Q: which sign in ascendant considered to be good and strong?

Guruji: Sagittarius or Aries. Or Leo – also strong, generally – fiery signs. And position of Mars is also very important. If Mars is in 12th, 1st, 4th, 7th or 8th – then the person will have very strong will. He will not bent down in any situation. It also gives great possibilities to success in hatha yoga.

Q: and if ascendant is Kumbha?

Guruji: that means Saturn is ruler. It’s also very strong planet. Your height is because of Saturn: saturnians are usually tall; and I’m Jupiter – jupiterians are usually broad.

Q: what is the translation of the word Yamala?

Guruji: twins. In case of Rudra Yamala – two types of things. Also it is special type of book in tantra.



… maybe Chinese come from gorkhas. Gorakhnath created them out of mud  – he create the army for the king of Nepal. I’ve read somewhere that Chinese emperor was paying tax to the king of Nepal – to honor him only. Until unless this connection exist – there is no need pay tax to Nepal, it’s not such a powerful country. Maybe they are descendants of Gorkhas. They look same: if Chinese will come and gorkhas will come – you can not make the difference, it’s the same race.

Q: why Nepal had such earthquake last year – why exactly this country?

Guruji: it can be connected with Kedarnath tragedy. Two years before it was large quake in Kedarnath, then after two years it happen in Nepal. There is some connection also with temples in Kedarnath and Pashupatinath. Kathmandu since it became tourist center  – the sanctity is lost, that should be there. In Kedarnath all signs of Shankaracharya simply disappeared. They were flushed. When after the quake the big flood came – the big rock fall down just behind the temple. And water subdivided into two streams – nothing happen to the temple. Maybe it was some steps from Tandava.

…Himalaya are most recent mountains and they keep growing in height. They are very unstable.




Q: and what is bhava?

Guruji: bhava means to be. Bhava means emotion and bhava means to be. And also it can be state, some incident, position and reality. There are so many meanings – heart, mind, love, affection, intention, meaning, living being, the way to express, expression of love and paranormal power.

Q: if bhava is some kind of state of disciple: in pashu bhava – gnyana siddhi is attained, in vira bhava – kriya siddhi is attained?

Guruji: in pashu bhava means – you become absolutely natural.

Q: how absolutely natural person could attain gnyana siddhi?

Guruji: only by becoming absolutely natural you will establish yourself in your own nature and you will have all knowledge.

Q: this pashu somehow connected with the name of Shiva?

Guruji: yes, Pashupati – he is the lord of all Pashu. Natural state.

Q: but after that you need to attain vira bhava?

Guruji: well, vira bhumi is the name for smashan. Only in smashan you can have vira bhava sadhana. Kriya siddhi is directly connected with that.

Q: so you are in vira bhava?

Guruji: let’s hope. Vira means brave person. Rudra Yamala is not for beginners. They referred to some very high states, which common man can not even imagine.

Q: from happiness the holiness and unlost vision begins; when vision is done – the auspicious lotus is seen. What exactly is this lotus?

Guruji: auspicious lotus is your heart lotus. It’s most auspicious because prana lives there, Vasudev lives there. Until unless you’re happy – that means your mind is not calm enough and not peaceful enough; happiness is the first sign of peaceful mind. Not depression.

Q: become a yogi, he attains a subtle state, unseen even by yogis. But that state can be seen by that, who achieved the purified lotus of Mahavidya?

Guruji: I’ve already described that state – the consciousness of the Void. You can not even see Void – so how can you see the consciousness of the Void? Only the term is different.

Q: the sound of drops of the water – what it could be?

Guruji: it’s particular type of nada.

Q: I’ve never come across in any yogic text about such type of nada

Guruji: this is very elaborate yogic text.

Q: so it is after all achievements from Hatha Yoga Pradipika?

Guruji: even much more deeper. When you achieve that – it’s just a preparation like getting deep – then you spend eternity in this.

… khecharatva means your mind is absolutely established in a conscious Void; and also it means the ability to fly, bodily – it’s also khecharatva.

Q: in one month the disciple attains khecharatva without doubt?

Guruji: if you have done all previous technics – yes. Who doesn’t want to fly like Superman? Flying may give you some happiness. I will tell you one more thing: in Ayurveda they asked – what are the signs of absolute health? And definition, that Ayurveda gives – I’ve never come across much more deeper. They say – the person should be happy and not aware of his body. Because only if it is something wrong – you become aware of that part of the body. Happiness and no awareness of the body – this is the sign of absolute health person.

Q: what is the state of coma?

Guruji: it is considered as a disease in Ayurveda.

Q: and from yogic point of view – they are in another world?

Guruji: no, they are not in another world. They are so much in this world. But their mind is disconnected from the body. They are control nothing, it’s serious disease. Once you’re in coma – you’re waiting the full stop. Grammatical signs( smiling).




