Shiva and Shakti – you can call them bindu and raj, they are all synonyms.

Q: why exactly apana rises and takes Kundalini which is sleeping in the middle?

Guruji: Kundalini is the main power from earth element. Apana movement is downward; when you’re reversing the breath – it will start to rise and the power of earth element will rise with it.

Q: Shakti is moving by shankhini path without physical movement?

Guruji: initially with physical movement, then when you have mastered it – no physical movement.

Q: Kundalini moved by yogin without fear – time frame of half an hour…

Guruji: one and a half hour, yes

Q: …Kundalini goes to sushumna and a little bit rise: what does it mean – a little bit?

Guruji: it goes to muladhar first; prana mixing with apana in the heart then go to muladhar: then with constant practice it may start to enter. A little.

Q: what does it mean – moving without fear if it is inert?

Guruji: you will always fear what you don’t know; it is just like diving into the ocean without learning to swim – great fear will follow.

Q: so first without Kundalini we just practice this movement in shankhini nadi?

Guruji: prana and apana combines and becomes one.

Q: I don’t understand what we’re moving without fear for 1,5 hour if Kundalini is inert?

Guruji: why don’t you think from a different point of view? Only when prana mixed with apana, and then they reach muladhar – then the sleeping power of the earth element will stir up and wakes up: then the combination of all these three is called Kundalini. That’s why it is called 3,5 rounds there: prana, apana and the earth element’s main power – all three, combined becomes Kundalini.

Q: what is that half?

Guruji: when it enters inside – that half is complete. This explanation has never been given in the history of mankind. Ladies and gentlemen, it was Shailendra Sharma talking!

Q: when it starts to go into sushumna – is it painful or scary; how it feels on the body?

Guruji: not exactly painful. It is like when you were a child your father tickling your stomach – was it painful? But it was not tolerable. Something like that.

Q: many western books are saying that your body starts to shake or something like that?

Guruji: well, when your father were tickling your stomach – you were shaking all over and crying out also at the same time – but no pain. Something like that.

Q: but is it scary in the beginning?

Guruji: it will be! But scary not in the sense of frightening thing: it is different – exciting.

Q: what happens this time in the brain, in the consciousness?

Guruji: they are waiting to wake up, they are not aware of it. Only your conscious mind is afraid.

Q: no visions?

Guruji: they will come later.

Q: Guruji, and what is that ghurni which described like some wind or whirlpool?

Guruji: ghurni is what you’re doing on the fourth level, that head movement. They are talking about it in ancient terms – and I’m also the ancient man.

Q: after the second rising of Kundalini prana begins to move in sushumna with Kundalini?

Guruji: prana, apana and the essential power of earth element – these three are combined and they begin to flow in your spinal cord. And it will bring about definite molecular change in your cerebral spinal fluid: that will create supernatural consciousness; very- very super consciousness will follow. When super consciousness will come – great changes, physical and mental, will follow.

Q: but it begin to flow only after second awakening, after first it is inert?

Guruji: no, after first Kundalini goes to sleep: it is such a tremendous effort that it will go in a sort of a coma; then your yoga practice will wake it up again. Then you will begin to have some more control over these things – practice!

Q: with yoga practice we can move Kundalini, but the practice comes to the end – then what happens with Kundalini?

Guruji: with regular practice it will be in the permanent awakened state; and as they write in the most ancient books – then the physical immortality will follow; the physical body will begin to change.

Q: suppose we’re doing it for the first time: so after all that movements it comes to what state?

Guruji: that is what I’m saying: with everyday practice you’re taking it up again and again – then it will not come down, it will find the permanent place there.

Q: but if you’re not doing it – it is coming down after the practice?

Guruji: no, effect will always remain. When you’re going asleep you’re not forgetting everything when you wake up again. All memory stays with you.

Q: sometimes it also happens(laughs)

Guruji: it’s like a boon – but not all the time. You’re not becoming ignorant idiot, which you were before. The wisdom and the education will stay.

Q: only when the prana enters sushumna – the experience of nada begins?

Guruji: even before that.

Q: the experience of inner nada begins?

Guruji: inner nada, outside nada – it’s one and the same. But as you start to look inside – you find the Void is also there; then you understand the nada there and everything is gone- then your mind is different.

Q: what is Vishnu padam?

Guruji: Void

Q: is it the state when the yogi attains the consciousness of the Void?

Guruji: in puranas it is said that Vishnu padam is one of the highest spiritual achievement, they use this name to indicate the place or a state which you may attain. Vishnu also means empty space; and if you read 1000 names of Shiva – it is also one of the names of Shiva as well. But you can define it as attaining the consciousness of the Void.

Q: what are the physical signs of awaken Kundalini?

Guruji: he will change physically. He will become like a great person: he will stop ageing and start to look very young. Even Hatha Yoga Pradipika says: the yogi starts to be like a 16-year old teenager. Ok, this is too big thing to achieve; but he will stop looking like an old man. Reasonably young look will remain. And the one of the great books of Gyaneshwar – Gyaneshwari Gita – he describes the awakening of Kundalini step by step: he says the person will become immortal. He may choose to remain in physical form or may choose to enter nirvana.

Q: what do You think about some persons in the government of India: are their Kundalini awaken?

Guruji: I’m a very small man to comment on such high personalities. Continue to pay them respect and give some money – and you can relax.

Q: when people are talking about Kundalini what they usually mean?

Guruji: illumination happen, realization happen… I’m happy to remain endarkened. I don’t want illumination.

Q: what they mean when they talk about enlightening?

Guruji: I have absolutely no idea.

I’ve said in one of my poems: how long we shall continue to worship the footprints? So left it behind then go far on your journey! Let us get up and also go somewhere. Any incident like enlightenment or realization should inspire that we should also try for it, not keep on worshipping them.

What I see: the greatest of the great yogi – Matsyendranath – was the first human disciple of Shiva Ji. Till then the all humanity was worshipping only heavenly gods, immortals and divine beings. But with first human being, Matsyendranath becoming Shiva’s disciple – the yogic art came to human beings. After that the divinity begin to descend on human beings: if you look the pattern- Rama was the first human incarnation of Parabrahman Parameshwar. He did so many things and fought with the aliens who were here: like rakshasas – I think they were alien; and the big monkeys were also aliens, they supported him. after that another human incarnation avatar took place as Shri Krishna; before that it was no human incarnation or no human being was allowed to learn anything from Shiva. Thanks to Matsyendranath, this divinity begin to descend on human beings. After Shri Krishna now we see a pattern: Jesus Christ, Moses, Gautama Buddha – to Babaji, Sai baba and so many human beings attained divinity. I think this grace started from Matsyendranath, the greatest of the Guru. Jay Guru Machchendranath!!!

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