Q: from time to time people are asking about alcohol, wine – what do you thinking from the yogic point of view?

Guruji: I keep a very open mind, if someone is not practicing yoga. Only for a yogi it is not a good idea to take any form of intoxication – is it wine or drug or something, because it have directly affect your consciousness, your sight, your mind and your nervous system. For a yogi it’s a bad idea.

But if somebody is not practicing yoga – let them have it. We’re not going to change the society: if somebody ask me personally – I give him good advice. It’s bad for a yogi. And very good for government, they have good taxes and benefits from it.

Q: so it’s not possible to combine yoga practice with a little bit…?

Guruji: No. results will not be good. When you’re accomplish something – maybe you can try, but actually you will not try. Practice gives the higher states, which are clean and pure.

Q: I think all intoxicators have a little bit same effect – but it’s destructible?

Guruji: they’re not give you meditating or dhyana-like state. But the practice of yoga is giving you that.

I don’t like to hear that word – “protein”. Remember, gladiators and roman soldiers were taking vegetarian food – the main component was milk. Even indian great wrestlers take a lot of milk and almonds, it’s enough to be very strong. You don’t need to categorize; this categorization about proteins are only good for business. Too much proteins – your kidneys will gone. Just eat the good food, not the fast-food.

All mothers and grandmothers knows, what is good food. Listen to them.



I’ve been hearing the question: can we change our destiny? People ask too much about their destiny.

I’ve been hearing this question from lot of my disciples – indian, Russian and Ukrainian – what is destiny and how we can change it? I keep telling them that you can change your destiny only by knowing it. Now I will give you something which is very rarely said or maybe very rarely heard: your destiny is not your destination.

It is just a means, which will take you to your destination. Don’t worry about your destiny – find out, what is your destination and go for it.

What is destiny? – it’s just a root plan, map of the road, which will take you to your destination. It’s no more than that and it’s important because of this. Remember – always keep focused on your destination. It is more important than destiny.

Q: can we call destiny karma or dharma?

Guruji: no karma, no dharma – it’s just the plan of the road how you will reach somewhere, that’s it.

Q: if accomplished yogi can change his body – he has no destination?

Guruji: no, he definitely has destination. They begin to observe the life, a creation itself. That observation is their destination. They’re observing the whole creation very deeply and becomes very wise. Wisdom is their destination.

Q: and destiny? Because body is like karma?

Guruji: this is the blueprint of your destiny. All your genetics, your DNA, your possibilities – everything because of your this body. And when yogi or siddha is changing the body – that means he’s free to take on any different past and any different future. He’s playing with time also by changing the bodies.

Q: there are different levels of it – entering a new body?

Guruji: everybody entering new body – without remembering anything. But if siddha is taking a new body, he will remember the link – he will never forget.

Q: but if someone is able to create new body from pure essences of five elements – it will be absolute freedom?

Guruji: it will be immortal body. Absolute balance of five elements creates immortality.

Specially you will find it in Vishnu Purana. King Bali – one of the giants, Daityas, who is supposed to be the most righteous, truthful and finest person in the whole creation – will be ruling heaven also now. He’s the next king. Maybe Krishna came down and change the hierarchy  – he stop the worshipping of creator, Brahma, and also stop the worshipping of Indra. King Bali took over –  by the battle of Mahabharat most of the daityas were sended to heaven.

This globalization and the legally equality – I give credit to king Bali. He was giving respect to every life – and at previous eras life was not given respect at all. Only high born or special born – only blue-blooded were enjoying life, every other was just a slave or just a subject to them. First time in the history of mankind at least we’re legally equal. We’re able to say in selecting, who will lead us. I think this is because of king Bali stand over – I hope more good times are coming.

What we’re see today is very different from what we find in any records of any civilization. Kings were always ruling – others were only servants and slaves for the privilege class. First time in the history of mankind we’re legally equal. It was never like this before.

Word “AGHORA” many people connecting with looking very horrible; but if you go by the language “ghor” means absolute darkness or the state of unconscious mind. And “aghora” – when it’s no unconsciousness, only pure consciousness shine. That the word “aghora” means. Any person, any yogi can be called aghori, if he is trying to develop his consciousness to the maximum. Aghora doesn’t mean that he’s eating corpses. Opening of the mind – that is the meaning. Human beings are very good in misunterpretations.



Q: kutastha is our own aura?

