strange way and start singing. No villages were around them, but she was saying – “ just near, just near”. Suddenly the fear entered to their hearts and they asked: “ who are you? Where are you taking us?” and they saw some villagers coming in a distance on the tractor. She said – I’ll just take a pee, then we’ll go. And she jump from the bike and go to the side of the road and just disappeared. When the villagers came – they were very interested what happened here because the guys were so shocked. And then the villagers told them, that it is chural living in this area. I don’t know the English translation for the word “chural” – like a female ghost or female-genie. It is sort of the woman’s ghost, who died in child deliver. She has killed many people here, and most of their bodies were found without blood. So that was their good luck. By listening that they both fainted there. One of the tractor’s men know his father – because he repaired the tires there. He brought them home and they were in a very high fever more than two weeks.

Q: great story

Guruji: it’s the real story! We said – never go to deserted place or near water when it’s nobody there between 11 and 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Also in the night and also in the afternoon.

And another story I’ll tell you – I don’t know why I’m remembering so terrible stories. There was in a nearby city in Gwalior. My reputation was growing – some people took me as tantric or magician because not many people know what yoga is. So one old man think I could help him to dig up some treasure. He started to come regularly ask me to help and he’ll become a billionaire. I kept telling I don’t know anything about treasures – I’m interested in treasures, but I don’t know where they can be. More I refused him – more he was thinking I know something that’s why saying “no”. and at that place it was about of 1000 acres empty land – no buildings, nothing. Some postman came to deliver some package – it was again about 1 o’clock in the afternoon, very hot – maybe may or june. I saw that old man running towards my house like a very afraid man or mad man. They run and tell – o please help me, they want to kill me. But I answered – it is nobody behind you. I took him inside, gave him some water and pacify him. Then I ask him, what happened. He answered: “I just coming from the bus and I was crossing that ground – it is called mila ground; and it was some canals built for the buffaloes and cows – so I just cross one canal and saw about 8-9 people with big black blankets – there was a fire in between. And they was just warming themselves up.” In the middle of the most hot month in the afternoon. He suddenly stepped back, and they look at him – they had no eyes, only sockets. And one man said: “come, come, warm yourself, it is so cold”. And he start to run towards my house. I took the scooter and ride there – it was absolutely nobody there. Then I took that old man to bus stop and told him – I’m not a treasure man, find someone else. Then one of my disciples came – he was pandit and I discuss it with him because it was very strange. And he said: “his time is come up”. Because they said him to warm up – means he’s going to become cold and will be cremated. And less than within two months this old man was found dead in that grounds. So maybe that people found him here.

Q: fantastic story. And who were that men in black blankets?

Guruji: I don’t know – maybe yamaduts or some ghosts going after him.

Q: first time I hear the stories where some ghosts are acting openly in the daytime

Guruji: they are not visible for everybody. I was going there and saw nobody. No sign of fire, nothing. But the old man saw them and the fire was burning. Black blankets and no eyes, only holes there – we can only imagine how shocked he was.

Q: maybe the ghosts needs some energy from people?

Guruji: oh, they don’t need energy – they are already very powerful. It is just western way of thinking, that ghosts are eating your energy. I think relatives are eating your energy much faster than all the ghosts together.

Q: what was the reason to show themselves to old man?

Guruji: remember, he was found dead in that grounds. Maybe he crossed their ground and they pull him there. I never discard or ignore any fairy tale.


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