Q: when You said about making yourself real in this world of illusion; the question is “how?”

Guruji: again I will give you my old answer: simply by realizing yourself, developing yourself, developing your brain to the 100% capacity – then you will know, how to make yourself real. Till then it’s a hypothetical philosophical discussion.

Q: about making friends with your own spirit and about developing yourself – how to develop?

Guruji: back to the prototype answer: spirit brings life and takes away life – it’s a very boring and dull job of a spirit; simply by developing your brain and your consciousness to 100% capacity you maybe able to create some interest in the spirit. That – yes, she or he may talk to someone to a same level. Undeveloped mind cannot create such interest in the spirit – they don’t care.

Q: again the question from someone who never practiced yoga and see you for the first time: how to develop the consciousness?

Guruji: there are several ways: first thing is to have very good genetics, family background, situational background, social thing and very-very good education.

After that you begin to realize the value of your own brain and it’s expression – mind and its consciousness; then you start to exploring – how I should develop it? Ultimately you will come to the yoga, direct method. I’ve never come across any method ever discussed that brain can be developed. Maybe I’m the first one to stress that point. Either people go to too much divinity or philosophy, devotion – and that’s it.

Q: the collection or database of information hasn’t been introduced to anyone?

Guruji: we have to agree on this – that has to be certain type of development to become aware of this. This is provided by good genetics, family background, social background – so many things.

Q: simply learning new things from the books, lectures and personal experience is accounting as a development?

Guruji: it is counting as not exactly development: increasing awareness. And finally you will ask the question, which is the famous Indian epic, in Brahma sutras asked: after knowing most of the things then the question comes: who is the knower? Then your attention goes to the mind and brain.

Q: at what point this question comes?

Guruji: when you have gone through everything. Till then – it’s just a hypothetical discussion. You must have a little bit of developed brain to agree that it is the brain which is everything. Body is just a supporting system, no more than that.

Q: to sum up things on that level: it sounds like the only way to physically instigate a process is to have diksha of qualified Guru and to start practice what Guru teaches you?

Guruji: I will say diksha is misinterpreted term: it is better to find a Guru who agrees to teach you. This describes better. Initiation, the word diksha is used like low chain nowadays. I’ve seen so many people coming – they have gone through initiation several times. So the word is no longer respectable.

Q: on the physical level the pranayamas together with teachings of Guru, together with the lifestyle of the yoga is the only way to?

Guruji: to develop your brain and to be able to contact with your own spirit first hand.

Q: how many people You see who achieved that by following that rules?

Guruji: looking back in history you can count them on your fingers. Not many.

Q: we’re talking about that who met their own spirits?

Guruji: they became good friends.

Q: from those few how many achieved immortality?

Guruji: all of them. If a spirit will accept you as a friend – it will agree to stay with you forever: that is immortality. But you must provide good living conditions for your spirit and enough entertainment- then the friendship will be interesting otherwise what’s the use?

Q: what kind of entertainment we can imagine?

Guruji: your creative mind! Keep on creating good stories – it will remain interested. And good living conditions – inside the body of course. The spirit will start to take some interest in you.

Q: but what we’re seeing during the practice – kutastha?

Guruji: we just seeing; we’re seeing Michael Jackson’s photographs or videos but it is another thing to be able to say hello to him. then it’s another thing to start the intimate friendship with him. Seeing is the first thing.

Q: but we see exactly the spirit?

Guruji: yes, kutastha literally means immortal spirit.

Q: but it doesn’t see us?

Guruji: after some time. Again back to Michael Jackson; you’re seeing him – but how many people he’ll noticing in the crowd? Somehow you become important to him to come and say hello. Then he will look at you then after some time maybe friendship will start.

Q: does it mean that our mind must be already developed more than 2%?

Guruji: no, it’s a starting point for going beyond 2%. Seeing is believing; but again I noticed that it will take years to understand what we are actually see. It takes time. Good example just came: somebody asked me technical question – I just told him: please explain technical bicycling and you make me understand how to bicycle without ever riding a bicycle. Explain the technics!

