Q: Sometimes i wondering: Your books ended up in a strange places sometimes: one copy of Gita went to the White house during Bill Clinton’s organization; one copy of Gita reached prime minister of Nepal;
Guruji: and UN also

Q: whom brought it to UN?
Guruji: same: Mr. Sushil Kashyap: he gave it to Cofi Annan and Indian, represeted UN permanent- that one. 2-3 copies went into UN

Q: and how he sent it to UN?
Guruji: he simply went there and said – i want to gift you one.

Q: British library selected Your “Gorakhbodh”, include to the collection
Guruji: yes

Q: any other unusual recepients or places? I know that Dayamata also received the copy
Guruji: yes, Dayamata received the copy- secretly, because she was sick then; we received letter from them also.

Q: where else it was sent?
Guruji: almost everywhere: almost every prominent leader and all the sadhus- they all received. Nagas also received it.

Q: which Nagas?
Guruji: My disciple went to Kumbha Mela, i told him how to approach Nagas, so he did a research on it: he gave my copy of Gita to many prominent sadhus within the Chief members of Nagas; and they all treat him very well. Hilarious photos: he was standing like Mahatma Gandhi and two tall naked Nagas standing with him.

Q: i just think that the books have their own life
Guruji: i think so, yes

Q: but for You this work was a necessity: to get this answers out?
Guruji: I think so, yes: it was boiled inside me ad once triggered it was just came out in 21 days.

Q: You also said that when You worked on Shiva sutras it was more like a climax of Your work on Bhagavad Gita?
Guruji: i think so because I finished it i one single day, full work on Shiva sutras- only 77 sutras. And Yoga Sutras took me 4 days, because I was writing it myself, so 1 chapter in one day and 1 day Shiva Sutras. 3 days “Pathik”. I think 8 days for Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Gorakhbodh took a longer time. And it maybe the deepest and most mysterious thing I’ve ever come across. And I can tell you: when I was dictating Gita’s commentary, Yoga Darshan- a mind was not capable enough to tackle Gorakhbodh, and I felt it myself. It took living in smashan, Shiva worship and dhuni to bring it all together.

Q: I would like to came back to Shiva Sutras: that is most amazing work ever: because the shlokas are so profound, the meaning is so profound; and I wonder- which commentary You read prior to working on that?
Guruji: none. After that- I came across 2-3 commentaries.

Q: did You read Kshemaraja’s commentary?
Guruji: I think so: it must be somewhere here. But- after I wrote my own thing; and I will say, if vanity will allow me, – I like my own.

Q: it’s absolutely outstanding! And nobody ever said that it might be work of three beings?
Guruji: three immortals coming together after some time. They just compare notes and write their own.

Q: knowing the history- it was found in a cave
Guruji: on the stones; by Vasugupta

Q: just like Moses found ten commandments?
Guruji: probably: it could be that

Q: so it cannot be a work of the human?
Guruji: I think this work is from some siddha, who has accomplished everything, have explored the depth of the consciousness and had achieved physical immortality: only they may talk from this way. Normal philosopher will never be able to even discuss this thing.

Q: have You met people in prior to writing Your commentaries, whose opinion on those Sutras was valid or interesting at least to You? Or was it mostly philosophical?
Guruji: in fact, in this area Shiva Sutras was virtually unknown: even now not many people are aware of Shiva Sutras. But when You go to Benares- there you will see many different scholars, those, who are doing research on it. After I had written my commentary we ended up in Sarnath: there few people came, who were aware of Shiva Sutras and have been read it. When they read my version they were impressed. They also said: we have never come across this sort of commentaries.

Q: those were people practicing yoga or…?
Guruji: no, nothing: they were all Ph.D. in sanskrit.

Q: that is enough for them also to comprehend the level
Guruji: yes: I’ve never seen so many people having Ph.D degrees in sanskrit then in Benares. Every other person said: I’m Ph. D in sanskrit- this is something. It was a good feeling that many people know Shiva Sutras, they read and can appreciate with a friends also.

