Q: if these charging of the brain starts only with the first breath…
Guruji: yes, before that – mother’s energy is working

Q: so what exactly happen when we do retaining of the breath without khechari?
Guruji: if he will go more than his limit – he may get haemorrhage or something. It is not safe. And how you will channel this air, which you’re trying to hold? If your tongue is not in the right place and all the technics you don’t know then: how you’re going to channel it?

Q: and what exactly happen when we put khechari under that palate?
Guruji: the circuit is complete, the current will flow. It’s like plugging in.

Q: it makes the kumbhaka safe – if we do it?
Guruji: all yoga practice safe. It is a part of higher yoga technics: if simply you will do khechari without any practices then it will bring you nothing – except some arrogance that “i have done it” – that’s it. Which is not such a bad thing( smiling)

Q: but with all the practices – how it changes the charges of the brain?
Guruji: it plugs in! The real charge will start to take place in the brain.

Q: it accumulates the charges?
Guruji: no, we have experimented on that: you know the electrodes, which charges the electric flow? You put one on the tongue and one between the eyebrows – and it will be complete. Till then – the flow will not be there.

Q: but if the normal person just inhaling and exhaling – he also charging his brain?
Guruji: of course: that is the motor of life! But – only 2%, less than 2%.

Q: so with khechari brain is also charging – but with more capacity?
Guruji: more access to the subconscious. We’re trying to reform the inner generator, trying to turn it to nuclear generator, the powerplant rather than using diesel. Or maybe we’re going to discover perpetual motion inside our subconscious. All that we discussed about nabhi and the rejuvenation processes – these are all parts of the nuclear power inside us.

Q: what will be Kundalini rising in that case?
Guruji: what is Kundalini? The main power of earth element. If it will wake up – you will become immortal.

Q: it’s like we’re plugging to the eternal Earth power?
Guruji: as long as Earth will remain – you will be.


Q: when You told about Your first experience of samadhi – You told about the smell of humanity: but could You subdivide the smell of fear, the smell of anger for example?
Guruji: yes, you can understand it.

Q: how fear is smelling?
Guruji: not good. When you will smell it – you will know it. Like colours – there is no classification of the smell: whether it’s good or bad: but there is so much inside that. I’m not using any perfume even in gym.

Q: yes, that’s the only gym with a good smell: how to also develop it?
Guruji: just regular practice. And wash yourself( laughing)

Q: is it easy for the ghost to possess the human?
Guruji: it depends on your gana: if it is powerful then not so easy.

Q: it depends on mental power of the person?
Guruji: no, only astrologically. Mental power is nothing and emotional stability also. If your ganas are rakshasas – then very difficult to possess. If manushya and dev – very easy to possess. Majority of my disciples are rakshasas. I also have it.

Q: why the mental power doesn’t matter?
Guruji: what is the criteria of mental power? Education means nothing. Imagine: you’re going on the road and two mafia men with guns confront you: no matter how you try mentally to ward them off – nothing will happen.

Q: but if you try to communicate them somehow?
Guruji: their purpose is fixed, no communication.

Q: but if you try to hold only one thought, to concentrate only on it?
Guruji: it will never work. When there is no emergency, when you’re not facing any advert situation – it will make you feel good.

Otherwise, in the situation it will not be any help. Only your quick wick, your strength, – that will support you. And ability to run fast: it will definitely help( laughing)

Q: if someone has parampara protection?
Guruji: then that situation rarely come in front of him.

Q: and if it’s the ancestor’s protection?
Guruji: even then. Parampara protection is even more powerful.

Q: so if we take the percentage one third part of the humanity is more or less protected, others – no?

Guruji: not one third, maybe one hundredth. Not everybody is rakshas: mostly manushya and dev. They are not equal in number.


Q: how the development of the vayu sharir connected with the aura? Are they developed simultaneously?
Guruji: I think so: the better vayu sharir – more electrical charges inside you, so aura will have to be more bright and pure.

Q: what will happen with the aura if the yogi leave the physical body?
Guruji: aura will go with the vayu sharir, go with the consciousness.

Q: but the brain is no more – for the electrical charges?
Guruji: the impressiotn of the brain will also go with the vayu sharir. But the level of consciousness, which yogi had – it will remain.

Q: if such a yogi will have another birth in a good family?
Guruji: he will be the very extraordinary child from the beginning. The hint of the old aura will be there and almost all his nature will be influent by that; and he will start his journey very soon. Maybe he will be born with all the memories.

Q: what is the difference between the our mental perception of ourselves and the vayu sharir?
Guruji: it is not a perception, it’s an actual air body! And it will be almost the good replica of your physical body, if all the nadi has been cleaned. Otherwise some parts will go missing.

Q: but everyone has the mental perception of themselves – for example how we see ourselves in dreams?
Guruji: but it is not a vayu sharir. Vayu sharir will be vayu sharir, and in dreams that is just a mental projection – which is usually wrong.

Q: but they vayu sharir is almost like the physical body?
Guruji: only if nadis have been purified: otherwise certain parts will go missing- that’s why ghosts look horrible.

Q: our mental perception: it is like a mask?
Guruji: it’s always the misconception.

Q: in Your case: was it different before Your experience of samadhi and after?
Guruji: absolutely different. The reality is rarely acceptable. Most of us have the very romantic ideas about ourselves. It is human shape: but the true nature is very different.

Q: like every quality is visible on the appearance?
Guruji: oh, you will know. But it’s a big pleasure also. Best thing you realised: oh, I’m not that bad – that is pleasurable thing.

Q: and could You see the true mental projection of the surrounding people?
Guruji: very easily: I think you can already see it right now.