Q: enough to catch the balance

Guruji: that’s the point! So go on riding. Few falls, few scratches, then you will catch.

Q: for children is much easier to learn bicycle than to adults

Guruji: they are innocent. That means – innocence is the name of the game. If you’re innocent enough – you will achieve in your balance in no time. Just a point.

Q: now I’m worried

Guruji: everyone is worried now


Q: what is happening in case of forceful death, when the spirit is subtracted of his own home forcibly?

Guruji: spirit doesn’t care. The forceful death is the direct result of the previous karmas.

This is called as “domain of death”; as we are different type of people – there are different types of death working here. It may appear as a forceful death to us – but it was man to be exactly like that. And for a spirit it doesn’t matter.

Q: another practical question: vayu sharira – attachment of the consciousness to the body?

Guruji: no, it’s a sharira, it’s not a spirit – spirit is also inside that.

Q: but what happens with the sudden relocation? Is it looking like new home?

Guruji: it is the strong will of the deceased which actually is capable of doing that. Spirit is just a life provider and taker.

Q: is he influenced by the strong will of the deceased?

Guruji: that brings us to a very interesting conclusion that developing of the mind is extremely important here.

Q: you can analyze your state?

Guruji: anything – and you can also have your relocation yourself. I keep stressing: develop your mind, develop your consciousness. 

Q: where does it go immediately after extraction?

Guruji: it remains earth-bound. Near the death and then surrounding area, near the family. Sometimes if it is a murder or something – it willing to take revenge also. I’ve seen many times that if some murder has been committed – the murder is usually goes through very bad times after that.

Q: at the same time You say – it doesn’t care?

Guruji: spirit doesn’t care; but the mind and the consciousness -…these are different things.

Q: consciousness dwells there because of the samskaras pulling it back?

Guruji: yes. It is consciousness – the expression of the Narayana which most thinks is Vishnu – but it is your brain sleeping in the water and the consciousness is its expression. Spirit is like providing energy – like generator provides.

It also described in the 15th chapter of Gita: jiva is my antes, a drop of Me; that means what I keep discussing – that your spirit is just a drop of the ocean of Time. And it merges back into it and comes from that, retaining its individuality at the same time. Everything else is depending on our own mind and the consciousness and what we gather throughout of a journey of life.

Going into different incarnations, taking birth to different beings – from a smallest virus to a biggest of the whale: we are gathering so much masks on us and samskaras develops, we keep forgetting who we are – or it is our journey to discover who we are. I think it’s a better statement: journey to know ourselves. The more you’re expose to certain things – the more different angles of your own personality you discover. It is meant for that. Spirits are just providing us good conditions so we can live and we can free.

Q: when the part of consciousness remains near the body?

Guruji: it is called the ghost, we have a name for it. Spirit will remain there, inside the ghost. Spirit is the satellite beyond five elements.

Q: You have mentioned many times that he must be interested in staying with you?

Guruji: it will depend on you

Q: is the death experience entertaining for the spirit?

Guruji: no. If one is so much giving life and taking it away – they just do it as a job, just one more thing. Like a doorman, who just receiving the guest, giving him his card back and parking his car – but he doesn’t go inside and enjoy the party. If the gateman will gain enough money and reside from a job – he will be invited as s guest. Till then he will keep standing on the gates, saluting every idiot with more money banking.

Q: You said that spirit doesn’t care – but at the same time he wants to take a birth?

Guruji: no, spirit doesn’t want to take anything – it’s just their work. Our mind, our consciousness needs these things. That is again on our karma: how much we are able to create in this spirit. Or let’s say – in this drop of Time. Body is like the sentence of Time.

