Most of the things I’m discussing are out of my own experience. About ojas you can read in Ayurveda also. I never discussed much with my Guru.

Most of the people are reading so many different books, memorizing them and then discuss many bookish things; but sometimes I say original things also.

People all over the world are discussing past: past events, past world, past civilization, past this , past that… sometimes Shailendra Sharma discuss about future also.

More confidential things you will realize and know – more confidence you will experience.

Q: that two liquids – ojas and amrita, they are differ from each other?

Guruji: of course it should be different.

Q: diamond body forms after amrita?

Guruji: yes, electric body. Vajra kaya generally is translated as diamond body. But vajra also means thunderbolt. When your 100% brain will wake up – you will be pure electricity. That will be vajra kaya. Only electromagnetic charges will appear as body. Fantastic thing!

Q: looking like “Matrix” or comics

Guruji: that’s why reading comics is very good thing.

They say that energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed. It means very simple to me: that if you’re able to transform your body, physical body into the pure form of energy – it will become beginningless and endless, as pure energy; that is as good as immortality. You will become endless, forever, eternal; and so many possibilities you will begin to see after that.


When you’re suffering with some virus or bacterial infection, body’s defense mechanism starts to work and it increasing the temperature. Maybe we’re bacteria, who infecting this planet and she’s getting the fever, which we called “global warming”. It looks like it. Bacteria should learn to live with the person, then there will be no problem.

Q: is it possible that climate will again be like in Ramayana time?

Guruji: I think yes; maybe Earth will move a little bit towards the Sun – or it is maybe moving towards the Sun. that’s why this so-called global warming started.

There is another mystery: from where this extra water is coming? Because the bridge Rama made across the ocean – now it is underwater. That means when he build it – it was above water. so many structures are found under the sea: maybe they were not under the sea? From where this come- if the snow doesn’t affect the water level then from where extra water is come? that’s the mystery. Water level of our kund is rising, we have to pump it out; from where this extra water is coming? Something is happening which we don’t know yet. Or maybe scientists are aware of it but they are not telling so there will be no panic created in public.

Q: I think they don’t understand much; because they say that excavation show the global climate cycles of hundreds and thousands years?

Guruji: I can agree to that – because it is not you have viral infection only once in your life.

Q: if we look to ice age – what do You think, is it normal condition for Earth?

Guruji: I will say – it is very extraordinary thing: because if we go back into mythology no ice is mentioned anywhere. In Rama’s time, even in bible – no ice anywhere. I can only connect it with Thor: the snow giants came and there was a battle and they created so much ice.

Go back to the Osiris and Isis: he was cursed that he can not marry Isis in 360 days of the year so he added 5 more days to the Earth by slightly moving it away from the Sun and that brought the cold and ice age. Nowhere we find that Rama using a blanket or he was warming himself in a fire or Krishna was wearing the sweater or he was warming himself in a fire – no. absolute tropical climate.

Q: in description when Pandavas were run into Siberia – also was not cold and ice?

Guruji: no.

Q: if we are viral infection to the Earth – what is her immune system, why she allows us to be such infection?

Guruji: we cannot know, when viral infection will coming, no matter how careful we are. She’s too busy to fight with viruses – only fever tells us.

Q: but sometimes immune system blocks that viruses and sometimes – no?

Guruji: yes; maybe dinosaurs were bigger viral infection than us. And maybe yogis are working as antibiotics. Because when I came here the whole area was infected, bacterial  infected and I arrived as a antibiotic drug – and see what happened.

Q: because yogis are merging with the consciousness of the Earth?

Guruji: if you can merging with the consciousness of the Earth – only then you’re able to diagnose, what’s happening.

Q: that’s why we considered them as antibiotics?

Guruji: or like chyavanprash( laughing) or maybe like shilajit.

Q: how many yogis are already merged with the consciousness of the Earth?

