For samadhi you need still mind. But looking from other hand – if you go make your emotions sublime you can get the perfect emotion in perfect speed; and in perfect speed a mind will appear as it is still – and also a possibility of samadhi will come. but stillness is as difficult as attaining the perfect speed. Amazing – I never know I’ll say this.

I think the desire for attaining samadhi and your ambition for attaining samadhi is also a sort of emotion – but maybe a very refined emotion. It will guide you to the level.

Q: so make your mind still or take the emotions to some sublime level?

Guruji: without understanding the stillness you’ll never understand the perfect speed. How you will compare? If one thing you will understand – other thing will come natural. If you’re so good – you will be more aware about evil. If you’re very evil – you will be more aware about good, what is good: they go together. Because you’re evil or good only by contrast. Otherwise how you will judge?

Q: but vairagya must come first?

Guruji: of course vairagya is a sort of stillness of mind and gradually you are moving to a perfect still. Vairagya is a part of it.


Q: what is the difference between sabija and nirbija samadhi?

Guruji: sabija samadhi means when you realize the seed of your being and the seed of your creation, from where it is started; and then, when you have learned everything by your own experience – then after your state of mind will called nirbija samadhi, when no longer trying to know the source of the creation, the source of your being, your mind is beyond this thing. It will remain inside, but you’re not running to know it. That is the difference. It’s just the description of mental state. Like savikalpa and nirvikalpa; what is savikalpa? Vikalpa means “option”. When you have more than one option – your mental state will be called savikalpa, he has some options. Nirvikalpa means you have already clear all your vikalpa and no more options remain – that mentally state called nirvikalpa, absolutely zero options.

Q: options switched off?

Guruji: not switched off – no more options in your mind. It is not switching off.

Q: it means pure mind?

Guruji: whatever – even that option is no longer there, pure or impure.

Q: options are not needed?

Guruji: you need to think more on that, it’s the very deep thing.  Imagine the person’s mental state who has absolute zero options.

Q: nirvikalpa and nirbija is the same?

Guruji: no, nirvikalpa is the very different thing. When you realize the source of anything – it maybe some other options for knowing. Nirvikalpa is the ultimate state when no options for anything remains in your mind. It’s a very-very big state of mind, very deep.

Q: it’s the highest state of samadhi?

Guruji: even that thing doesn’t remain – high or low, it’s just a state of mind. Amazing mental states. They have not other option then not to be the great yogi anymore. They cannot go at it. Because we’re normal people – we’re still in savikalpa state. What is said in James Bond movies? Always have escape plan.

Q: we always have an option?

Guruji: create an option. World may not give you any option. World never give any option. Another point: if you have more than one option – you will always have to make a choice or a decision. Then it will be no option – you don’t have to make any choice or take any decision. At least you will be free of your decisions and free from your choices. That maybe the real freedom. No more choices, nothing to choose.


Q: why in yoga books the proportion of 1:4:2 always appears?

Guruji: that is only connected with nadi shodhana pranayama.

Q: but it doesn’t connected with Kriya?

Guruji: it will come.

Q: but why proportion will change?

Guruji: the proportion changes because your body will be prepared to absorb CO2 inside instead of oxygen.

Q: so only on that stage…?

Guruji: yes, it begin like that.

Q: it will be not exactly breathing but something else?

Guruji: you need to know how to drink the vayu. That is first thing, and after drinking the vayu you need to hold it for that 64 or 80 counts, then you have to release it on half of that number. So after holding it, when the whole oxygen are turning into CO2, when you release it very slowly – that moment body will begin to absorb it. That’s why you releasing it very slow.

Q: so the process comes in exhalation, not on kumbhaka?

Guruji: you see, when you’re inhaling – it’s 16 and 64 or Gheranda Samhita is talking about 20 and 80. But proportion is 1:4:2. When you’re inhaling normal air, then while holding it turns into carbon dioxide and you exhaling mostly carbon thing. When you’re holding it to a certain level – it will turn into absolute pure carbon dioxide; and not many people after holding this much are able to exhale it very slowly. Exhalation is the main key point here. When after holding it absolutely convert normal air to carbon dioxide of very refine level; when you’re exhale in 2 – 1:4:2 – then the body mechanism will activated, it will begin to absorb it inside. That will start a very different reaction inside you and a very different type of development inside you – or let’s say evolution. You will be starting the journey towards the diamond body. Another point here: if the body is not thoroughly prepared – the system may fail. It had to be done in baddhapadmasana, in khechari, and you need to know how to actually drink vayu. Without shatkarma of dhauti it’s next to impossible to get that muscle control. If you suddenly try – system may not be able to tolerate that amount of pure carbon dioxide, it may fail you. It’s a very delicate process.


