Q: do we need to do pitri tarpana?

Guruji: if the father is not alive – then.

Q: and if father is alive?

Guruji: no, then no. Book on pitri tarpana was translated in Russian also; now he is doing the translation of the complete book.

Q: but why we need pitri tarpana if we’re your disciples?

Guruji: if they are ancestors – they are feeling happy, but it’s a custom to honor them once in a year for two weeks. It is better t do it, because on the other side they help more.

Q: for pitri tarpana mother must be alive or no?

Guruji: it depends on the father.

Q: because heaven and hell are only for men?

Guruji: that is another point: women I’ve seen – they become pitaras; so four generations for the mother side – they need to be given this and three generations from the father.

Q: but nowadays there is no Dharmaraj – how pitri tarpana is working?

Guruji: that maybe another system now.

Q: Garuda Purana is working now?

Guruji: it used to work; but these things about obeisance to your ancestors – it works, because nowadays they are helping people.

Q: but the system of different hells – is it working now?

Guruji: I don’t know exactly, because world is no more like it described in puranas. Heavenly gods are disappeared, daityas from the netherworld are taking over: I’m sure, some difference, some changes are with hell also.

And I told you before: whether it is a Christian hell or Hindu hell – it looks like a kitchen for heaven. You’re fried on barbeque or boiled and will be served in heaven. Maybe now vegetarians are there – so we don’t know, what’s happening. Because so many spirits we talked – nobody mentioning heaven or hell or yamduts or somebody coming to take them. But this area the spirits of our ancestors – we saw them and they helped us and guide us. It looks like Hindu system is developing.

Q: they remain on Earth?

Guruji: if yamduts will take them – why they are on Earth? They stopped; for the last maybe 20 years – no report.

Q: they described river Vaitarani?

Guruji: it is escribed in Egyptian mythology also. Now they are on Earth – and to reach the abode of Yama you need to cross it over.

Q: once you do the ritual for departed parents – you need to repeat it every year?

Guruji: you just need to feed at that time for the mother some old lady and for the father some man of his approximate age. Remembering him, feed him. that’s it.

Q: no need to do some ritual?

Guruji: it is the simplest thing in the world. Main thing – you need to remember them with love and respect; remember them in your heart and just give water to the birds, crows, feed some dog, cow, and give food to some man, remembering him – or to some woman, remembering her. That is enough.

Q: now if the new system appear – some new purana must appear, to describe it?

Guruji: they will come later, too early for them. Now Indra is raja Bali, it is described in Vishnu purana. With old Indra Yamaraj was there and all his work was there; now who has been appointed to his place – nobody knows. There was a big shuffle and changing after Mahabharata, after Krishna. We’re still inquiring so many spirits, what’s happening. But more and more spirits are on the Earth.

Q: people start to recognize or to feel them, or spirits are possessing people?

Guruji: even people may not be possessed; but if the spirit is not friendly or let’s say the person has done something wrong – then the effect will come, he will continue to suffer and all these things is happen. Till somebody can diagnose it – we have seen many cases.

Q: which birds must be feed?

Guruji: crows, dogs, cows and even ants.

It is a part of ritual for the departed. Ants, crows, cow and dog are always given food before you feed some brahmin or some person. Maybe that’s why even ants are recognizing my name now.

Q: Guruji, You have seen so many possessed people – what is the cause of that?

Guruji: in 99,9% cases the problem starts by greed or jealousy of that person. In most of the cases the person or his family is guilty.

Q: if someone will ask for help – what suggestion can be given?

Guruji: if they are Christians – they should go to church and follow their religion. They should go to cemetery and pay respect to their ancestors of their family.

Q: if their ancestors were burnt?

Guruji: just remember them. Remembrance is the main thing. There was a story in Mahabharata: one king was for 1 million years in heaven; then gods informed him – that your time is over, because nobody remembers you. He was asked to go and find someone who may recognize his name. he came down to Earth and find some very old turtle somewhere – and he says: yes, very-very long time back this king was there. And again he was allowed to entry the heaven.

Q: why it is so important -to remember?

Guruji: to remain inside the mind of someone, in the heart – it s something. It is very important.

Q: if the person is alive, and you continuously remember him – you somehow support him?

Guruji: of course.

Q: but it must be positive remembering?

Guruji: anything. Positive is better(smiling)


Q: now travelling is in a very big fashion: what do You think about it?

Guruji: now time is changing – it’s a time of globalization, different people are coming together, communicating, now the feeling is growing that Earth is our home, instead of believing many political boundaries – even that is good.

But we have more responsibility to the planet we are living; maybe this thought will develop more. Only by coming together, communicating, knowing each other, the fear of unknown will disappear.


Q: someone told me, that we must be awake at 6 o’clock, because it’s the time of akash element?

Guruji: don’t believe in this, from 4 to 6 in the morning is the best time for sleep. I still can’t understand, how saint men get up at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Q: one guy told that he is waking up at 3 in the night and practicing before sunrise?

Guruji: oh no, go to sleep that time – and practice in the night.

Q: from where this confusion of getting up early came?

Guruji: India was mostly farmers, 80% farmers are there – for farming work you need to get up early. Somehow it develop into that culture. Only I’m saying like this: mostly people are told to get up at 2 or 3 or 4 in the night. My experiences are different. We are followers of Gita – so no need to get up at 4.

Q: how it sounds in English, the words from Gita?

Guruji: when it is night for every other beings, the yogis – or controllers of their mind  – they keep awake. Which is the day for others – it is night for them, they sleep.


Q: sorry for the question – but what do You think about british invasion in India?