Guruji: not many. Nine Nathas – guaranteed, for sure. Definitely, every list of them. And those, who attain immortality – I’m sure, they also merged their consciousness with the consciousness of it. How many they are – one in a zillion.

Q: they are staying in electrical bodies?

Guruji: maybe they are transforming their bodies to electrical bodies- something like that.

Q: once You made a parallel with the sperm, which unites with ova; but that yogis are not sitting in one place – they are moving, talking?

Guruji: just think from another point of view: instead of transformation somehow the sperm caught ova- not to transform, but to keep him safe. That’s the point: they will not go into transformation; transformation will make them go away from the mother; but if ova will remain inside with supporting of the sperm taking care of it – then the sperm will live a very happy long life. Always one with the Mother.


Q: if we just lie on the ground like in shavasana – does it make it shavasana?

Guruji: no, you can relax.

Q: but what make such lying exactly shavasana?

Guruji: when you’re lying like a corpse; not with the arms under the head or wide open – it’s the relaxing pose. Every dead body is lying like that – that’s why it is called shavasana. In suspended animation you have no fear to fall and harm yourself unknowingly.

Q: but many yoga instructors are worrying now because of Your words that lying in shavasana makes your body grow old faster?

Guruji: yes, that is true.

Q: what if we lye like this and sleep – it is also shavasana?

Guruji: if you will lye like this you will have nightmares; suppose your hand is on your chest – you will think somebody is strangling you. The best sleep is suggested when you’re on your side.

Q: I’m sleeping on my stomach…

Guruji: if face down – it is the best.

Q: so every time we lye like that – it is shavasana?

Guruji: temporarily you can go like that, but don’t go asleep. If you want to relax – better to lye face down, that is better idea. And after the postures – better to go into yogasana, which will relax you in 2 seconds: sit in lotus and put your hands to the ground palms up. Whenever you need to feel relax – sit like this: it is yogasana and this is the best for relaxation.

Q: what is the dangerous time frame to lye in shavasana which will make you to grow older?

Guruji: if you’re doing shavasana after every yoga posture class. Most of the people I know – they are hurry into lye in shavasana and their desire to work hard is gone. First inertia will come into your mind, then the body will feel it and begin to age faster for final shavasana. It’s the instinct from your subconscious mind. If you want to relax – lye face down or sit in yogasana.

Q: so even 1 minute in shavasana…?

Guruji: I don’t recommend it at all. Yogasana is better. When a question comes to me – this is my duty to answer it correctly. Whatever I’ve observed during the years – I’m sharing with everybody now.

Q: does the changing of the position of the hands depend?

Guruji: it will. Put them under the head, palms locked elbows to the sides. This is the best. When your hands are up – it will immediately low your high blood pressure. I’ve noticed that who suffered of heart condition or high blood pressure – they never look up and they never take their hands up.

Q: I think it’s important because in mostly yoga classes shavasana is done after

Guruji: but you should put your hands behind your head – it is not exactly shavasana with the head a little bit off the ground. This is Indian old tradition: when a person is lying down, straight, we don’t do pranam to him till he lifts hid head; because it will be like doing pranam to a dead body. This is what we believe in. whenever somebody do pranam – they lift their head.

Q: if we put something under the head like a pillow?

Guruji: that is sleeping pose, not shavasana; dead body doesn’t need a pillow. But the hands must be behind the head.

Q: but if we don’t use the hands?

Guruji: no, you must use the hands. That is very important. Nobody wants to age fast or age at all. Another point here: if you’re not able to attain physical stability – there is no guarantee you will attain mental stability. They go together. Your mood depends much on your physical condition. You cannot be Paramahamsa suddenly.

Q: how normal person can manage his emotions, if he’s not practicing yoga?

Guruji: physical exercise will always help. If there is too much anger inside – good workout will release it to some level. Even depression will go away. Physical activity is very important.