Q: do You still think that this work is undiscovered- I mean Your commentaries and Shiva Sutras themselves: do You think the text is still undiscovered and known only to the scholars?
Guruji: I think so.

Q: do You think it’s so complicated?
Guruji: it is complicated and it is not that popular also.

Q: why it’s not popular?
Guruji: because nobody knows here about it and only those who are studying sanskrit- they are aware of it. General people are not aware. And such a profound statement: gyanam bandhah agyanam- only a person who has gone beyond that can make this statement.

Q: yes, this one statement is a book by itself
Guruji: it’s a book and it’s a next step of Yoga Sutras: yogas chitta vritti nirodhah- everybody knows it. And Shiva Sutras tells us: chittam atma: the spirit is chitta. Why? Because feeling of being, “I am”, cones from that. This is fantastic- it is still my favourite book. Ver profound; and it’s a big privilege- I was able to comment on it. And I did it in Vrindavan. In one day, in Vrindavan.

Q: what was the most interesting feedback You received on Your commentaries on Gita?
Guruji: common comment I’ve heard for 30 years: oh, Guruji, this is not for every philosopher. But some people were able to appreciate it. Those, who was too much into this Gita study and they were reading numerous different commentaries also- they commented: Your commentaries are extraordinary and standing alone: there is no comparison of it. That sounds very good to me.

Q: how Bhagavad Gita came to be the book of the lineage?
Guruji: when Babaji initited Lahiri Mahasaya, he said: it is part of this lineage. And he also said to Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya that: repeat this thing from Gita to every disciple. A little practice of dharma will get rid of very serious fears from a yogi’s life.

Q: the meaning of practice of dharma here?
Guruji: practice of Kriya yoga. It is in “Autobiography of the yogi”. Now let us see- to which direction the lineage is going.


Yes, I rememeber Jo Davis and another one: they just coming out from the bar and some people start beat they just stood. They were asked: why didn’t you fight them?
They said: you see, we could have kill them; they couldn’t tolerate this punch.

Q: and You remember story with Mohammad Ali- when someone took out his knife and he just gave him wallet: he was asked- why you didn’t fight? And he said it was only 20 dollars in it- and I don’t fight for 20 dollars.
Guruji: I’ m more expensive than 20 dollars( smiling). Same story with Gama pehalvan also, world champion wrestler.

Q: what is the story?
Guruji: Story about Gamma Pehalvan: he used to get up 2 o’clock in the night; then he will run for 20 kms, then will come back and do 5000 pushups and whole workout with weights. Those days he used to go through jungle. Because he was champion- he went out of the gym wearing so many gold from kings, he would wear more gold things: some robbers saw him running and think: let’s rob him – he has so much gold. Next day they stop him with sword or something; he was running. Then someone of robbers recognise him: oh, it’s Gama – idiots, he would crush you like a fly! Next day again they stop him: he said – now what? They gave him all gold back and said: Sir, why you let us go? You’re Gama Pehalvan! He said: see, this is my tapas: wrestling is my tapas. I could have kill you all to save the gold- but suppose, some knife will scratch me or some sword- it will put disturbance in my training: training is more important.

Q: when I was young I also was always searching for a fight- and I found once: guy twice bigger than me; i said something to him- he said something to me- so the fight started. Ok, I win; but his teeth gave my fist a lot of damage and I couldn’t train normal for 1,5 months.
Guruji: that’s how wisdom comes. But: whatever happened with training- beating someone gives the great satisfaction. And harder you hit- still you feel it should be even more hard.


Q: what type of world order was before the vedic times?
Guruji: nothing. It was step by step process: in vedic times you were either a brahmin, or a kshatriya, or vaishya or shudra or a slave. Then with the invasion of Alexander the Great we got a common identity: hindus. Even we’re a brahmin or a kshatriya- we’re hindus. It was started only with Alexander the Great. The process is very slowly.