There is one of my favorite metaphor from “Arabian nights” : sultan killed his bride every morning; but there were two sisters – Dunya Jadi and Shahir Jadi – and one sister began to tell him stories ad leave the story uncomplete; he was so curious to listen so he let them go. After 1000 nights he lost interest in killing them. Same thing with the spirit. You need to create the very interest story, keep him interested. It’s a great wisdom here. Why spirit will care for: how many people you know who actually care for themselves? Not many, very few.

Q: what will be interesting for the spirit?

Guruji: first you need to create some interest in a general public – because they also have a spirit. If you cannot create interest in normal people – how you will be able to create the interests in their spirits, who is beyond five elements? It’s a great work. If you can’t become part of the imagination of the people – why spirit will care? That’s the point. As a Hindu I shouldn’t care  – we believe in reincarnation( laughing)

 what is making yourself real, how?

Guruji: by discovering yourself and by knowing exactly your existence – why you are here, what for and how long? Then you will also realize that again – your consciousness will develop to the level, you will consider yourself on that level. The more you will develop your consciousness  – the more real you will become. 

Q: the only way to do it is the yogic practice of Kriya?

Guruji: let’s say – yogic practice. Yes, there is no other method which will only develop your mind, your brain. I was looking mostly all the materials in religions and other systems – but it is only the yoga, who is actually talking about it. 

Q: and preservation of your own identity – people worried about that?

Guruji: it is a part of; first your identity will be established – it will become real. Then your existence will be more real than before. Establishing the identity is the first step. 

Q: so far it sounds like just another term for many people; how I’ll establish my own identity – I know it’s me? Now I’m the body with the name and documents…

Guruji: we’re gone through details many times; only 2-3% of your brain thinking “I am I” – rest is sleeping, you’re not even aware, who is sleeping there. In Gorakhbodh “who is he” and “who is me” they describe: chetan is “I”, achetan is “he”.

Q: so – waking up the subconsciousness and making it to accept or realizing identity?

Guruji: I think you will become aware of your true identity, that you’re not a small “I” – it’s a very big thing.

Q: people who are going through regression experience – are they approaching that understanding?

Guruji: this regression thing will only establish that the cycle of birth and death continues. And that is a very great thing: if you look at it from absolutely objective point of view – mostly in Christian countries it has been practiced and they don’t accept rebirth. If all the christians are remembering their past birth – that tells us something.

Q: yes, accepting it is becoming very-very popular

Guruji: and it should be done more popular. I think it’s very good news – because in last 2000 years people were taught they’ll have the final judgement – no rebirth, nothing. No they realize that it’s just a story. That’s the very good progress for human mind.

Q: it’s scientific confirmation that your spirit will go forever

Guruji: now it’s established scientific fact.

Q: so Your words were coming very timely – about fortifying the home of spirit

Guruji: you need to provide your spirit the very good living conditions.

Q: what exactly can interest the spirit – he saw so many things?

Guruji: create a story of your life. Most of us – we like to live the life like a cover of fashion magazine. Then we also hope, that this life will be as durable as bible or Gita. Gita and bible are something that people are reading again and again. But all the fashion magazines have not much longevity. We must learn out of it. Give something that spirit will re-read again and again.

Q: what would it be?

Guruji: good life story. Something profound.

Q: You talked about surrounding the souls to the unknown and unseen god – like people do in different religions; in Gita, in 17th chapter, in 18th chapter Krishna said – come to Me, kneel in front of Me, surrender yourself. Nobody see It, except Arjuna?

Guruji: no. he asked – who are you? And the answer was “ I am Time”. Simply means – surrender to the Time. Know about it, learn about it.

Q: people who read Gita nowadays have so many different interpretations; nobody submitting themselves to Time?

Guruji: they should read it as he introducing Himself as Time. Why don’t they take it literally? Submitting to Time – or to flow with the flow of Time by understanding it.

Q: it means also to submit also to changes of your body, to accept the ageing process?