In Gita they say: samattam yogi chitte; your cell will be trained to the level when they will neither run nor fight – they will remain intact. That is the result of yoga, the physiological evolution.


Q: what do You think – Ganesha was the great warrior?

Guruji: he was created by Adi Shakti, with ubtan – before soap it is used; let’s take Earth as Adi Shakti – she’s Adi Shakti for us, and she created Ganesh, her protective force. Even in muladhar chakra, which represents earth element, Ganesh supposed to be the presiding deity of that. So Ganesh is the protector of the earth element.

So when Ganesh is good – everything is coming from Earth: your wealth, your food, your shelter, everything whatever you desire. If Ganesh is putting a good word for you – then Adi Shakti will support.

Q: but Ganesh creates the obstacles for the people?

Guruji: he is guarding the Mother Earth; she created him and put him on guard to let no one enter. And see – if someone is running only after earth resources – he will create obstacles until unless she gives her consent to it.

Q: why Shiva Ji gave him elephant head instead of human one?

Guruji: because elephants supposed to have the great memory. If you will slap elephant child he will remember that slap till he will dead. One day he will take revenge. So all karma of all people Ganesh remembers. Whoever is doing harm to the Mother – he remembers and punishes. Earth is a living being, you simply cannot survive without her.

If you will look in the photograph of her – she might be the most beautiful looking planet, center of the Universe; there is no other planet looking like that. She is as good as Adi Shakti to me. And Ganesh is the protector of earth element, which Earth herself created. Whoever is taking much resources from the Earth – she doesn’t like mining; it can end our civilization also.

Look at the history: all those so-called high developed civilizations – from Atlantis to vedic culture: they were mining very heavily in the name of progress. We need to learn out of it. Maybe mining is at highest peak now. We’re digging too much iron: before they were building buildings not much iron was used; now – concrete, all iron. Too much iron has been taken – that is danger signal.


Q: what is the meaning of changing sounds: ham and so?

Guruji: om and so instead of ham and so; that also tells us that ham is actually the sound of the prana and so is the sound of apana. If you will change it – may be in the beginning the breath will be complicated – but they may change place, prana and apana. If somebody is really helping in doing it. But without khechari it will give no result. Only with khechari ham-so gives you the great result. Just observe your breathe. It is the very direct method for calming down your mind and developing concentration and focus; it may take you deep in meditation.

Q: how this technic so-ham started?

Guruji: so many sadhus are saying “so- ham”: so ham asmi – I am that. Then I explained: when your consciousness become aware of 98% subconscious, then you realize – oh my god, I’m that also. Then this thing began – not simply by repeating “I am that”: who, who is that? Maybe some accomplished person said it, and people record it and begin to emulate it, copy, hoping that they also will become great.

Q: it’s like in the commentaries on Bhagavad Gita: who read the commentaries of great people but not great themselves?

Guruji: exactly, yes. If they are actually doing it sincerely – their mind will become very calm and quiet and they will go into deep meditative state, this much is sure.

Q: what is the minimum time frame to feel that you’re in a deep meditative state, practicing so-ham?

Guruji: within a day or two. Then it will be so natural to you that every breath you will remain aware of this thing; that means your mind is already going inside, withdraw from any outside thing. It will change mentally state definitely.

Q: this practice is not dangerous for normal people?

Guruji: very good practice. If you’re becoming aware of your breathe, that means you’re becoming aware of your soul. It is part of the soul culture.

Q: how long it must be practiced in a day?

Guruji: it is like your mind hears a song and then you keep repeating it; so if you doing it 5, 10, half an hour – whole day you will remain aware of it. Even while sleeping you will remain aware of it, it will take you a long way. But other practices are also needed.

Q: if some person start to do it and hearing nada?

Guruji: it is possible; when the mind is going very calm and quiet and deep meditative states are following – he will become aware of the nada.

Q: he must concentrate on it?

Guruji: not concentrate, just remain aware.

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