Q: how to understand that body is ready?

Guruji: it’s Guru’s judgement. It is the very foolish thing for a Guru to teach when the body is unprepared. That’s the game of patience; you continue to observe when the person is exactly in the right moment – then you start introducing these things. Nobody want if a disciple’s system will fail without actually be able to achieve something. It’s a patience work and very hard work and the preparation is very hard. Then we’re ready to do anything. That’s why from the beginning I’m telling: learning shatkarmas are important. Because only with dhauti that particular muscle control will begin to develop; without that you cannot drink vayu. Everything is inside you, you just need to trigger it on. And I’m happy that first time we’re discussing nadi shodhana in details. It was needed and now the time is come. there are different ways; one way is that you hold the air in your lungs- when you will begin to drink the vayu – the vayu somehow will enter your intestines also and intestines have the different absorption program. It will be activated with the air which you’re taking in your all intestines; that air will begin to absorb in a very different way in all your body. Simply in the lungs – it will go directly to the blood stream. That thing is also very peculiar and very important. After that you need to collect all the air inside your lungs again after your intestines have captured whatever they absorb. Then it will be a very refine carbon dioxide – you can use any term; carbon dioxide I’m using because we have no any other term of what we’re talking. Then you release it extremely slowly. That time the inner absorption, the cellular absorption or whatever you call it scientifically – it will start to take place. It’s the very high pranayama; that’s why they mention it in the beginning. Everything else is just a preparation for it. And because it is high – extreme preparation is needed. Diamond is diamond: it can kill you also- if you eat it, it can cut you in pieces. We have to be careful here. That’s why I keep suggesting: exercise every day, because it should be a proper combination of your inner nerve system and all your musculature also – because every ligament, muscle, all body structure – bone, bone marrow, your brain – everything is just add up with. And when you’re prepared enough – you’re welcome. You will enter the nirvikalpa state. Because you have already covered all options which were available to do and now you have achieved that, now you’re in peace. I’m sure – some of my disciples will definitely achieve. I have hope. So never ever have pity on you, never compromise with the highest standard whatever you set out, – and go for it.


Q: when you’re drinking the vayu from right or from left – the mechanism in the body is the same?

Guruji: they will directly spread, affect the right and left hemisphere of your brain. Whatever we breathe – it is directly linked with your brain. And ultimately it is awakening of the brain, which will bring about all these things for physical body. It’s all of brain development. Body will simply follow. And when you go through different mudras,bandhas, this technic, that technic – actually it is the way of physicality to stimulate the brain thing. Then finally the brain will take over and the body will follow. Now we’re trying to force with the help of the body just to wake up some brain. Then it will be vice versa.

Q: brain will somehow activate the body?

Guruji: finally – yes. Everything is from brain: from a child when you becoming young – it is thanks to the different hormones which brain begins to release. And we grow old because the brain stops release the certain hormones and neurons begins to die. By observing this yogis found out that if you’re able to stimulate brain in certain way – the brain will continue to release those things, which will keep you young forever – or as long as it requires, because nothing lasts forever as they say philosophically. But we don’t know exactly, what will happen; hypothetically – yes.

Q: why the switching the nostrils is required?

Guruji: first you activate the left side or right side, then you activate it fully, then you release it and change it; that means the capacity of one hemisphere has been used, it will go to rest and the other thing will be awaken and till then it will revive – like taking a pause between sets. This thing is much more delicate then bench press – but it is just an example.

Q: like dolphins: they never sleep just changing hemispheres work?

Guruji: something like that. That means – whatever is sleeping in you, the giant will wake up and will never go to sleep after that. You will have the superconsciousness – or maybe the real consciousness.

Q: can we say that it’s the final thing after awakening on 100%?

Guruji: this will be the final thing for waking up your subconscious mind and then a different chapter will begin in your evolution. All these are stepping stones. Remember, every technic are not ultimate in itself: they are just stepping stones for some higher technics. We have to keep it in our mind: technic is not the goal, but it’s the stepping stone which will take you to the goal. That’s why they are so important.


Q: but why proportion of our practice is differ from 1:4:2?

Guruji: by doing this proportion you will be ready for the higher proportions. Because brain is using all nervous system  – we are starting from the headquarter. After we have clean everything in the beginning the whole body is very different; then finally you reach the headquarter and start to take control all over the mechanism of the physical body and to create something better.

Q: one of the preparation for nadi shodhana is surya bhedana?