Guruji: in submitting process ignorant things are not enough – you need to understand, what exactly are happening. Then Time Himself is saying: whoever is trying to stop old age and death, taking refuge in me – will know exactly, what are karma, what is spirituality. These things are like a practical riddle: if you’re able to slow down your ageing somehow – you will become more intensely of the flow of Time. Simple man ageing normally – he will never be aware of that, it is just happen with him naturally. 

Q: most people are taking “submitting to the Time” like time-travelling, like appearing and disappearing again?

Guruji: no, it’s just very small part of it. Submitting to the Time is to actually understanding it and also to accept: whatever you’re doing, anything – the result will come only through Time. This understanding is also a way of submitting yourself. Time is the giver of every type of result. Time maybe the unit, which unites us. So instead of having different religious programs stub in your head you must read Gita with very-very open mind. I’m not saying that only my commentary is good – for me that is of course good – but you should read the literal translation with very open mind and draw your own conclusion. The word “yoga” repeated maybe more than 700 times in Gita – it’s a book on yoga. And even it make so big debate to make some bhaktas understand  – this is a book of yoga. We call it “Shrimad Bhagavat” local – Shrimad Bhagavatam. First volume about 68% describing yoga – but it’s considered as a book on bhakti. But we should not argue with them. Let them be happy.

Q: the book on yoga not produced so many yogis among the readers of this book?

Guruji: I think awareness takes thousands of years to develop. What is yoga – nobody knows exactly. Few postures, few asanas? – just a hint of yoga. After 37 plus years of very regular practice and 40 years in touch of yoga I can say – it’s a very mysterious sign.

Q: can we say that awareness rises – because yoga became most popular in last 20 years?

Guruji: I think it’s a very good positive thing. Even if somebody is practicing yoga postures – the body language has a profound effect on your mind. I think that person who is only into postures, fitness program – his mind will be affected with the body language. So it gives us hope. Not everybody, who goes to gym becomes Mr. Olympia  – but their condition will definitely improve. That is the main thing.

Q: so the imprints of these exercises – these seeds can grow in the next life?

Guruji: it will continue to grow, that is for sure. That’s how it will work.

Q: so Gita is a Time bomb for the humanity which explode one day?

Guruji: maybe it’s a vehicle for time travelling – it make you travel in time very high speed.

Q: and seeds of awareness grows in next birth?

Guruji: that is true. And I’m trying not to criticize – until unless someone is arguing unnecessarily. All the bhaktah, all the religious people – no matter how they are criticize: they at least kept the subject alive. I think it was main thing which they did very successfully and we should thank them for this.

Q: yes; so many books were lost – but it carries on and on. What is the timing when the Gita was introduced?

Guruji: it is a debatable point: it is a part of Mahabharata, but those mahaupadhyayas – they discovered it may be added much later to Mahabharata. But somehow it became a prominent feature – maybe even a symbol of Hinduism. Many people take Gita as a main book of hindus, which is itself a miracle. All the puranas – we have 18 puranas and some sub-puranas – 60-70% subject is a description of yoga. But somehow people keep ignoring it – or it doesn’t registered in their mind. Then there are not many yogi also; but the way it is becoming popular – I’m sure it filter so many people; maybe some cream of the people will come up. The race has already begun. It’s very easy to criticize the commercial aspect of yoga: but to create some interest in human being, to introduce them something, laced with commerciality that it will give you money also and they are hooked – maybe even that thing is a thing to pay attention to yoga. We need to think in a very positive way. Not everybody is ready to live in g-string in jungle and begging for food – that will take time. Why not them let make money on it? Many yoga instructors I saw, they became my disciples also,  – most of them are telling good things to the students, introducing yoga in a very practical way, telling them some philosophy also – everybody is trying to teach good things.

Q: but they are talking about kundalini rising?

Guruji: even that is good: who was aware of kundalini few years back? At least the subject is discussed and people are aware of the terms.