Guruji: no, kutastha is the immortal spirit and aura is your own force. Next time I will give you a gift – you can see the aura of anyone. In the beginning I was always seeing, but not now. Privacy must be respected. We all respect the privacy of the yogis.

Q: when I see something inside the dark center in kutastha – what is it?

Guruji: these are slashes of pure thought. Not many people actually experience pure thought. Every thought is covered with certain language, certain words and a scene is attached with it. When you go beyond any language or any scene or vision which is attached with pure thought – then(!) pure thought is experienced.

Q: is it possible to see kutastha in a dream?

Guruji: appearance of kutastha means your sushumna is opening up and some movement of kundalini is taking place – it can be any time. In all practices some things will be seen. That makes Kriya yoga very mysterious. So soon such experiences are beyond imagination. If it’s the beginning – how far you can going? There is no limit.

Because we take birth and we die one day we’re thinking about everything like having beginning and an end. But there are things, which are beginningless and endless. Start thinking from that perspective.

Q: in the beginning was the word?

Guruji: also hindus say Shiva woke up from Samadhi and start to play on damaru – that was the word from that creation begin. Another chapter begins. The sound was “OM” and every language, every sound came from it.

Q: you told us that spirits are coming from different sources – is it connected with that type of kutastha that souls see in practice?

Guruji: kutastha is the form of the pure spirit. Pure spirit is same. It only keep taking different forms.

Q: so you couldn’t see something different?

Guruji: you may see something different inside that.

In old testament it is said about single eye and a body full of light – it can be description of kutastha.



Q: Guruji, you’re always in Samadhi?

Guruji: I’m in my naturally state.

I’ve noticed:  if I’m not talk for a day or two – I’m losing every interest in talking after that. To maintain this interest I’m keep talking.

Eternal life is when you establish identity with your spirit. Then it will be eternal life and knowing exactly – you’re enjoying eternal life. You will change bodies like you change your shirt and continue with all memories and all experiences. Immortality is to remain in one physical body permanently. These are two different things. Immortality is always like wearing the same shirt. But the shirt should be good enough to be like that.

Imagine that your life is like Arabian nights: you need to create very interesting story every night – and you will continue to live. Maybe Arabian nights is carrying the secret of immortality. Spirit is like a king and body is like a bride; if your body create very interesting story and spirit will like it to hear more and more – it continue to live inside. All fairytales are carrying great secrets.

Q: maybe Hollywood movies also?

Guruji: only thing which I’ve noticed for some years: they’re deliberately giving vampires very romantic and good image. Previously vampires were only in horror movies – now they are very romantic, carrying for each other. Image is changing now. Who will ever can think about love triangle between vampire, werewolf and human girl? Maybe the vampires funding the movies like that- they maybe giving funds to make such movies.

Q: vampires are some kind of immortals?

Guruji: yes, they continue to live if you will not cut their head or put the steak in their heart. Hindus are not become vampires, because their bodies are cremated. Only a person being buried may become a vampire. Hindus don’t leave the dead body alone till cremation; it is believed that some form of pishach may enter the dead body and animate it and then go about and use it anyway. Such being can be called vampire. We have heard so many stories like that. There are more mysteries than dry philosophy; philosophy is useless – such things are much more interesting. You want to hear the real story?

Q: of course

Guruji: my youngest uncle was renowned doctor, he was very famous. One time he was visiting his relatives, living in nearby village. On his way very heavy rain begins. Because of he was very famous – from another village one man was very sick and they come from him – oh, please, come, he is dyeing now. Because he was a doctor and he also had relatives there – he couldn’t say “no”, so they started. They taking him on a horse back. The comic touch in this: there was big lightning and horse throw him – and kick his front teeth. He went there with very swollen mouth. When he reach there the man was already dead. And it was still heavy rain – so he had to stay there all night. In the night they never cremate. Many people was sitting, the dead body was lying in the room and the lamp was burning. The younger brother came into the room to see if the lamp is burning all right. When he entered the room – the dead body sit up; he cried – oh my god, he’s alive! – but the moment he saw his eyes – they were really horrible. He shouted and went outside – and the dead body fell again, lying. Then everybody came inside and whole night they were sitting there.