Q: why in vedic times kshatriyas were not going to invade another countries, why they remain inside India?
Guruji: in Mahabharata it is said: the Emperor was ruling from the peak of Himalayas to the shore of the ocean- and it covers everything: Asia, Africa, and in the ancient tomes America was connected- only now they are separate.

And there is amazing description in Mahabharata: Yudhishthira is taking his bath- you must eead that! Maybe more than thousands people were standing there.

Q: why so many?
Guruji: 150 sanskrit scholars were coming with the pots of gold, which was carrying fragrant water, treated with so many different herbs; and they were singing sanskrit honours; and when he moved so many finest clothes were given to put around his waist; he was given fantastic massage, then 150 pots of gold water were poured on him, then again some massage, then again some oils and herbs

Q: great spa program
Guruji: then the process of dressing the emperor started- every part was very thoroughly chose the best and finally crown was put on his head

Q: as I understand such a great ritual was not very often performed
Guruji: he used to take a bath every day!

Q: so half of the day he spent taking a bath and other half maybe in some discussions. As I understand after a bath he had lunch- and it must took even more time?
Guruji: yes, they described that his kitchen was very big and hundreds of chefs were working there, they were cooking every type of delicates for him – to smell and to taste everything

Q: so it was not 10 minutes program like You’re eating?
Guruji: I’m not an emperor!( laughing) and this is my great luck

Q: he couldn’t even walk in pants through his palace because thousands of people
Guruji: better to be normal. Once you become an emperor- you cannot change it for life. You cannot take a rest from it: only if some other person defeats you. And of course- they had to train hard to be the best.


Q: when Babaji first appeared You spoke nothing but yoga, on the first meeting?
Guruji: only yoga

Q: and he gave You such a condensed program, which You described perfectly well; people asking about levels- but You said it was full meal lunch, the thali with all the levels in it.
Guruji: everything

Q: then we asked You how You subdivided this, who told You, how much to do?
Guruji: no, I’ve never subdivided- I’m just teaching exactly as he has taught

Q: what I’ m trying to say: for each one, who reaches certain level, there is a next one?
Guruji: yes

Q: but that was never explained by him; he didn’t tell You – give to this person when he reaches; this is Your assumption?
Guruji: no, the level is very clearly marked: if physically he is not matching that level- then nothing. There are criterias: until unless the person achieving this criteria- only then he maybe introduced to further things.

Q: I’m asking because during last year everyone was so much worrying about original teachings; it’s pointless if you not progressing- but it’s important to get original teaching?
Guruji: it is a very tough program, and I’m giving the original teachings which are not so easy.

Q: however, he never told You not to do Omkar Kriya- but You said that You tried it immediately?
Guruji: yes, the same night

Q: did You consider Yourself to be able to do it, when You done it first time – You knew, that You already reached that level?
Guruji: I was enough aware to reach my certain limit, touch the limit and come back; I was already aware of the limitations and he also exactly told never cross beyond the certain limit.
I will say another thing here: these physical exercises with weights teaches you to touch your limit. A person, who has never done these weights, he will never know- what is his limit and is he able to touch it or not. That develops your mind from a very different perspective: if you physically are able to touch your physical limit- then your understanding will be different on so many different subjects. I’m sure, he was aware of this.
To touch something; because yoga is a physical thing: the results are spiritual and mental. So if you’re trained physically- you will easily recognise your limitations, and you will be able to touch it again and again. Which I did. That’s why I keep urging to all my students: do physical exercise!

Until unless you will not develop something so gross, flesh and blood, how you hope to develop the mind or spirituality, which are so fine, you cannot even see that? Always start from the basics. And no matter what you’re doing physically – the result will be ultimately mental. Psychological as well as a spiritual. If you’re doing something physically – it will enhance your confidence. Your will power will become very strong: because to do certain physical exercises great will power is needed. For me it’s a spiritual program, even physical exercises.

