Self-realization and knowledge – these things don’t depend on public opinion. It is a thing from the Guru who graces this happen to whoever is seeking. If he’s lucky enough to find a real yogi, real person – he will give him knowledge. And whatever he will achieve will definitely don’t depend on public opinion. Of course they are ready to give their opinion; but they are not experts in the subject, all about spirituality. They just know what is propagated by different religions – that’s it. Your self-realization will not depend on public opinion, remember that.


Why war happens? As I see as a yogi: when a person thinks that Earth belongs to him and only he has the right to live – they go to war to gain more territory and to take everything which is available – every resources, whatever is available on Mother Earth; they want to be a master of it.

And as a yogi I think: if we will start to see that every living being has the same right to live on this planet as I do, when everybody will begin to feel like that – then it will be the permanent state of the peace in this world. As long as there will be warriors – war always be there.

Here I will quote Jesus Christ: blessed are meek, for they shall inherit the kingdom of Earth. Maybe he was talking about democracy; because there is no war, we’re not warriors but we still have right to vote, we can create governments and we can undo them also. When we will begin to respect each other’s equal right to share this planet – I think there will be peace permanently.


Q: we’re practicing with closed eyes?

Guruji: most of the world is living with closed-eyed people; sometimes we try to open them. Most of us pass through life with closed eyes. We need to open them from time to time.

There are 2 type of blind people: one who are physically blind, and others who are mentally blind. World is full of them.


Develop imagination: some creativity will definitely come to you. You must pass your time in a very creative and interesting and entertaining way. If you will not do it – Time will definitely pass you. We all have the very limited time: so use it in a very creative, entertaining and good way – before He decide to pass you. He already passing.


About cleaning and cleanliness: we’re saying in India – even if the dog is sitting on the ground he brushes the ground with his tail. We are human beings – we need to be much more cleaner than this.


Q: could the spirits have friends or even families on the other side?

Guruji: it is possible and it happens that way. Mother of one of my disciple – she was also disciple; when she was dying, her granddaughter made her promise: that you promise, you come back and tell me what’s happening there. We placed her there and after one month or so she came back in her dream and said: as it was here – so it is there. No big difference. And then she went away.

Q: but no big difference because You guided her?

Guruji: maybe because of that.

Q: but for normal people?

Guruji: for normal people it’s a big problem. It is a problem like this, suppose: without knowing the language, and no money, no identification, you just appear out of nowhere in big airport, naked; what you will face? Same thing. No communication, no money, no identity, nothing.

Q: when somebody from there coming back to life temporarily, it was several cases when their relatives saw them like in flesh and blood; what bodies they are using and how does it work?

Guruji: when somebody appearing like that after cremation had happened – it’s a different principle working. Someone very powerful helping them; and they appear as in flesh and blood – but they be not in flesh and blood. Now more these things are happening.

The example with Jesus: he set away from public life, after he returned, very few people saw him after that. And most of the people who come back to life after death – maybe it is a message for society: be careful, another life waiting for you. So prepare yourself well. In Mahabharata also, Yudhishthira is asking Bhishma: do You know anyone who came back to life? And Bhishma remembered and told the very ancient story as one time it happened. Now it is very common thing. Books are written on that, people are discussing that; it is a message from a very high person or power to tell us that there is life after this life. I think it is education. We must try to do good.

Q: so You think now the line between the worlds is more subtle?

Guruji: more narrow, yes. It may disappear one day and I hope it will be the very good idea: guess if somebody kill someone and a killed person immediately becomes a ghost and start to punish him. then only human beings will become a little bit disciplined.

That was the story of my disciple, who has the birth marks on his stomach – and he was killed in his previous life by shooting exactly that way. He was also very much afraid of firearms and he had an impression – I may die in an accident. And he died in an accident. He had to live two lives instead of one; let’s see how his karmic analyzing will come. it’s amazing that man who shoot him just was taking lunch with me; then he was coming and just by looking on the face of the colonel he remembered his past birth. He became so emotional; after colonel went away – then he told me the story.

Q: his face were the same?

Guruji: no, only spots. Very serious looking man, even sad looking.