Q: every second person has a class on kundalini

Guruji: even that is good – maybe their kundalini will awake

Q: what will happen if someone really wake up kundalini?

Guruji: he will leave his impact in the history of mankind and the minds of humanity. He will be remembered.


Some time different things are coming to our dreams – which we haven’t seen at a day time.

Q: do we see something that are more than dreams?

Guruji: there are two types of dreams: one is the continuation of your thoughts, that is not the real dream. Real dream state and astral state are same.

You’ve got to see dead people also, sometimes extraordinary things – which never happen in lifetime: that is an astral experience. We need to learn differentiate between them. Whenever it’s just a continuation of what you’re thinking before you fall asleep – or it’s a real astral experience. The real astral experience nobody will ever forget, memory will remain for life.

Q: but mostly it’s continuation of the thoughts?

Guruji: not always – sometimes. But real experience mostly are rare.

Q: how to practice it?

Guruji: just make your mind more strong – that’s it. In the astral only strong mind will survive.

Q: in my dream You asked me to concentrate on sound – what does it mean?

Guruji: there are two types of sounds: one which we’re producing while practicing Kriya yoga; and there is another sound which is all-pervading and is called anahada nada, the cosmic sound. Both sounds are important for us. Concentrate on them!

Q: when while practicing nada is very strong?

Guruji: it will be strong, just keep practicing.

Q: we don’t need to synchronize it somehow?

Guruji: first finish your practice – then. That sound is the result of this sound: it is creating something, developing something inside your brain or let’s say mind – it’s a stepping stone, you don’t need to synchronize them.

Q: but in Gorakhbodh there are a lot of conversations about hearing the nada?

Guruji: because nada is a very mysterious thing and the tone or the note of the sound will keep changing – that’s why there are so much discussion on it.

Q: it’s the very next level of practice?

Guruji: it is a result of the practice.

Q: you can concentrate on nada when you stop the heart?

Guruji: no, you can concentrate even before that. Why suspended animation is so important?

Your body is prepared to withstand the power of your brain only 2-3%. If there be more awaken brain – the body may not tolerate it. Also the sound: so overwhelming so the body go to paralyze or something. Yogis discovered the path to suspended animation: so the subconscious mind when it will be awake, active – body will not suffer. We need to continuously develop our nervous system and a physicality of our body – so we can tolerate the very high level of the awakened consciousness. Average persons are not capable to tolerate it. Same thing with nada: the vibrations will be so overwhelming – the body will not be able to tolerate them. Initial very high frequency of nada is tolerated in the state of suspended animation. Then again and again – and then the body is strong enough that even without going into suspended animation you’re able to tolerate that. Then different chapter in life begins. We are in the state of preparation.

Q: so suspended animation is like defense mechanism?

Guruji: it is. To survive that power. As they say in army: the harder you train – the better your chances to survive.

That’s why I keep stressing: work hard, work hard. Regular exercise, regular Kriya yoga – regularity is the name of the game.

Q: how You can perceive the nada in suspended animation?

Guruji: only 2% of your conscious mind is unconscious; and your subconsciousness is becoming conscious – so you perceive everything! Before you were perceiving with 2% only – then you will perceive in 98%.

Q: when we are enough prepared in suspended animation…?

Guruji: so we don’t need to go there. That will be the extraordinary physical body and the very powerful mind.

Q: diamond body?

Guruji: much before – diamond body is ultimately for immortal person.  There are two types: there who live long – let’s say few centuries or thousands years but they are not immortal; diamond body belongs to the immortals. They cannot be killed. No damage, nothing – it’s different. But I say – even 10 years of youthful life is something.

Q: when you awake from suspended animation – will you remember your experience?

Guruji: you will remember everything. There is not forgetfulness.

Q: like a real or like a dream?

Guruji: even dreams are real.


Q: about “subtracting your past” from Gorakhbodh: it’s like puzzle you understand?