Q: coming back to the level division thing: this comprehensive teaching is divided based upon certain markers, which he established…
Guruji: yes, already. And another thing I will here like to point out: it is one condense program. It is like alphabet of english: it is one condense program- but we in our ignorance will say that A is the first level, B is the second level, C is the third level. Otherwise it is a condense program. But because we’re human beings and certain things are taught when you are achieve certain level- then they say: oh, I have crossed that first level; but it is just the beginning of learning.


Shiva Ji is the Guru of yoga – so it came very naturally to me. Before that I was not to much into puja and I rarely visited temple; my Guru told me to go to Kashi Vishvanath- you already knew the story. Now I’m doing Shiva puja every day: that’s how the life changed.

Q: it’s about middle of 19th century when the western scientists and anthropologists described the Shivalingam symbol: they would saying it’s organ of Shiva; and for the hindus it’s definitely different symbol: it’s the unity of the world?
Guruji: If you go by grammar it’s very simple: in every language there are female gender, male gender; we can say- he is not the male gender, purush ling; he is not stri ling, he is not in between- it is Shiva. He is not a man, not a woman, not a eunuch- he is Shiva. Turiya, the fourth.

Q: in tamil language they call it a symbol, a mark? ( chinnam)
Guruji: even the “ling” is mark- in sanskrit and hindi also. But most of the westerners translate it as a male organ.

Q: because the mind is working in a certain way: because it’s a male god so it might be the assosiation to the form?
Guruji: I told one britisher- he came many years before and asked why are You worshipping this male organ? I said: this is Shiva’s organ! And see the power of Shiva: whole word is worshipping His organ! Of course he never came after. No matter how much philosophy one will study- we are all result of the union of human beings, no one can object this.

Now there is a big party in Govardhan on Shivaratri: so many people are carrying Ganges water, hundreds anгd thousands of people there. And so many ladies, walking at least 200 kilometres- that is also big change. The year we installed Shiva first time plastic damarus appeared and processions started. Every child was insisting he must have it- and thousands damarus were singing, that was never happen before!
Q: when You installed Shivalingam first time: no puja was conducted but the base was made?
Guruji: first we ordered the base and when it came we installed it first; then Shivalingam was put

Q: and cemented?
Guruji: not exactly cemented- it’s something which holds it

Q: but no puja started because You didn’t know how to conduct the ritual?
Guruji: no, we did something- some flowers and something

Q: about the first puja which You conducted returning from Pashupatinath: what kind of emotions, what kind of feelings first time?
Guruji: first time everybody was there: my sister was holding the jar of the milk because I had no idea that I can hold it at my left hand; Mahatmaji was there, 4-5 other disciples were there; and I was a bit nervous that I must not forget the sequence. It took about 2-3 weeks to settle down.

Q: was it two times a day?
Guruji: yes, evening and morning both- for many years continued.

Q: so the first time was more nervous about the sequence than the magical effect of the puja?
Guruji: no, that was immediate: everyone felt extremely high. And till silver was not there- the temperature will rise every day, every time we touched it.

Q: the stone itself became warm?
Guruji: it was very hot, so we put this water. Then it remain cool and the fever was not come again.

Q: and You said the material of the base was different- not copper, what metal it was I don’t remember?Guruji: it is still there under the silver. Maybe because silver is connected to the Moon which He is carrying: the fever stopped after.

Q: did Your mood change when the silver was applied?
Guruji: yes, I was too aggressive and violent before that; then sort of calm down.

Q: how did the sadhana change?
Guruji: sadhana became more ferocious. And it continues that way. Then maybe after 2006 the physical changes started: I’ve begin to lose weight, then mantra received- then more severe changes started. I think still changes are there: let’s see, to what level they will continue.


Q: If we take the Greek, Aztec, Hebrew or other gods- we continue to worship them: is there practical hope that some day they will notice you; what is moving us? There is no confirmation it can be; we’re begging for practical things basically- health and wealth?
Guruji: basic thing is the hope for surviving

Q: spermatozoids are praying to their own god then? We still thinking that higher force is capable for grace
Guruji: they are capable. They are manipulating the world.