It was pishach – sometimes, if the dead body left alone – they enter it, if the body is without wound. Without any mark of some weapon. That man died from cholera – so that was no wounds and pishach enter; but when everybody came inside – it fell down again. Whole night they singing Hanuman chalisa and in the morning when the rain stopped – he was cremated. It is known that sometimes pishachas enter the dead body and take it out. Maybe they become vampires or something like that. And the result: with the help of this horse my uncle lost all his teeth. That’s the comic part of the story.

Q: how exactly were eyes of the corpse look?

Guruji: very dangerous and absolutely red.

Q: it’s some kind of possession by pishach?

Guruji: pishachas are very powerful, but they rarely appear near alive person. But pretas and bhutas – they come.

Q: so it really exist alive people, who are possessed?

Guruji: in India they are many. In Europe also.

Q: it is like mental disease?

Guruji: it’s absolutely different. Madness and possession are very different. But every doctor will take possession as a disease. The personality will change, he will shout and behave in different way. There are different shapes of it.

Q: why in India are so many such cases?

Guruji: our population is huge – so the percentage is high.

Q: what is the cause for spirit to possess?

Guruji: why criminal is trying to rob you? It is their nature. Sometimes it’s a matter of payback or revenge, such cases I have seen many times. Every ghost is powerful enough to do it.

Q: how the spirit can enter the body – with food or alcohol?

Guruji: oh, even with the breath.

Q: what is the kind of connection between spirit and ghost?

Guruji: ghosts also have the spirits. But for the general language they are called spirits also and they are called ghosts also. Ghost is the spirit of dead person.

Q: when You first came to this place – how many ghosts were there?

Guruji: it was full of them. Only the royal family’s spirits are here, mostly now; and many Shivaganas and Nagas – they are here. All useless ghosts run away.

Q: are the ghosts fighting for territory?

Guruji: of course they are.

Q: which ghosts from royal family are here?

Guruji: those who were cremated here. In common smashan in the top of the man thousands others are cremated – then spirit is taking another birth. But here is special place with special monuments build on it – they are much more powerful spirits. Exclusive cremation point. Every king or queen, who were cremated here, are here.

Q: when in Christianity they make the ritual to remove the ghost from possessed…?

Guruji: there must be some power behind the ritual. Behind ANY ritual. Because nobody knows the name of the god – it rarely works. Remember, ghosts are very tricky – they could fool the priest very easily.

Q: in the case of Yogananda – why he was not cremated?

Guruji: he was sannyasi. It is the rule for the sannyasi – all of them buried, never cremated.

Q: but in that case he could not have eternal life?

Guruji: I think he was very powerful and good yogi, which was demonstrate his body not corrupted after death. It proves it.

Q: but he can not have another incarnation?

Guruji: that only Babaji can decide, he was working for him.



Q: somebody told me that we should pray to Hanuman to balance Shiva’s energies inside and open our possibilities?

Guruji:(smiling) just gave them my best wishes.

Q: if I have too much fire inside me – how I can balance it?

Guruji: is there any need to balance? Or you just need to give them a big boost to achieve something? What is the need for balancing it? You need to understand it first, totally.

Q: how I can understand it?

Guruji: by examine it , analyzing it and feeling it and by developing it more. And if it’s god – take it as a gift from him. Use it wisely. Maybe it’s already in balance and with our ignorance we’re trying to balance it out and we will make it under after that. I don’t understand, how praying to Hanuman can balance out Shiva’s energy?

Q: do we have responsibility, giving yoga classes?

Guruji: about what?

Q: on changing the consciousness of people, their ways of thinking?

Guruji: if you beat them, you will have responsibility.

Q: one yogateacher  told me that pranayama he gave changes the consciousness totally?

Guruji: never ever take the statement of Buddhist seriously.

Q: there is too much information around us

Guruji: you can understand only going through it. You cannot understand anything just standing on the edge and looking from the distance. There is new fashion to talk like- we have Krishna’s or Shiva’s energy. We have our own energy. Respect it.

Q: sometimes when I meditate I feel myself inside that person, who guides me?

Guruji: it’s like autosuggestion working. He suggest you to meditate on something and you feel that. But I will say – remain inside your own body and explore it. Otherwise it will misdirect your consciousness. We already have enough problems inside us; now you will enter someone else’ body – he will put even more problems on you. Be careful with that.

Q: how not to pick up the problems from others?

Guruji: just being strong. Mentally, spiritually and physically also. You will be able to face it without any problem.

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