… there are different categories of mantras when somebody receives it. they are compatible with their own astrological chart: when it fits in all parameters – it is called siddha mantra, and if the person will practice it – he will get success very fast. And it should be received from Guru as well. Siddha mantra – you say it one time and it will start working. Sadhya mantra – means you have to do long practice to make it perfect. You keep saying it for hundred thousands times or one million times for effect. Susiddha mantra – say it one time and it works. Just one step ahead than siddha mantra.

Q: it is said that mantra could be inimical for the person?

Guruji: yes, so many things are involved here- all past karmas and samskaras. Kula devata, ishta devata, his Guru, his own spiritual conditions, mental condition, family background – everything comes together. It is not just you read some mantra in a book and think – it is good for you. Only the Guru will decide it – if he knows something. Every mantra has a deity which is ruling it, guarding it or just dedicated to some deity and that particular mandala or yantra is created to invoke it. usually it is like that. Usually these things are done to gain certain spiritual power or siddhi to impress and the main object usually is to find connection with the other part of life; so when you depart – you know where you are going. That is the main thing. Many people die and don’t know where they will go, but that person, who is able to contact with very powerful spirit on the other side with the siddha mantra or susiddha mantra or sadhya mantra – whatever: when he will die – he will die happy, he exactly know where he will goes and who will help. Mantra is like mobile number – dial and you will connect. Suddenly nothing happens by accident.

Q: what does it mean to purify the mantra?

Guruji: there are so many rituals connected with it – I mean simply reading is not enough: you should be able to synchronize it with your own system – that maybe called purification of certain mantra, invocation of that certain mantra, feeling of that mantra – so many rituals attached with that.

Q: I don’t understand, why you must do so many things with mantra if you don’t want to practice it – put it in the water etc?

Guruji: this is another thing: once you attain a certain siddhi – there is a way to leave it also. But you can’t simply say – I leave it, you have to go through the reverse process exactly to leave it. it will not remain karmical involving with you after that.

Q: but if you just stop to practice it without all rituals?

Guruji: it means you’re not fulfilling your word, your promise- so that wrong karma and bad karma will continue affect you. Always big problems begins. You remember that story when I was young I practice one mantra on smashan to be able to kill anybody? But when I’ve met my Guru – my mind was very bad, I was always angry. Then my Guru told me – it’s better to you to leave it into the Ganges. Because you can take as insult even a small joke and it will make you angry and just to prove your power you’ll do some great harm to someone. And I offer it to the Ganges the way he told me. I tell you – my mind was immediately peaceful.

Q: and you immediately forget this mantra?

Guruji: no, I remember it, but the power is offer. The power not bothering me to use it. I’m more peaceful. If you’re carrying the gun all the times – some day you’re going to use it. and for no reason you will feel arrogant and superior to another person, your patience will be very thin and a simple joke will be enough to make you angry to the level you may be ready to kill someone. That’s why yogi said – all these things are disturbances.

Q: what does it mean: when you put some syllables around the chakra – some of them are alive and some are dead?

Guruji: if you don’t know exactly how to create the chakra and how to do the ritual  – it is just a scatch or something. If you know exactly how to establish prana to it, life to it – then it’s alive thing. And that is considered that the body of the deity, which is preside to this particular mantra.

Q: so it couldn’t be simultaneously life and dead?

Guruji: no, only this or that condition.

… five directions are five pranas, because whatever you’re doing on Mother Earth – and they are considered Earth energies as well. When you’re invoking some astral being – you’re invoking it on Earth.

Q: when we read about using power of Varuna and Nirriti – they are vedic gods, which are gone now – it means that the system is not working now?

Guruji: no, Varuna is like Poseidon, he rules all the water, and Nirriti is direction – south-west. It is different thing.

Q: so Varuna is like Bhairav, but on the water?

Guruji: Bhairav literally is someone, who looks after. You can call him Bhairav of the water. Varuna is the name of the deity, who rules the water.

Q: he’s connected with Shiva somehow?

Guruji: everything connects with the Time.

Q: Kundalini is depicted like having 3,5 coils around svayambhu lingam in muladhara?

Guruji: yes, every chakra has own lingam. Reflection of Shiva. Kundalini of bright red color.

Q: again about Kundalini: watered by the nectar you should to move her back?

Guruji: we discussed it in Hatha Yoga Pradipika: when she reaches the top, she goes to sleep. You have to make her move again.

Q: in the returning in the middle of sushumna, washing by amrita, you should honor her in every petal when it stops. It stops?

Guruji: it will stop to take a look around like a tourist. I will tell you – it is a gradual process which described in two lines. It is not suddenly triggers and reaches everything – it awaken in degrees. Suddenly nobody will tolerate that. The body will burst.

Q: so when it goes up – it also stops?

Guruji:  as it will continue to develop: stopping means developing of that particular chakra. And remember: Kundalini is consciousness. They are trying to say it in ornamental way. When you poke a cobra – she suddenly goes like this( show the standing cobra). They are giving a simile – the same way it is disturbed – it also rises itself and that is your consciousness. Until unless you will provoke it – it will not wake up. Nobody wants to do hardwork.