Guruji: no, it’s not a puzzle – it’s real achievement. Very simple for me: when you will subtract your past from your life – you will have no future. And you will be permanently established in the moment of the present.

Q: when you’re subtracting your past – you remember it?

Guruji: of course! That also means that all your genetics and DNA memories will be different then. You’re wiping away all your memories from your physical body as well. So the consciousness will remember – but the body will be absolutely different. That is transformation. No past, no future – ever in present. And the moment of present is everywhere – even in the past or even in the future. That’s why they say: he is in all three faces of Time – past, present and future.

Q: you will understand – why this happen, why that happen?

Guruji: oh, it’s much earlier thing; that’s ultimate result of this. You will have all the memories and all the wisdom.

Q: every cell will be changed?

Guruji: it will have no memory, DNA memory – you will be a new person. It will change your body. But consciousness will remember everything – but the body will be new.

Q: if I want to forget something because it’s painful for me?

Guruji: you will rise above that pain – you will understand and then move on.

I’ve never seen a person who has no painful memories. Every single person or being on this planet has painful memories. They teach you a lot; otherwise how you will learn? As they say: no pain – no gain. We begin to study pain when it comes instead of running from it. I’m sensitive – I feel their pain much.

Q: on what sensitivity depends?

Guruji: on the person, on the position of the moon and the astrological chart. If it is good – you will feel that, if it is not – you will not.


Q: what is uttarayana?

Guruji: moving of the sun towards north – it starts from Capricorn sign and lasts for 6 months.

Q: does this rule working now – when yogi decides to leave the body?

Guruji: it was considered very important in vedic times, even now some people considered. They say who dies the first 6ths months of the year, in uttarayana – they go much beyond the Earth. But because we love Mother Earth – we love to be here. What you will do in a space? All the things are here.

Q: is it needed for a yogi now to choose the right time to go?

Guruji: yogi would love to remain on Earth. Even Shiva – the first Guru of yoga – lives on Earth. If Earth is good enough for him – it is good enough for us.

Q: if you’ll go in dakshinayana – you will take another birth?

Guruji: no, if you’re a yogi – you’re in a situation of not necessarily – no problem.

Q: could person decide to take a birth?

Guruji: it depends; we must diagnose exactly – whether it was part of his destiny, he was fated to die or it was something else happen. We need to classify: some other’s people karma may effect on him. then he will have extra time and have another birth; what karma was behind and what remain undone – such people become a powerful ghost. Some people take immediate birth: I’ve seen once the birth was taken in 2 hours. They become more powerful somehow.

Q: even his body was not completely destroyed – he took another birth?

Guruji: yes.

Q: why yogis decides remain on Earth: because of making practice?

Guruji: because the real power, the Kundalini Shakti, remains in earth element. Everybody keep ignoring this very fact that Kundalini described in muladhar chakra – and muladhar chakra is representing the earth element: then the real power is in earth element. So we love to remain near the source of power.


Astral world and astrology sounds looks like – it is good to know your possibilities and probabilities. Like a probable map, guiding us.

Q: old times people considered astrology as very important and study it like a science?

Guruji: even now in India – many astrologers are there. Some are very good.

Q: could someone damage you through the dream?

Guruji: it will affect your body through your mind.

Q: what could be damage for astral being without physical body?

Guruji: oh, he will be damaged. He has an idea of the body. The idea will be damaged.

Q: it could affect our physical body?

Guruji: your thoughts are very powerful things. And they will affect your body. From the thoughts the chemical reactions start, which will affect your body. Simply by the smell of the person you can say how his mind or her mind is working. That’s why immortals are out of the cities: the smell is too overpowering.

Q: when the person achieves samadhi, the smell – ?

Guruji: it changes, yes. I was telling you my first experience: the smell of humanity is not tolerable. He will be much more sensitive than average person. It will be very difficult for him: body smells, different chemical smells, different sprays, everything.

Q: everyone has a bad smell – if he is not a yogi, not practicing yoga?