Q: but You said they are manipulating the nations and bigger sets rather than individuals?
Guruji: but only Shiva is living on planet Earth. And if you see the pattern: all heavenly immortal gods disappeared. Now people are worshipping different things. Divinity is becoming more human. Krishna, Moses, jesus Christ, profit Mohammad, Buddha, Sai Baba, Lahiri Mahasaya, – they are all human beings. This was never ever before.

Q: indians are pretty practical: if they have not help from above- how the thousands of years of worship will work?
Guruji: that means they are just livestocks, providing food for heaven.

Q: is there proof that it’s certain hepl, which cones down? Otherwise there will be no continuation- what will sustain this hope for help?

Guruji: I think because we come from the other side and go to the other side- somebody present this dream in very professional way; we love to follow, we love to be devoted, we like to serve; after death we will get it- but what about this life?

Q: but why people continue to worship?
Guruji: it becomes the family thing: their father and forefathers worshipping; and they talk with so much devotion- so sanskar forms slowly.

Q: so if god doesn’t help the person he think it’s because he’s the sinner- like that?
Guruji: god works in a mysterious way, my child( laughing)
All Gods are living in heaven or somewhere else- and Shiva Ji is living there. And he was the first who talked about equality- no one else.


Q: You said that every shift in astral world is reflected by changes in human’s civilisations; the world is shifting and the order up there affects here on Earth? Balaji is now the ruler and creator up there?
Guruji: this is what we have heard, yes.

Q: how do You think it’s affecting the present cycle?
Guruji: I think his impact – he is considered as a very wise being: so the knowledge and the wisdom, and maturity, and tolerance of human beings will improve greatly. And we will begin to respect each other’s right to live- I think that is very much needed.

Q: You also said that he changing the mistakes and hiccups, done by the previous astral rulers?
Guruji: yes, now we’re hearing this word – equality -more and more. In old times they was always high-born, low-born, blue-blooded people, normal people, public; in Vedas there was also 4 classes of people – now it’s in the past. Now first in the history of mankind at least legally we are treated absolutely equal. Maybe few generations more and we will all become equal – as a part of the society or citizen of this world. We will have equal rights and equal duties as well. So far we are hearing only the discussion on the rights – my right, my right – but maybe soon people will begin to say: what is my duty, what should I do for the betterment of the society and people’s lives? That is needed.

Q: was the dharmic path is the same questioning?Dharma was also duty – duty for yourself first of all?
Guruji: to yourself, then your family, then the society, – it is very refinement and extended. The main definition is: dharayet sa dharma – whichever carries you through is your dharma. I’ve been saying it again and again: the Earth is carrying us – so it is our duty, loving duty to take good care of her. And I think the whole society is attentive to it now: they are paying enough attention to the planet even doing nothing. but soon they will start.

Q: yes, they’re saying about climat changes…
Guruji: and it’s a fear of our own existence. Fear gives us inspiration to live in discipline.

Q: You said many times, answering questions, thar gods basically don’t care of business of the humans?
Guruji: they just care of themselves and how humans are serving them.

Q: if the wise and very fair astral ruler now – Balaji is in charge?
Guruji: you can look at it and you will understand it: olden times we were all worshipping immortal gods, living in heaven – all the civilisations. With the coming of Jesus Christ the divinity descended to the level of be a human. After Jesus there is a long-long line – from Buddha previous to Jesus and there are other holy men who achieved divinity while remaining a human. That gives us big hope – Matsyendranath is there, and it’s the line of different yogis and saints: they don’t care about heavenly gods. Finally the divinity may come down to the level of being a human.

Q: how do they speed up the progress in the society?
Guruji: I think, after the coming of certain great being ( Buddha, Mahaveer, Jesus Christ, even prophet Mohammad) the worship of the heavenly gods stopped. We see a remarkable change before and after them. Before everybody was serving them, giving sacrifice to them; after that suddenly all those heavenly gods disappeared – those, who were demanding sacrifices: almost all disappeared.