Killers lived the violent life – so most of them died violently, in the war or something. He died in the war in 1971 – Pakistan war; but he was born with the strong impression that he may die in an accident. And he died in an accident; he was always driving very slowly, very carefully – but the car came from behind and crushed him. so that program that he will die in an accident was there from the beginning. And he was the very peaceful man this time, staying away from guns, he refused the option to join the army also; he remain the salesman all his life. It’s the big contrast when you study both the lives.

Q: he did so much efforts to avoid such death – but it happened?

Guruji: so it was destiny.

Q: so it’s not possible to avoid it?

Guruji: no, you cannot escape your destiny. It is the result of the karmas – so they will come. better to face them.

Q: what do You think – if he’ll be the warrior in that life, not the salesman – he will die sooner?

Guruji: no, he will live exactly the same.

Q: but if we take Markandeya’s life?

Guruji: then Shiva was involved – which is in itself an extraordinary thing. Rarest of rare.

Q: if he maybe live in ashram?

Guruji: but then it was his destiny also. Maybe because all the tapas what he did in previous incarnations – that was the climax of his life and the situation was created to happen like this.

Q: but if that guy will worship Shiva or practice all his life?

Guruji: this thought never came to him. Such things never came across him.

Q: it looks like he must die earlier?

Guruji: not earlier – he was 40 plus, has wife and children; now his son is maybe 20 plus. He had a nice life – not rich, but everything he needs he was earning.

Q: maybe it was his own mind who creates that program of death?

Guruji: no, it was something else.

Q: don’t You think that after his death he could sit with Shiva or Bhairava…

Guruji: no, they’re too high: it’s like you set from your job and will sit with president Putin. Somebody very low is enough. Directly go and sit with Shiva is too big.

Q: but can he ask someone on the other side about his next life?

Guruji: no, they are judge in a different, very stern way; life plan is given to them and they have to go to that life plan exactly. Their mind is programmed that way.

Q: maybe on this meeting he received that knowledge that he will die in accident?

Guruji: yes, he was born with that impression. First his cousin became my disciple – he is a good disciple; and by the influence of the cousin he also come with him to see me. Then after 2 years he asked for initiation which I did- but he didn’t practice much.

Q: if he will be the good practitioner – his destiny may change?

Guruji: he would accepted the faith with open arms instead of trying to move away from it.

Q: if he will do 144 mahamudras every day?

Guruji: that will change something. It will change all planetary influence, all his karmas and his destiny will be different.

Yesterday one of my disciples escaped death on 1 cm: he was coming with a bike and there was police barricades. The car came in a high speed and kicked that police barricade; the barricade flew and fell on his bike. Bike is no more – but he survived without a scratch. He is a good yogi! But his mother said: ok, you survive, but bike is gone!


…If the heart of the person is working, he’s breathing…

Q: but it could be done easily technically nowadays?

Guruji: whatever – wait till he dies.

Q: but his life will depends on money only: if I can pay – he will live, otherwise he will die?

Guruji: it’s great business, they will squeeze every single rubl from the person whose dear person is dying. When you cannot dive them another rubl – they just unplug all the machines and he dies. It is good business for them; then another customer will come. again, it’s not for long. You cannot keep him alive indefinitely, no matter how much they put on him.

Q: it seems like our civilization is not the part of the nature?

Guruji: we’re bacterial infection to the Nature. Even bacteria are part of the nature.

Q: but if the person is so much suffering – why You don’t support suicide in that case?

Guruji: I will say – if we believe in karma and you stop consequences of all the karmas, results, which you’re going through – then you will suffer again in the next life. It is better to clean the slate now. Suffer now; suicide is not way out because more suffering waiting for a suicide person.

Q: but if the person commits suicide – what will happen?

Guruji: they keep suffer more and more even immediately after life. Too much suffering.

Q: what kind of suffering?

Guruji: the mental suffering is overwhelming, far more intense than physical suffering. I talked with one ghost: 20 years before he committed suicide and he suffered more than 50 years. He was really fool: he committed suicide when he was 101; instead of waiting few months or few days he committed suicide. He said: for 50 years I suffered. I asked – what type of suffering? He said – you will not understand but I’ll try to give you an example: the pain of childbearing – what pain I suffered was 100 times more than that. For 50 years continuously.

Q: this suffer for this man finished?

Guruji: yes, then only he was talking. Still it shocks me that he decided to commit suicide at the age of 101. That is extraordinary situation.


Q: if the energy in the lowest chakra is broken the possession may come very easy?

