Q: from Gorakhbodh – they are saying that concentrated ojas in the heart and amrita could start to form simultaneously?

Guruji: ojas is the prelude to amrita

Q: they could not start to form simultaneously – first ojas, then amrita?

Guruji: first it is greatest of the great effort – to be able to receive ojas. And when this possibility has been achieved – then the possibility of amrita which come down from your brain in khechari mudra – that possibility will begin. Of course they are compliment each other, very closely thing.

Q: first must be ojas – only then amrita could come?

Guruji: yes. Because the ojas developed only 8 drops in lifetime practice, it is places in the heart; and as we already come to the conclusion – heart is supporting the brain: so when ojas is there in the heart – that somehow will support the brain extraordinarily and maybe activated also- then amrita will begin to form.

For the sake of the modern term – they will be no have a term – maybe some very extraordinary special hormone start to form which the yogi of ancient time were calling “amrita”.

We don’t know still what brain is capable of producing. I’ve noticed that the physical thing and everything depends on the brain: when it secrets some hormone or different hormones – the body begin develop, begin to feel different emotions – so many things. When the secretion of hormones is different then you’re feeling different. Maybe whole tapas is for the brain finally start producing amrita. For this ojas is needed because without heart brain will cease. They all go together.

Q: so ojas is like supplying system for the brain?

Guruji: something which only brain is needing very hard.

Q: approximately at what time one drop could be formed?

Guruji: there is no time frame – depends on the individual.

Q: but if the process is already started?

Guruji: minimum 12 to 24 years for 1 drop.

Q: is it possible to form 8 drops in one lifetime?

Guruji: why not – life span will increase with that

Q: when 1 drop formed – you’re more young?

Guruji: maybe it will add extra 12 years to your life( hypothetically)

Q: how we can see it on the body and on the mind when the drop is formed?

Guruji: your brain will begin to function extraordinarily. You will become a wise man.

Q: even with one drop?

Guruji: it’s a rarest of rare.

Q: when amrita starts to form?

Guruji: after 8 drops is there – that is a next stage of that.

Q: again: how long amrita is formed?

Guruji: time frame will be big: from 12 to 24 for the first particle of amrita to come down.

Q: on what it depends?

Guruji: on everything – it is forming in your physical body, not in some chakra above your head or coming from heaven; it is forming inside the body.

Q: it requires another conditions except celibacy to form one drop?

Guruji: that is the main condition for that. It is the main thing, but without very heavy yoga practice no one can digest or practice celibacy also. Celibacy and very hard practice – both together. Only this much is enough with uninterrupted practice. Do nothing to make money; so let’s take a middle path. And celibacy is misinterpreted by everybody.

Q: what do You mean?

Guruji: sex is the egg which can produce a new life form and as individual being is come into be. It is carrying extraordinary life force and  life source and energy. Most of the people are using it in a very different way. If you recognize the power and potency of this thing – then only you will withdraw it and your own life force will begin to increase and enhance instead of going away. It’s a very complicated process.

Q: here understanding is not just intellectual process?

Guruji: intellectual process is nothing. Of course, first you need intellectual process then you have to apply understand it physically also; it should be together, combination, you cannot just say that – this is intellectual and this is physical.

Intellect will help you to understand these things much better if you’re develop it in the practice of yoga: then your understanding will be much deeper and better than any limits. Then you will begin to see – it is just a transformation of life, energy. And if you’re able to keep it inside, withdraw it inside – something different will take place, definitely. But the creation was created that way that is an outside flow.

Only with the very heavy practice of yoga and right practice of yoga you will be able to retain it inside. It’s all about formation of life – either outside or inside.

Q: it’s more harder to retain than to stop the heart?

Guruji: it’s not retaining: it’s about you’re able to digest that life force inside your body. Retaining is nothing – assimilating inside the body: then when it will digest – it will convert into ojas. It is also written in Ayurveda.

Q: so no rasayana, no mercury cannot help to convert semen or something into ojas?

Guruji: it may help, but ultimately, finally it’s prolonged very heavy concentrated yoga practice most excellent – that is actually to transform.

Q: it doesn’t exists the magic pill?

Guruji: nothing – only your own effort in the right direction. Human efforts are mostly misdirective. The Miss is direction for them.

Minimum 12 years is always for one drop. I think you should think about it when you each 120 years obviously – no karma will affect you.

Q: could samadhi be achieved without that 1 drop of ojas?

Guruji: yes. But after something may happen and it may start.

Q: and without first experience of samadhi it could start to form?

Guruji: you will not have any desire to achieve that.