Q: by the way, sacrifices were usually made in case of war…
Guruji: for prosperity also. Now we’re hearing that hard work in the right direction is the real thing which can make you prosperous, instead of offering some animal to some god.
Q: are the astral rulers instigate the wars to speed up the progress?
Guruji: it’s a very simple observation that most of the beings, who escapeed from the astral, – they take refuge in a human body. Wars are triggered – so they will go back again to the astral.

Q: they have to came back to Earth to take refuge from what?
Guruji: from the big astral beings who are trying to punish them and to discipline them.

Q: so it’s mostly criminals and renegates coming?
Guruji: I think so, yes. So they are caught, they are killed in wars, – or they are given dead sentence – so they will again go back to the astral. People are already wait there to arrest them. it is a yo-yo thing: once here – next there.

Q: how much in the proportion of not-criminals spirits are there? I cannot see thousands and hundreds of peopole are all been criminals, punished here by death?
Guruji: Criminals will always remain in a very less percentage – if you just considered the society. Most of the society consists of disciplined people – I mean those, who are afraid to do any criminal activity. Or let’s say – they are good people: by the sweat of their eyebrows they earn their bread.

Q: so that’s a karmic punishment, that in this life they were born here to be killed in war and get back to astral?
Guruji: I think so, yes. Every time human being see a war – something good comes out and they become more mature and they start to understand about the human’s suffering, unneccesary killings…

Q: so, many different souls – men, women, children, old people gets into this mess, whoever loses the life?
Guruji: we have a simple answer to that: it is all because of the karma – that they are put in the certain situation to face it. And also it gives chance to other human beings to feel compassion. They did – and they have a chance to help. Because even a criminal is not 100 percent criminal and good person is not 100 percent good person. So if you are in a position to help someone – please do so. Old systems are breaking, new systems are coming – so we are in between. And it will take maybe a couple of centuries to settle down.

Q: would the resources last that long – resources of the Earth?
Guruji: we need to learn, how to prolong them. How not to exploit – that we need to learn. And again: you’re not taking anything out of the Earth – you just change it, transform it, but essentially the thing remains on the Earth. After some time it will again go back to its origin. We are just taking things, changing them, making them look different, – but they remain on the planet, they never go out; except few satellites but they also dropped again on Earth. Man is not creative enough to create anything on its own. He just take things of the nature and transform them in a different way. if it is our crime – we stand for to take punishment.


Q: recalling the story of  Your famous parikrama when just from looking at an old woman’s feet, your own feet became covered with blisters- you said that the level of sensitivity became so high as a side effect of Samadhis?
Guruji: it was very high then .

Q: there were several cases when you undertook disciples sickness upon Yourself?
Guruji: Yes, there were so many cases. It happened automatically, without my intention.
Once even  the blood came out of my forehead; some people from Bengal were here, visiting-  and their nephew was driving somewhere with the family; the car subsided  and the nephew stroke his head with the rear view mirror – it  began to bleed heavily. I’ve felt something and touched  my forehead; there was blood, it  came suddenly. That incident was very alarming; only after I felt the blood in my own head the phone call about the accident came  – and the family just went through all the details of the accident. The comic part was: after that accident the nephew lost all his hair. I think I escaped that( laughing). Lots of different treatment was tried on him  but the hair never grew again: he is still bald after that accident.

Q: and all of it  happened when You even haven’t receive the news?
Guruji: at the very  moment of this accident.

Q: Does it  mean that  the connection between Guru and disciple is very strong?
Guruji: it is always there; and it took me many years to insulate myself. And when the second samadhi started, the level of sensitivity enhanced dramatically. Now it is much more subdued and insulated.