Guruji: no, it depends on the quality of the body.

Q: if the person is vegetarian?

Guruji: he will have different smell. But some vegetarians also has terrible smell. That means their mind is working in a different way. Chemical reactions!

I’m happy that if Russians and Ukrainians smell my hand – they all say it’s good smell.

Because for anesthesia you can use just someone’s socks – immediate black out guaranteed.

Q: if I see someone’s death in my dream?

Guruji: it means his life span will increase. Or he will die in astral and take another birth here. If he’s dead – it means he really wants to take another birth.


Omkar is the very advanced Kriya; it means transference – the transference of your spirit. If you will work hard – you will get it, don’t worry.

Q: it’s like dharana on chakras? Like it’s described in Gorakhbodh?

Guruji: it’s a transference of the spirit. People are taking it if they will repeat Om, – it will be Omkar. But look at the Sanskrit dictionary: omkar literally means “ changing of the place”, transference, transferring.

Q: but you’re alive during it?

Guruji: when you’re practicing – yes; but it is done in the final moments your spirit will go to the real destination. It is the last Kriya.

Q: it is connected somehow with the dharana on elements?

Guruji: no, you’re going through samadhi so many times till you’re able to do that. We’re discussing now results, not technics.

I don’t think any commentary on Gita describes what comes immediately after death.

Q: in Gorakhbodh You described two ways out of the body – through ajna and through sahasrara?

Guruji: from one you can roaming everywhere, every world; through sahasrara you’re already one with everything.

Q: You’re using Omkar while doing it?

Guruji: of course – but you already think before, what you will do. The choice is yours.

What is real freedom? Freedom to quit anything. Freedom to leave.

Q: if we’re omnipresent, going through sahasrara – what we will do then?

Guruji: you will know after that. You may become creator of another Universe – it’s your decision.

Q: to be a creator is not so good idea – so much people will hate you?

Guruji: no, you will have some creativity inside. It’s simply complicated.

As a hindus we’re not worshipping creator: he never told us facts – so how we can worship someone, who is not perfect? And why creator told Adam and Eve not to touch that particular tree? It’s psychological trick: if you forbid something – your mind will keep focus on that.

Q: why he doesn’t draw their attention to the tree of immortality?

Guruji: that brings us to a conclusion that wisdom is more important than immortality. If an idiot will become immortal it’s a dangerous thing. That’s why wisdom is more important.


Q: we’re reading Gita every day – but there is a book for a very advanced yogis, it’s very complicated?

Guruji: that’s the point – we want you to become a very advanced yogis. So keep reading it every day and deeper understanding will develop.

Q: but in India many people are reading Gita every day not practicing Kriya?

Guruji: then they don’t understand anything. Only after you’ve been initiated into Kriya yoga – you begin to understand. Also reading Gita creates something very positive around you. Most of your problems will disappear, more positivity will come. you’re practicing Kriya yoga to develop your mind – so you will understand more.

Q: it exists some cases when someone was reading Gita for personal purpose – get some money or whatever?

Guruji: I’ll tell you what my lawyer told me: when one of the cousins of king of Bharatpur died – so many people come and we distributed nearly 250 copies of Gita. One man was accused in murder, he as in prison and he took my Gita with him in prison. That man memorize all Gita including my commentaries being in prison. Somehow he was disputed – he is free now but still reciting Gita every day. It works! He was in prison and memorize it – it means he already have very good spiritual karmas from behind. Who will spend the time reading Gita – they will spend the time cursing the opposite part instead of reading Gita. That means he was really good person.

I will tell you what I thought: one day it was big storm, it was heavy winter. It was raining and big thunderclap. I was standing near my monkey’s cage and giving her almonds; then I think – all free monkeys must be running here and there trying to save their lives, going hungry and afraid of thunderclap. My monkey in bondage is so cozy and don’t care. That means some kind of bondage is always welcome. You can say – it is by her past good karmas she’s there.


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