Q: I’m a seeker

Guruji: seeking what?

Q: knowledge

Guruji: or just information?

Knowledge: know the ledge on which you’re standing: one wrong step – and you’re down there. That is knowledge – know the ledge.


Life is like a tire rope walking or just stand on the ledge of the very high building. Know it!

Otherwise – only one step that you waiting for.

That’s why people say: life is like maintain the balance. While standing on the ledge you have to making a balance.

Human body has so much potential – we’re hardly using small portion of our own strength.


Q: possession is like punishment for the people?

Guruji: not exactly. Some people love to be possessed. Somehow they command a lot of attention from relatives and surrounding people. And they begin to like it. Human nature is very strange. But not every spirit trying to possess you – only in a special cases they do it. They have their own society.

Q: pret and bhut they are different?

Guruji: generally people call them bhut. After Apocalypse only ghosts and spirits will remain. You cannot kill who is already dead. Dead man spirit is called ghost.

Q: what is the reason for bhuts to possess?

Guruji: sometimes – to take revenge. Why criminal is robbing person? What is the theory behind it? Why policeman is trying to stop a robber or catch a criminal? Depends on the nature of the person.

Q: it is karma?

Guruji: karmic theory again – nobody understand it fully. But we love to blame on karma everything. It’s my karma, it’s your karma, but what is karma – we don’t know. And god is responsible for everything – that’s why he remains hiding – that’s karma he create. Every time something bad happen people cry: oh god, what have you done? So he hiding somewhere.

Indians don’t worship the creator – but in other religions creator is worshipped. We simply cannot worship someone, who has done so many mistakes in creation.

But in other religion after mistake has been done many times they say: oh, that was his plan!  It has to be that way! I’ve decifer the essence of the most religions. But I will answer only to who is serving for me at least 50 years( laughing) this time is required for development of your understanding.

You know that famous story of Nasretdin?

He claimed that he could make any donkey a man. There was one rich man, but he was not too smart –and he said ok, I have a donkey which I love very much – can you make him a man? How much it will cost? – only 10000 dinars; so give me in advance and a donkey – it will take 20 years. Then the rich man became to worry – how it is generally possible? After 20 years what will happen? He said don’t worry: in 20 years either this donkey will die or that man will die or I will die – so let’s enjoy 10000 dinars. Then after 20 years that man was still alive and Nasretdin was also alive and the donkey was sold; and the man asked – where is my donkey? He answered: you don’t know? I’ve made him a man and he became educated so much so he became the main wiseman of the city – see? Go, go. He said – o my donkey, you’re so great now. – you bastard, you called me  a donkey! And the clash begins. That means: smart man can get out of any situation.


Q: it exist some connection with dharana, dhyana and Samadhi and three granthis in practice?

Guruji: only with dharana and dhyana it’s achieved. Both – dharana and dhyana together. To open the mystery of brahma granthi is very difficult.

Q: when we did khechari?

Guruji: it is the beginning of brahma granthi.

Q: so no one except You in this room?

Guruji: let’s say – we’re trying our best.

Q: do You have some students who achieved Samadhi?

Guruji: not yet.

Q: but they will?

Guruji: some of them – definitely.

Q: but it will be the secret, if someone…

Guruji: oh no, I will publish it everywhere( laughing) more of 65% of my students have achieved khechari mudra. And I think I know enough yoga to take them into suspended animation – we can demonstrate it also. But I will wait, because their body and nervous system isn’t strong enough. The demonstration is for whom?

We’re not interested in proving it scientifically or something like that. When the person achieves khechari and practicing a few years after that – for me it’s very easy to take him or her into suspended animation. You see – they should be strong enough to tolerate that. Then I’m ready to teach. I’m no problem in teaching. I’ve brought them so far – why don’t go more? I think ours maybe the biggest group in the whole circles of human – so many people with khechari mudra, that is amazing. There is a family in Gwalior – I think I told you that – 23 persons has done khechari. And I think only we are discussing immortality so much. Why so? – nobody even think about it. But all books on yoga tell about it.

I love photography: it catches the moments in time, it remains frozen in it.


Dattatreya has black dogs – and Gorakhnath also. It reminds me the very strange incident when we first arrived here; everything around was looking like horror movie. I had a pair of dogs, big ones. When me and my sister will move around in the evening – or in the daytime even – we will hear the heavy sound of breathing of a dog, following us everywhere, like very big dog breathing. Then one day something happen and we were able to see: the whole area was full of black dogs and their size were like horses. Our dogs looks like puppies on front of them. But they were doing nothing – just move around with us. Of course it’s a scary thing to see. Then, after this vulture incident happened – they disappeared with that. We never saw them again. They were here at least for two years. They look like dogs but as big as a horse. Absolute black.

Q: they were exist only in astral world?

Guruji: but we were hearing their heavy breathing: maybe they were invisible to other people. We’re just moving somewhere and the very heavy sound of breathing begin to come, you see nothing – it was scary.