Q: the reason we ask you about these issues is because it’s presumed that enlightened beings feel the pain of the entire Universe. Is it really  how it happens: the magnitude of sensitivity of such a person is  so tremendous that he has to buffer himself?
Guruji: Now – yes: I think you’re absolutely right; I think in samadhi your consciousness is touching almost everybody and you are feeling it all; if someone is suffering – you will feel it.

Q: Some of Your disciples also developed a certain level of sensitivity; Denis’ wife talked about nightmares and screams of the ghosts even before the war started. I want to ask You: how does it feel in the time of the great turmoil, when a lot of pain and death is happening, even very far away – is it amounting to a great  feeling  of collective pain?
Guruji: You will feel it intensely. And learn to accept it. And also will try to help them somehow, which happens automatically – you’re not specially praying; but the help, if you’re feeling compassion or some pain, will just flow out to those who suffer. Help, solace – whatever it called . That’s why I don’t like to go outside, because so many problems are already there in the world.

Q: But life of the society is never balanced?
Guruji: And that is the beauty of the society.

Q: …which is always in a process of re-attesting, re-ajasting; of course, there is equal amount of good and bad, suffering and pleasure?
Guruji: yes. And the beauty is: there is never 100% good and never 100% bad. How they fit into each other, like yin and yan – is  the main ke to this play. How they complement each other is the main entertainment. As long as there will be society, the game will continue. But I think, human society has become more refined; and it will improve even more, maybe even evolve to a greater level.

Q: Every era reaches a climax point, it has to exhaust all the boiling emotions, old business interests, satisfy ambitions, endure political planning… in other words – it’s like a wave of a tsunami: it has to go up, before it crushes?
Guruji: yes, so another wave will come. I think all the spirits thrive on our emotions. That’s why they keep on creating different situations – just to observe how we will act when faced with certain situations, what kind of emotions are there to experience.

Q: Is there no such situation, where human nature will reach an unemotional state?
Guruji: I think, being emotional is the beauty of our existence, our kind. So many people are talking  about  compassion –that  we need to have compassion… But until unless there is suffering – to what  you will have compassion to?

Q: Once you said  that pity and compassion are two different things?
Guruji: Pity is a hidden feeling of superiority – because I’m better than the suffering person – and that is pity. Compassion is when  you actually suffer because of the other person’s suffering – and you go out of your way to help that particular person. Pity is just gloating over the sufferer – that I’m ok, I’m in a better situation than that man or woman. That is very cruel king of compassion, or say,  pity.

Q: Every time when we look at the situation in the world there are different historic intervals which  bring different sets of reasons for new wars?
Guruji: yes

Q: You said there is always an astral reason – shift of powers up above…
Guruji: Always : it is their chessboard, the gods and spirits  are playing.

Q: the wars are started in the astral world with the goal of punishing escaped astro- criminals, the ghosts which escaped from the astral world?
Guruji: Even that is a game for the eternal beings.

Q: So nobody could  escape the astral justice?
Guruji: no, that is obvious.

Q: An incredible stirring and churning  of emotions starts in an hour of great pain, in an hour of great trouble and war ?
Guruji:  once I I was given a lecture ( when I was going through army training): the topic of which was: war does evil, but it brings out the best emotions. I heard it in 1977 and Have been thinking about it since. And every time I find it to be a true statement. It brings out the best of emotions, even though it causes lots of suffering and sacrifices. Try to imagine  the emotions of the soldier: he is not dying for himself – he is dying to save many others, who may go through great suffering if he will not sacrifice himself. This is a very sublime emotion.

Q: I remember the story of one of Your disciples – Shrivastav, who was killed in the previous life and who was born with the signs of the bullets?
Guruji: on his stomach, yes

Q: He didn’t want anything to do with the military after it?
Guruji: no, ever. He had a certain complex: stayed away from any firearms, from the uniformed people, lived very simple life of a salesman; now his son comes here – he is a disciple also.

Q: what is  the lesson to learn here: that the great fear, the great danger or great pains  – they are samskaras, which follow us to the  next life?
Guruji: and I think: if you face grave danger and if you survive after  – you will become very careful. That is true.