Next stage of ojas is amrita.

Q: so that process of forming ojas is possible only after crossing 120 years?

Guruji: before that it’s not possible. You see, in 12 years all cells of your body become new; old cells are retaining the old memories. As they will become new with your own practice- the program will be different. When new cells will develop with new program  – that will support the creation of ojas. Old cells with old memories – not possible. That’s why we need to live long.

Q: so first we must practice samadhi like the first step of education?

Guruji: first there should be enough ambition and desire for you to be a yogi, to start yoga practice. Then your luck will come into play- if you’re lucky enough you’ll find right path, right teacher who will guide you in extreme detail. Then if your efforts are right and you’re able to achieve samadhi – then this process will click. Then again if you’re successful and luck plays a great role here – then in 12 years time you will begin to feel different if everything is going well. And suddenly with the first drop of ojas your mind will open up in extraordinary way and you’ll starting to be aware of so many things which you were already there – but you couldn’t even feel that they are there. Then with the second drop it will big blast in your mind and you will begin to understand so many things; and the process will on and on. You will be the very wise person and you will improve physically also. The first impression will be on your physical body: body is an expression of your mind or brain.

Q: how much samadhis practitioner must have to start the process?

Guruji: that again depends on the luck – it may start with the first samadhi also; second samadhi will always have more time to follow. Then after second it will start.

Q: what do You mean – efforts in the right direction?

Guruji: to find the right path, the real understanding of yoga; otherwise you will spend your time only doing so-called yoga postures thinking you’re practice yoga. Understanding of yoga depends on pure luck.

Not many yogis are actually discussing yoga – but subject is discussed.

Q: stupid question – but what do You think, Lahiri Mahasaya formed his ojas?

Guruji: no, that’s why he aged.

Q: but he has gone through 4000 samadhis?

Guruji: whatever – he was a householder. His work was different.

He came and did his work very successfully introduced yoga – he broke the ice; living the very ordinary way of life and even looking very ordinary – it inspires ordinary people. If such ordinary person can be such great spiritually – why not we? I think that objective was different then. But here we are discussing pure yoga, which we should. If we are practicing yoga –  there is always a possibility that we may also achieve it, experience it. Think big, always!

Never ever compromise your ambitions according to a situation. Let your situation develop to the level of your ambition. Never bring it down!


Q: Your definition of ojas is too different from any other; ojas could be of few types?

Guruji: I think ojas is ojas. When you’re trying to go in too much details – then you say “para ojas” and “apara ojas”. Para ojas is that which enter your brain and can stimulate amrita. And a ojas, which will remain inside your heart which just will form – it is called apara. It is just a transformation process. Not that there are too different types. When we don’t understand something – we go to the philosophical things and the final word will be: “god works in mysterious way” – which he does, maybe. But all these things are part of your physical body- it’s all part of you, working inside how it is done. Remember, people are running after soul or spirit – but I’m saying: physical body itself is one of the greatest of the great mysteries- you cannot discard it as a bag of flesh and bones or bag full of shit or something; it is carrying the immortal spirit inside and Narayana is sleeping – your brain is there. 98% is sleeping but it has all the possibilities of awakening, it’s a great mystery! We need to solve it, learn more out of it – then the spirit will be taking care of.

Q: what is tejas?

Guruji: there are different meanings of this word: tejas is your life force. The more life force you have – more valorous and more bright you will appear. You will be very strong in your speech, in your deeds, in your karma, in your thinking, in your decisions: the strength will just simply have their express through you. That is also tejas.

Q: in “Amaraugh Prabodh” it is said that tejas is always in the tallu like a pointed flame of a candle?

Guruji: yes – you need fire. The water in your skull is warm enough – so the brain is sleeping comfortably.

Q: it is always burning when…?

Guruji: as long as you are alive. It is there – flame of life. And it described only in “Amaraugh Prabodh” – in no other book I’ve come across this description. Matsyendranath was the greatest of yogis. That’s why khechari mudra and the space above the palate is considered extraordinarily mysterious: in khechari tongue will go and you will actually feel that space. This is most simple way to become aware of this space. When you will become aware of that space – you also become aware of the nada which is there, which the every space is carrying. That special nada when you will begin to experience it and harmonize you and it will granted access into your sahasrar inside your brain. It’s step-up program: step by step it goes on and on. That’s why khechari mudra is called the most dear to the Shiva. I’ve explain in the Gorakhbodh commentary; hindi is a good language. Jiva is translated as a spirit or soul; and we call life – Jeevan; and the tongue is called jivha. Somehow these all three things are connected together.

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