45 years before, when I was reading a comics – it was semi-horror; there is a road somewhere in America where fog is coming like mysterious thing. Some trolls are guarding a bridge. They stop every car and you have to pay the tax to cross over the bridge. And the tax was: “give me a smile”. Everybody was trying but they say – no, give me the real smile! Only one old lady could give the real smile; so maybe the real smile is a big grace? Unforgettable story – even it was short, but I still remember it after 45 years.


Q: what is Kalachakra?

Guruji: the Time  – from beginning to end as we perceive it – a Kalachakra to us.

Q: it is said that one of it is anger and delusion, one is enjoyment and delusion, etc?

Guruji: everything is sort of keeping us bound inside Time. It’s more like kleshas.

Q: what should we do while going through sade sati?

Guruji: I’m going through it myself and I think it’s a very good thing. Shani maharaj is a great teacher.

Q: it’s possible to be born in sade sati?

Guruji: of course – I was born in sade sati. An influence of Saturn: the roof of my room changed – because we couldn’t find enough large wooden beam – so no iron one is in its place and now I have iron above me. That is the grace of Saturn.

Q: sade sati is different for yogis and for ordinary people?

Guruji: for us Saturn support is the very great support, because he teaches you from the very different perspective. He will just simply remove your ego –but you will gain great wisdom. I’ve seen that the most egoistic arrogant persons learned to say “sir” to others.

That’s his way of teaching. I think everybody should welcome that. People have so much fear – that they will suffer from this and that; but he’s the great teacher, I will say. My five books were written in the sade sati time. Now Gorakhbodh is also completed in sade sati. In the last few months of sade sati I’ve owned this place.


Q: Brahmin women should pronounce Shivaya Namaha for 5000 times to overcome their womanhood; for what? And Kshatriya must say it for 10000 times – only then they can attain liberation?

Guruji: if we analyze that – Kshatriya is a warrior, killer: whole life they were train to kill or to be killed. They have to overcome this instinct: to become a Brahmin means you will begin to steady your mind, begin to control what you develop; and maybe overcoming womanhood is to stop reproduction and stop to bringing spirits into this world, which is their basic instincts: if they overcome that – maybe they become much more nearer to their own spirit, which is already in the flesh and blood; – it could be that, but nothing is written in detail. Brahmins considered as superior because they are “brahmins” – always trying to know and to develop their mind and consciousness and the spirit. Kshatriya is always training for the war – to kill or to be killed; Vaishya is always thinking in profit and loans. You have to overcome all that basic instincts from your genetics: then only you maybe becoming aware of the spirit inside and infinite possibilities of your mind and consciousness. You need to overcome that.


Q: if candidate to be a shaman has lack of bones – he considered as  not suitable; it must be in physical world – no finger or something?

Guruji: yes, it’s main qualification for becoming a yogi also.

Q: if something missing it’s like bad karma?

Guruji: previous life bad karma. Yogi can become immortal; if you become immortal with missing limb – what you will do?

Q: if someone stops to practice – connection with You stops after some time?

Guruji: it will depends

Q: they just somehow realize that is no more connection now?

Guruji: they will feel it.


Yogi is open for new experiences and new emotions and new exposures; so when a yogi is going through different planetary situation – his reaction and learning will be different when the other ones.

Q: Ketu dasha is more peaceful than Rahu?

Guruji: comparatively – yes.

Q: Ketu is always bringing something to an end – situations, relationship?

Guruji: you see, Ketu is headless, Rahu is the head. Whichever planet is influenced the Ketu – that effect will come in Ketu time. They both – with Rahu – became immortal. Rahu did so much tapas, so Shiva allowed him to be in a garland of his skulls. Rahu is a great helper for yogis. So much mystical knowledge appears in the period of Rahu.

Q: in many books is written that Rahu is always beneficial for revolutionists?

Guruji: it’s common reading. I’ll give you an example which no one has ever given before. We have a story of Hanuman.


He was the very young child, he was hungry and the sun was rising – he thought it’s a fruit so he begin to fly to eat it. He was near the sun and it was an eclipse time – so Rahu was near the sun. and Rahu thought – who is this another Rahu, he is coming to grab the sun? he went to the king of the gods, Indra, and ask him for help in this unexpectable  situation. Indra came and struck Hanuman with his thunderbolt – vajra – to his jaw. Hanuman fell down and the wind – Vayu, his father – took him into his lap and entered the cave. Out of the anger he just stopped everybody’s breathe – and people begin to suffer. Finally all gods had to appear in that cave – including Brahma, Yamaraj, Indra and others – and everybody had to grant special power to Hanuman. My interpretation is: it is because of Rahu was a catalytic agent Hanuman got all these powers. This is the way of looking at it. That was the influence of Rahu in Hanuman Ji’s life.