Q: my dreams became now very much different
Guruji: you’re progressing

Q: now I understand that I could realise myself in a dreams; but the next step is going out of the body – and it is still work in progress
Guruji: it will come. But remember what I said on Online Darshan: dreams are ok. But remember: at the moment of initiation I give you a dream, which you will need to work hard to fulfil. That dream is most important.

Q: why someone see dreams, someone see but not remember?
Guruji: we all see – but we don’t remember by the shock of waking up. It’s fine.

Q: will it be the obstacle if the person will be to attached to his experiences in the dreams?
Guruji: yes. We’re trying to fulfil the dream, which we saw in our waking state. First dreams which we see while we are fully awake: they shape up our lives. Fulfil them, go for it!


There is a builder in Mathura: he is very notorious land-grabber and very notorious builder; and he is a relative of one of my disciples. He was too much into digging treasures. Near Vrindavan, there was a small lake created by very famous banjara: Lakha Banjara. Banjara are like gypsies: they dig lakes; he was very famous man few centuries back and he created that small lake in Vrindavan. Near every lake there is always a treasure. That notorious land-graver went there: heard about it from somewhere and begin to dig there. There were living ghosts of two Siddha Aghoris, 400 years old, and 500000 smaller ghosts were serving them. One private thing of that builder: he had a teenage girl, daughter 13-14 years, and he was such a cruel man that since the early time he was giving her a sever beating even draw blood for no reason – when he was drunk.
When he disturbed those Aghoris in search of the treasure – one Aghori came into his daughter, possess her: and created such a great thing, that that cruellest of the cruel man began to touch feet of his daughter. And Aghori told him my name: contact him, we would like to leave this place and ask his permission to live in his place. We would like to attain Avadhut’s puja every day: please, request him from our side. They were discussing, who is Shailendra Sharma, Yogiraj; and my disciple said – I’ll come Govardhan; then they talked with me. That created such a fear in that builder that till today he washing his daughter’s feet and drinking that water – then going to work( smiling) and his dig of treasures are over.

I discussed with these two ghosts Aghoris: they are very devotee to Shiva – all Aghoris are; so I allowed them place, where Gulab Singh used to live; but I asked them – how it will be for 500000 followers? They said we just need a needle’s point place – this is enough for each of us. I said – ok, you live there; and they said – we will serve You and we will keep discipline there. I said that I’m fine with that: you can come and attend puja.

They came two weeks after Shivaratri. One thing I saw for the first time: their jatas are growing on their back also! Till their lower back: with every year one jata come. This is what they told me: I’ve never seen it before. That is the story. And it was surprise for me that they are aware of me, they are aware of Shiva appearing here and sitting there on the pivot; I think it has sense for the astral world.

Q: I remember You refused one ghost who asked You for a place here?
Guruji: he was the ghost, who was creating problems for villagers – so I send him to Balaji. But they are different: they are tapaswiji yogis and even in astral form they continue to do Shiva worshipping and whatever they are doing. It’s fine with me: but that king was not a good person.

Q: You talked with that builder personally?
Guruji: I don’t want to see the bastard’s face who beat his daughter mercilessly. But Aghoris are welcome here, they are devotees of Shiva, it’s a cremation area – so they can come. I gave them time: come at 5:30 in the morning: I told my disciple also – he came with them. They are from Dattatreya lineage.

Q: because of that they know about You?
Guruji: most of the ghosts – they know. This installation of Shiva the shock wave follow.

Q: what tapasya or what practice they can do if they already reached such a great level?
Guruji: I think – just to be near Shiva and Shakti, this is the main aim of any Aghori. That’s why they live in a cremation area. See: knowing somebody is nothing – if that person knows you; we all know Biden – but it doesn’t mean he knows us or we’re very friendly with him. This is the simplest example I can give.

Q: their practices are even deeper than yoga practice?
Guruji: yoga practice maybe preparation to tackle on astral things.

Q: You’re doing Shiva puja on a cremation area: is it like the Aghori practice?
Guruji: I’ve pass every qualification for being an Aghori – from that technical aspect.

Q: how they addressed You?
Guruji: Yogiraj. Aghoris observe their discipline very meticulously.


Q: I found in some ayurvedic book that if the yogi found the hot spring nearby the place he lives – it’s considered as very auspicious?
Guruji: that is true: cold bath is not recommended. Hot is fine, but the cold may take you into shock and heart attack may follow. Why take unnecessary challenges? Only if you have no other chance to bath – then only.

Q: have You heard about yogavaha: something, which enhance the power of the drug you take?
Guruji: Yogavahi: this is anupana – if you will take it with the drug, it will make the drug assimilate in your system. It’s not universal but different for every drug.

Q: is it true that if you’re poisoned the goat’s milk could remove the poison from the system?
Guruji: it will not exactly remove the poison from the system if you’re poisoned – but general toxity it removes. Now I’m beginning to love camel milk: it’s a powerful thing.

Every akshara is Shaktipeetha: akshar means imperishable, immortal.

Q: so the letters come after the sati’s body was subdivided?
Guruji: no, they came with damaru. With the sound of damaru the alphabet started.
Kubjika mata tantra and Yogini tantra are saying that Govardhan is Kamakhya.

Q: could we suggest that alphabet starts from here?
Guruji: we’re not sure but everything is possible.

…all the time: so the pupils remain contracted.
Q: because kutastha is always in front?
Guruji: maybe something even beyond that.
Q: we discussed few days back about the immortals – that they could not even have the spirit and be connected directly to the source?
Guruji: they’re directly looking at Ishwar. It’s the light of all lights.

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