Guruji: I think it is very good that britishers came – they liberated us from Islamic rule. Thank to britishers – otherwise we were for 700 or 800 years under Islamic rule. It was britishers who defeated them, they liberate India from Islamic, and that is great. They created a big system of democracy – and it’s a big improvement. It was good service to India. Cricket also( smiling).

Q: cities were growing?

Guruji: cities were growing because many rich people shifted there because of tax system. When Islamic people were dominating by the force of their sword – now they are change it into the sword of the oil and it will not last long.

I think we are seeing the toppling of two major religions: Christianity and islam. In Europe Christianity is already going down – as people tell me.

Q: when I’m coming to church in Europe – it’s neutral feeling, but when I’m coming to Russian church – the great feeling of suffering and pain and endless requests to the God is coming?

Guruji: history of suffering is more in Russia then in Europe. That effect will always remain – what you pray for.

Q: but we’re coming to the church or the temple to see the god, not to continuously ask for something?

Guruji: I think that’s why god disappeared. He was so tired of listening.

Very famous poet says the best: temple and mosque – they create animosity between people. It is the bar, where wine is flowing, creates friendship between them. You can drink together, no matter to which religion you belong.


Q: what is Pashupata vrata?

Guruji: that means that I’ve just move everywhere, don’t talk with anyone and just be with the nature, practice what your Guru given. It’s Pashupata vrata; nowadays we don’t see – it’s extreme thing. Only Shiva is known as Pashupatinath, only he may have done it or some disciples after. After vedic time it become more popular.

Q: it also must be done for 12 years?

Guruji: no, it’s no time frame for it – it’s an achievement.

Q: and if someone achieve?

Guruji: he will be like Shiva – it is said in Shiva Sutras. He will be like Shiva.

Last thought which you will have in your mind will decide where you will go, because you will be in a sort of the mental world. Your mind will remain supreme. That’s why it is said: focus your mind, control your thought, because after death – only the mental world, only whatever you will think. You must learn to control your thoughts. Thoughts are coming continuously – you need to learn to control them.

On the lower level – it’s just hypothetical things.

Q: from Gita: if that unmanifest conscious presence will manifest itself without attention – the manifestation will be impure and thereby unclean?

Guruji: see, most of your thoughts depends on what you see, what you are attended to. If you’re able to focus without any attention, any point of concentration – only that is pure thought, state of pure thought. All our thoughts depends on something. If you’re able to think independent, without depending on any object or subject – that will be the state of pure thought. Your concentration should not depend on any point. It should be spontaneous thing. It’s a very deep thing.


That only the Guru will decides: it is just like finishing your education from college – it doesn’t mean your learning stops there. In fact you are more valid to learn in much more better way. When you achieve samadhi – you’re free to understand the Creation; and the more you will study the Creation – the more you will begin to understand the nature of the Creator, which will take millions of years. For this immortality is needed; or maybe your spirit needs the identity established – so you will continue study without gaps.

Q: about these two options: maybe you’ll born again and become immortal or maybe you stay?

Guruji: more possibilities are there after reaching such high standard.

Q: if somehow someone could become a gana of Kali or a gana of Shiva?

Guruji: if you can become a gana of Kali – this is also extremely high achievement, and when you are a gana of Kali for 10000 years – then you will be qualify to become a Shivagana. Then it’s something different.

Q: when you become a member of group of immortals – how it is decided? One immortal decides?

Guruji: once you attain immortality – other immortals will notice you. After they have tested you for centuries – they may contact you. Immortal person testing will take centuries – maybe more than that. They can effort to wait, no hurry.

Q: we can discuss anyway…

Guruji: and I will add one thing about understanding the nature of the Creator: understanding the nature of the Mother Earth is extremely important. She’s alive, our life depends on her, and if you just look at it from the yogic perspective: whatever you’re study, all science and arts  – whatever we are study, we’re study Earth’s nature from the different point of view. All education is about studying our planet. She ‘s taking us somewhere, providing everything for us – she’s in some unknown journey, unknown destination. Also we need to understand and discover, where she’s taking us. You cannot leave: either you will die – you will remain here, even in the form of fossil or something. Whatever form you’ll be there – she provides all entertainment from wars to movies for everyone. Until unless you connect your consciousness with the planet itself – you’ll never discover. So: practice well, become one with the consciousness of the Earth – that is the major thing.


Q: You said once that it’s extremely hard to achieve the realization in one life time – but it’s more possible to achieve in 6 lives time?

Guruji: if you’re in the final – it will take 3 years, 6 years, 12 years, 24 years, 48 years – something like that. It can be done in one life time – in the final one.

Q: we can also suppose or imagine that Babaji has a plan that some of your disciples will start to practice with Lahiri Mahasaya?

Guruji: I think so. Nowadays the level of questions and understanding is very different. When persons are coming for the first time – their questions are different; somehow the communication with the old people were different.

Q: can we suppose that many of your disciples will achieve…?

Guruji: as Babaji told me in 1995 – many of my disciples will achieve. That makes me happy Guru. What is the reason to be a Guru if your disciples are not successful?

Q: and sometimes You have the feeling that Babaji will take Kriya back from society?

Guruji: I’m also observing, that the real essence of yoga – nowadays it’s so many Kriya yoga organizations – the real knowledge will be withdraw. This feeling come and go from time to time. If Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahasaya – so Kriya yoga reached Shailendra Sharma.

Q: how it will continue with the disciples and teachings?

Guruji: I think Kriya yoga will be withdraw from the society. Now it become the very great commercial project. People were so inspired by success of Yogananda – so they do it but with very less spiritual flavor. Another point: now Kriya reached the cremation area – this is the end of the road for most of the people. We don’t know in which direction it will go further. You’re learning on the cremation area, which is supposed to be the home of Shiva also. We’re finally coming back to home of the first Guru of Yoga.  

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