Q: What is best attitude right now for the sake of practicing yogis, whoever is on one or another side of the warring states (or there are no sides for the yogis); is it best for us to know that sooner or later this period will be over?
Guruji: every period will be over soon.

Q: some people prefer not to get involved emotionally or try to ignore whatever is happening around. It it wise?
Guruji: the more you’re trying to ignore reality –the more it proves  that you’re emotionally highly involved.

Q: You know there are a lot of things, imbedded in us: in my particular case I have almost genetic memories: my mother as a child survived the occupation of Kiev, she was a tiny child of 2 years when the germans came; and my grandmother had the scars of bites of the german shepards… when the war started I felt tremendous pain- it looks like we carry DNA memories of our ancestors of wars  inside ourselves …
Guruji: We carry all memories

Q: same with people, who came from Lahor to India during partition – they still have painful memories ..
Guruji: very bad memories, yes

Q: and even their children carry those glimpses of the past ?
Guruji: I think such memories will continue for several generations.

Q: What  I’m trying to say is it’s impossible not to have a certain response programmed inside and therefore – reaction or non-reaction becomes a tough challenge?
Guruji: I agree, reaction is based on our memories. And we cannot undo them. But we can learn from them and try to move forward. But those memories will always remain part of us. I have nothing against it.

Q: I read very interesting line yesterday: the biggest luxury of a man is to forget himself: not through intoxication or distruction – but forget himself in an ocean of non-memories. Is it possible only for yogis?
Guruji: from another point of view: when you overcome your tiny consciousness, diving deep to the ocean of consciousness – then it may happen. I will quote James Hadley Chase – he was a famous American thriller writer, I read all his books. I don’t know why I’m quoting him – but I think you will understand. There was one novel: “There is a hippie on the highway”, a must read book. The veteran from Vietnam is  coming back and hippie movement  is on the rise –  and vet is becoming part of it; he is  exposed to all these “flowed generations”” tings and… . Before going to war he had a lover, who committed suicide by cutting her veins – and it traumatised him greatly. And the author writes: after this man  have come from the war, where he has seen many people dying everywhere – in blasts and shootings, converged in blood – the suicide of that  girlfriend was not that important  after that experience. When you have seen much bigger a and crueler things- then tiny thing which you thought of  as greatly  important may not remain that important for you afterwards. That was the moral of this thriller, which I may have read maybe 45 years before. It conveys the message.

Q: Yes, some people manage to overcome personal pains and go on with the adventure of life and find a huge.. not even relief but forgetfulness of their pain,  become bigger than that?
Guruji: I think the best thing is to learn relief with that: accept it! Instead of always fighting the pain. I’ve never come across any person who has not gone through some suffering, some tragedy, some sadness. Some people spend their lifetime weeping over it; some people accept it, learn out of it – and it always will remain a part of their memory. You cannot forget it. And there is no need to forget: all your wisdom, all your education, all your learning is based on your memory. Wisdom is nothing but a memory: what else is wisdom?

Q: The last question to sum up all that would be present manipulation of ublic opinion by a  media: it is
is formed nowadays based on triggering the religious feeling, nationalism or gender  identity – all of it clashed and manipulated very skilfully- how to handle that? If you’re educated enough you probably can make a distinction and decide for yourself what is happening. How to avoid being manipulated?
Guruji: I think that is politics: as long as there are politicians – it will continue. The best thing I found out is not to see the news on tv: that keeps your mind much more relaxed.

Q: Is it even possible? We don’t see it but news comes in different forms..
Guruji: I’ve seen so much news: I’m aware of the news of the last 60 years – and they are more or less the same. Now even more…

Q: Because of the gadgets the information spreads so fast: what would be the best thing to do: you read the news – but you stay numb to the news? Do read the news  – but distance yourself from the news?
Guruji: You must learn to see the larger picture. Then it will not be that significant. And you will of course know which news is more  significant, and which is  just the trash.

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