It is extension of the brain – so it is exploration of the brain only, of the mind and the brain. You can not separate the spinal cord from the brain. For anatomical discussions and for doctors they say – it is spinal cord, but it is an extension of the brain. It is like switching on the subconscious mind. Before the subconscious mind becoming conscious nobody can say the Kundalini woke up and consciousness is flying high, nothing. At 98% it is sleeping. It is like waking up a giant – Kumbhakarna from Ramayana.

Q: is it possible situation that Kundalini reaches the top and then remains there without second step?

Guruji: if somebody will be able to take her there – I’m sure he must have a very competent Guru and he will guide him this. He should not worry about that. And it can not happen accidently. It’s not possible.

Q: in so much books is written so…

Guruji: they must take the evidence of awaken Kundalini. Most of the ancient texts say that the person will become immortal. And great knowledge will come. They spend the time to describe that particular experience – but what is the expression, what have been done? What is there expression around? Nothing. But they are able to express people who give them money – that is their expression.

I will just give you one example and you will understand. When we teach shvasahita pranayama in Kriya yoga – we are going up and coming down. Same way. It is training, controlling of the consciousness. And as everybody knows – harder you train – better your chance to survive. Never give concession to yourself. By reading every available book on the subject in yoga my conclusion is that anyone whose Kundalini is awaken – he will cross the age of 120 minimum and even may become immortal.

Q: before that age it’s impossible?

Guruji: we have no evidence. It’s just a claim. And in one of the great books of Gyaneshwar – he commented on Gita about 700 years before; there is a piece where he describes Kundalini wakes up – what will happen with the body. It will become new. Like the youth of sixteen, as all the yoga texts keep telling us. So if it is not happening – … that person may be a great person with great knowledge – ok, I’m agree on that. But this particular thing – awaken of the Kundalini – will bring eternal youth, immortality, if not immortality – then very long life, control over life force. Otherwise – that is something else.

Q: but if the person rise Kundalini – he can change his own appearance on their own will?

Guruji: they can shapeshift. They are masters in that and they can hide. You will never recognize them.

And I’m sure – Kundalini can not be awaken on that classes, where they can see your chakras and can see your aura and your Kundalini is going high – it has never happen.

Q: even thousand dollars can not help?

Guruji: no.

Q: why exactly this age of 120 years?

Guruji: 120 years will make sure – physically that person is gone beyond the effect of all his karmas. And astrologically planets have no influence on him anymore. This is a first sign.

Q: but if you’re working very hard – is it possible to awake Kundalini before 120 years?

Guruji: you will reach if you’re doing right thing. Remember in Hatha Yoga Pradipika: every mudra stops old age and death. If it stops the old age – definitely you will live longer.

Q: but it is said – when you are professional in that particular mudra?

Guruji: even practice will bring some results. You see: when you have weight training – it doesn’t mean that in one month you will become Mr. Olympia, but your condition will become better and better. The same way.

Q: but it’s possible to awake Kundalini before you reach 120 years?

Guruji: of course, but the evidence is that person should cross 120 at least. And he will continue to look young, when he is 120. All mudras are for awakening Kundalini. And all mudras have the same effect –ward of old age and death. If it is done correctly and there is no particular mission for that person – he will continue to live beyond that age, I have no doubt in this.

Q: Samadhi and awakening of Kundalini: what is Samadhi on that point?

Guruji: Samadhi is part of it. it’s much before that.

Q: how Samadhi is connected with awakening of Kundalini?

Guruji: until unless you will be able to make your conscious mind unconscious by going into suspending animation – how you will make your subconscious mind conscious? Samadhi is that. Making your conscious mind unconscious and subconscious mind – conscious.

Q: this is description of Samadhi, but how we can describe awake of Kundalini?

Guruji: 100% conscious awaken mind. Awaken Kundalini is awaken mind.

Q: how much samadhis must person have for that?

Guruji: about thousands, because it awaken in degrees. The mind will wake up in degrees. Lahiri Mahasaya said that after 4000 samadhis your mental state will become different. I agree on that. Only by going into Samadhi thousands of times Kundalini will wake up in degrees.

Q: but there are so much books about awakening of Kundalini?

Guruji: when religion was popular – there were so much books about god, now yoga is more popular – there are so much books about Kundalini, that’s how commercialization goes. First they were selling god, now they are selling Kundalini. When he’s seeing your thousand dollars – his Kundalini smiling and going high. Let them talk.

Q: when she is rising, you should observe her full of great light. What is this light?

Guruji: it’s kutastha. That’s why it is said – when kutastha is seeing – the temporary awakening of Kundalini is taking place. You should observe it as a great light.

Q: how this temporary awakening is possible without thousands of samadhis?

Guruji: it’s just appear and disappear. And when it is completely awaken – it will remain permanently in front of you. Kriya yoga is the most mysterious practice. Never seen anything like that.

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