Guruji: all the pranayamas are just aim so you will get the note of the pranayama exactly right. For the inner muscle control – they are just steps for that. Bodybuilding thing is the very good example: to get the result of some exercise – when you’re doing the half repetition – one thing is happening, when you take it lower – another thing is happening, full range and half range are different. When you break it into steps – you understand the work of the muscles and the effect of the exercise. Same way in Hatha Yoga Pradipika they are breaking up different technics. And I keep saying – this is for a very advanced yogis, the book for them. It’s not for the newcomers or who just starting up – it’s the book of reference for big people, who have gone too deep into it. Even when you go so deep into it – even then some references are needed. I hope most of us will reach that level one day.

Q: but if you’re exhaling more…?

Guruji: if someone exhaling more than his store of life force is going away. In nadi shodhana you must be sure, that enough life force is stored and absorbed inside you – then you exhale to switch the different thing inside you. Everybody exhaling more than they inhaling – that’s why they are growing older and older.

Q: so in nadi shodhana we exhaling something different?

Guruji: the quality of that carbon dioxide will be much more condensed, more concentrated. What we were talking in Hatha Yoga Pradipika was enough for the book, but now we’re talking beyond that.

Q: now absolutely different picture appear in our mind

Guruji: this is my job.


Q: Bhagavad Gita is the first book on yoga, then Hatha Yoga Pradipika?

Guruji: I think they’re discussing everything accurately. But Hatha Yoga Pradipika goes much more deeper into technical aspect of yoga and Gorakhbodh goes deeper into result of technical aspect of yoga. As we also discussed in Gorakhbodh – Gita might be the manual instruction for the immortal person. Don’t remain in one place, don’t be attached to the certain house, keep moving on – it is for immortal person.

Q: immortal person should not stay in one place?

Guruji: you answer me – if you will be known that “he is immortal” or you’re living in one place for more than 200 years – what people will think? Nobody will appreciate that you might be a yogi – they might think that you’re a vampire and everything will blame on you: like we’re sick because he’s sucking away our life force. Or he might be a werewolf secretly or a black magician.

Q: better change the place every 50 years?

Guruji: maybe even every 20 years or 15 years. Main thing is not to disturb a normal person.

Q: and you must change the passport

Guruji: that’s why India is the best: you keep moving here without any passport. Just become a sadhu and nobody will ask anything. Even if police will arrest you, they will interrogate you then do pranam and let you go. You have to dress apart – jata and dhoti, or without langhoti. If you’re 1000 years old or 500 years old – you will have no shame of going naked.

Q: the experience of death is also preparation for something higher?

Guruji: other side of life. Remember, what Matsyendranath is telling for Gorakhnath: attaining immortality is still gross achievement; knowledge and experience of subtle world still remains. We all have to keep it in mind. If we’re going to relax after we have achieved anything – it is better to learn how to relax now, before achieving anything. Because the result is the same – relaxation.

Q: so surya bhedana is the preparation for nadi shodhana?

Guruji: you start from right – then you start from left. Ultimately it will balance the hemispheres and somehow provoke them to wake up. Maybe the aim is to change the nature of your brain – because brain feeding mostly on oxygen; even then we say  – the source of life is carbon. We will train our brain so he will survive not on oxygen but on the pure carbon dioxide or on whatever gas will come. surya bhedana is for increasing the heat of your body so most of the viruses and bacteria living on your body will simply burn out and your system will be clean. It aimed especially for it. And after that sitali is given so it will cool down your system. Just a preparation for a highest effort which will open a new chapter in your life. End of one school – beginning for another. That’s why I’m keep saying: always have big ambition. I’m maybe the only one who is stressing on big ambition. And work until the achievement; then some more. Never compromise with a standard, never take pity on you. I simply cannot lower my standard to suit my circumstances; it is my circumstances come up to my level. I have always live beyond my means – finally the means catching away my style, hopefully( laughing)

Sitkari is the most mysterious pranayama. You’re already doing the part of bhastrika pranayama, shvasahita is based on that. All depends on how you master the sound. And bhastrika is a part of shakti chalini mudra as well. 1,5 hour is the time and exactly 144 to do. Amazing, how they taught! Newcomer is doing push ups and very accomplished wrestler or powerful man is doing push ups – same technics, but effect are different. The feel is different.

Q: You compare bhastrika with push ups?

Guruji: without push ups no technic will work for you. If a person is not strong enough for a so-called gross things like exercise – how he can move on to the very high process like yoga? You need to have a very good strong highly efficient medium to achieve the higher. Working out with weights or any exercises is the part of yourself realization. You realize: yes, I can bench press 100 kilos. It is a definite realization, not hypothetical. The truth is in your hands.

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