Q: Ketu gives the possibility of liberation?

Guruji: if it is in Pisces or in Jupiter’s houses – yes. Here it supposed to be very calm and peaceful and quiet planet. But Rahu creates a situation. Such simple story – but you can learn so much out of it. What does it mean: Rahu creates special situation when you’re going into breathless condition – then all the gods will appear and give you powers. That is another interpretation. It’s effect of yoga: it opens up your mind, your consciousness develops and you begin to think.

Q: Jupiter is Guru and he is giving you education – Saturn also, but in another way?

Guruji: Saturn is creating situations – out of those situations you can learn. He is practical teacher.

Q: You already told us that Rahu creates the situations; but how such strong planets are for the yogis?

Guruji: every planet is good for the yogis. Every planet has something to teach. Shukracharya is the great teacher: he knows how to bring dead back to life. He can give you eternal life, eternal youth – he is most powerful being. Shiva called him his son.

Q: what about Mercury?

Guruji: he is the messenger of the gods. He can bring you so many messages from the other side. Yogi can learn from any situation.

Q: outer planets – like Uranus and other – has no big power and influence?

Guruji: no, they might have some power. But till today – not much. Maybe on immortals – it could be that – or on very long-lived beings.


Q: the seeker attains liberation if he begins from salokya?

Guruji: salokya means when he entered the abode of some particular god and begins to live there. So all this tapas and all this hard work is for eternal retirement – no problem, nothing, take it easy finally( laughing).

Q: when devotee of Shiva ends 108 crores of japa – he can practice shuddha yoga – what is it?

Guruji: that means after so many japas he qualified enough to practice yoga. Shuddha yoga means the purest form of yoga.

I think it’s a good system because all we have so much religious carryovers; even if truth is been said we’re trying to analyze it from the religious backdrop. Pure mind is very rare thing.

Q: why they are saying that if woman is true devotee of Shiva – she must concentrate on the symbol of Shakti, not Shiva?

Guruji: Shakti is half of Shiva. They go together.


Ten breaths – ten pranas – and ten different aspects, ten Mahavidyas; only ten great arts can be representing by them.

Q: but it’s impossible to master them one by one?

Guruji: they are different work of prana and apana, different ways – that’s why they are given the different names according their work in physical body and different places. If you’re sort of friendly with prana and apana – they will also be friendly with them. They are not separate from them. Only prana and apana hold them together. Directly you cannot approach them even. You cannot approach someone – first I will be friendly with your hand or your nose. That’s how it happens.

Q: first you have to be friendly with the brain?

Guruji: and also with the heart and personality – everything is coming together.


Q: connection between 2000 petal lotus- in muladhara or even more down?

Guruji: in Earth herself. Muladhar is representing the earth.

Q: so we have another 1000-petalled lotus?

Guruji: you can go on and on like 1000000- lotus, but – very simple analyzing from Shailendra Sharma: what is kundalini; everybody is talking about it. You see: they are saying that kundalini sleeps in your muladhar chakra, which has 4 petals and square – symbol of earth element there. That tells me that real Shakti sleeps in the earth element, maybe in Earth herself. When your muladhara chakra opening – you’re directly connecting with the Earth herself. You’re connected and the energy passes through. And you’re directly connected with the planet. Then you know everything.

Why? You read any subject, which is taught in schools and colleges – it is the study of the nature of the planet from different angles. Once you’re connected with the planet itself, the Earth – you will know everything. Very simple analyzing, what kundalini awakening is. From earth element, from muladhar chakra the power enters into you and you’re supercharged. Connected finally and the union takes place – yoga.

Q: that is first time I hear about connection of earth element and Earth?

Guruji: that’s the point: we’re living on Earth. And we still don’t connect earth element with Earth. Where we should connect earth element? Nobody knows. Every study is the study of the nature of the planet.

Q: that connection is not mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradipika?

Guruji: they are not describing chakras there. But one shloka is there: otherwise Earth will not be happy. If you’re not connect with it – why she’s going to be happy?

Q: for what we’re need other elements? Or we’re going from up to down?

Guruji: we’re coming from up to down – but the real power remains in the earth element. Only by awakening this we’re connecting all five elements in right proportion; and maybe immortality or great wisdom will come.

Q: if we’re connected with the consciousness with Earth – we already know the consciousness of water, fire element?

Guruji: they are all part of Earth. They are not so separate. You remember the story of creation of the Earth from Madhu and Kaitabha’s fat? That means if Madhu and Kaitabha are prana and apana and when subconscious mind is actually able to sort of control them and they allow subconscious mind to kill them – then so many different creations begin to float in the ocean of your consciousness.

Q: maybe Ramayana and Mahabharata can be connected with some great yogis, who merged into the consciousness of the Earth?

Guruji: like avatar – wherever some avatar or immortal appears – the great destruction follows. Don’t look at me: when I was set – the second world war was already over.

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