Guruji: I have discussed with so many ghosts – they never mentioned the word “chakra”. And I will say – every human being is very proud of his possessions. Fame, money – we possess these things; some ghosts are very proud to possess some people. You’re like money or profit for them and they don’t care for chakras at all.

Q: for them it’s like achievement?

Guruji: possessing someone is like buying the new car, have fun or just to fulfill their unfulfilled desires.

Q: but are You feel these chakras?

Guruji: I’m very sensitive, yes. They may not be chakras; nerve centers – they are all over the body, you can сall them chakras. Yes, I’m sensitive to it.

Q: I learn that there are three chakras above the head?

Guruji: I offer my gratitude and respect for those people, who know about these chakras.

Q: our brain is in the spine and in the head…?

Guruji: the main thing is: first you need to develop what is inside your head before worrying what is above our head.

Q: I think it’s like extension of the brain?

Guruji: until unless someone’s aura will develop to that level when it will start to reflect something above your head; till then there is nothing. Very highly developed aura will reflect them.

Q: Kriya works only with the chakras inside the body?

Guruji: yes, we are after self-knowledge, self- realization. First – self-realization, then outside realization. Charity begins at home.

Q: how ghosts find the person to possess?

Guruji: how the criminal finds the person? He maybe the wrong person at the wrong place in the wrong time.

Q: so it’s not deliberate decision – I will possess Vova or Olya?

Guruji: until unless there is some connection of revenge, otherwise – no.

Q: You were saying that it’s not the problem if you’re seeing ghost, problem is if ghost is seeing you?

Guruji: when ghost see you that you’re seeing him.

Q: why ghosts doesn’t like when we see them?

Guruji: it is their feeling of privacy(smiling)

Q: before we see them they don’t see or they don’t care?

Guruji: they don’t care. And also most of the wild life people says: when you crosses animal – never look into his eyes. Almost same situation here.

Q: if we see the ghost – what we must to do?

Guruji: Nothing. No reaction. Don’t look into his eyes – it may attract him, different type od reaction. Just remain aware but don’t look at him.

Q: if we will look at him?

Guruji: he will be attracted to you and maybe create some problems just for fun, unnecessarily. When you’re passing some hard criminal you’re trying to ignore him, not to look him into eyes.

Q: what is the difference between practice with the open eyes or with closed eyes?

Guruji: it depends on how much advance the person has become. It depends on advancement of the practitioner.

Q: with the open eyes it’s more work of the conscious mind and with closed – subconscious?

Guruji: we’re old fashioned, traditional people – when a person reached a certain level it is suggested how to do with open eyes or closed eyes, depending on the development of the person.


When Rama was discussing with Time it was a condition: whoever will disturb or interrupt us – you will renounce him forever. They were discussing inside, Rama and Kal, and Durvasa rishi came for something so Lakshman has to go inside. Rama immediately renounce him. he went to the Sarayu river and just disappeared. They are saying – 5 elements dissolved in their source and he could seen no more. And first time He spoke through Shri Krishna: there is no record that Kal spoke himself before. Never ever, and no one also said that Kal can be known by yogis – it’s historical thing.

Q: from Bhagavad Gita 8th chapter: …for sadhak is easier to know the brilliance of Time”; in comparison with other practitioners?

Guruji: of course – who is practicing yoga, developing his mind, his understanding is far more, his consciousness is developed too much – he will understand.

Not a bhakta who is just spending his time, singing the glorious name of the Lord. If you repeat to say : roti, roti, roti or bread, bread, bread – it will not coming to you. You will have to do some effort to make it and eat it or enough money so you can buy it.


It’s just a reference from certain books that they had a meeting – Mirabai and Nivruttinath. We believe that Nivruttinath gave her some information and knowledge about yoga, because 60% of Mirabai’s work – all bhakti says that it consists only of bhakti, which is true also; but she describes a lot of yoga. Even about wearing kundals she’s writing in her poems. Nivruttinath is the very famous name, he was the elder brother of Dnyaneshwar – who is legendary name in India; elder brother and Guru of Dnyaneshwar. His Guru was Gahaninath, Gahaninath Guru was Gorakhnath, Gorakhnath Guru was Matsyendranath and Matsyendranath Guru was Adinath. Adinath – who was his Guru, nobody knows. That is the lineage.

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