Q: life is too short

Guruji: that’s the beauty of life – it’s too short. There always a place for some adventures or misadventures.

Q: is it true that just before death people realized – if they had done something in their life?

Guruji: I’ve seen many old men dying and I’ve talk with them; amazing thing is – most of them had the feeling they have done nothing in life. It’s common thing. Except few people who were great athletes or wrestlers – they were more in peace and more confident: yes, I did something. Simply making money or creating a family – they were feeling empty. But when you achieve something physically – that men were very confident. That old man was talking about what he did, won the competition – he has the center in his life. We need to think more seriously on this topic. Most of the great scholars – I saw some of the great Sanskrit scholars just before they were dying – and they have the feeling they have done nothing in life and achieve nothing. I ask  – what about your great degrees? – but they say it’s nothing. That is the very alarming situation.

Q: what about people who were giving something to others?

Guruji: only very few people who were actually done something for some people. They were very much at peace with themselves. And without any thinking that someone will return to them – just they did it. But most of the rich people were feeling more afraid to die. Because they will loose much more money( laughing).

Q: if rich person while dying will think only about money – he will took birth in very rich or very poor family?

Guruji: it depends on his karma: if he exert the poor man, if he gain his money not from grace or fortune but from a crime – that means he was not that honest also; so many complicated things will come.

Q: if person did charity – will his ego remove?

Guruji: if he will actually charity with the feeling of sharing – then it’s a very great thing. I know some people: they are really good and they don’t do it in the name of charity. That is another point: they don’t say – I donate this much amount to someone or something, no. they share it – and that attitude makes all the difference.

Q: what is more powerful: the last thought or the strongest one?

Guruji: I think last thought – what you have done whole life – that will remain overpowering. We have saying in hindi here: go to Delhi or Bombay – your karma always go with you. So go to Moscow, Paris, Washington or Hollywood – your karma always will follow you. Sharing is the very great emotion, it’s the very good thing if you’re able to share something. Gave money to a beggar is nothing; but give it with a smile and the best wishes – he will also feel good, even not feel demean or something.


Q: some day we were discussing the signs of progress in practice: that if practitioner come to ill person – he will feel better. But what about practitioner himself?

Guruji: if he is strong enough he will also feel good.

Q: if he is not strong enough?

Guruji: he will feel good – but that will be emotional thing for him to feel pity on that person and he may continue to think about that person. It’s fine.

Q: if we feel that we done something wrong to someone?

Guruji: go to that person and say “sorry”.

Q: but if I can’t find him – how I can do that?

Guruji: by doing good deeds. If you don’t know exactly, what you have done wrong – then go do more good to others. And if you hurt someone and you keep feel remembering that person – go there, say “sorry” with all humbleness.

Q: but it’s impossible to erase what you done?

Guruji: no, the memory will remain but when you’ll be forgiven – it will not be so painful. Once I gave a beating a boy in my school; then he begin to cry in such a pitiful way that he broke my heart and I couldn’t get over that. Then my father were transferred and we moved to another place and it was almost forgotten. Then – it was maybe in 79 or 81, I was already searching for yoga – I came across that boy as a grown person. He recognized me instantly, I’ve recognized him instantly: and our last meeting was that fight. I was still feeling stronger and he was a little bit afraid; his family was also with him – his wife and some others. I went to him; he maybe think I’ll start something, but I shook his hand and reminded him and say that I’m very sorry of what I have done. And he was so happy – I tell you – he was so happy- then he treated me with ice cream and said – please, don’t worry, it happens. My mood became very good – and his mood also; he introduced me to his wife and told me where he is working – suddenly the atmosphere was very good. So if you need to say “sorry” to someone – please, do so! Ever be shy on that.

Q: if you have no possibility to do that?

Guruji: you lost the address or he is gone?

Q: yes, I couldn’t find

Guruji: then just say “sorry” in your heart: maybe chance will come and you see him face to face.

One time we were coming from Rishikesh, I had a cousin with me. He was so angry all day: it was too hot and all other botherings. We just boarded the bus and my cousin, angry man, just рush one old man one side and entered. This old man was with his son, his daughter-in-law and few granddaughters and grandchildren. The argue started and my cousin used some bad words on them. We were strong and just sit down on the back seat. The whole family was looking down, feeling very tense. I was already a Guru in Kriya yoga, I noticed this. Then I saw a man – he was maybe sick or something, vomiting. And a son of that old man immediately brought some medicine and gave him water; I said – this man is good and I don’t want him to remember us like this. Some more people went out from the bus – and there were not many people – so I got up and sat behind them. They became even more tense thinking some fight may begin. I said: sometimes without any intention confrontation comes and I’m very sorry to cause this disturbance. It was not my intension. Then I call my cousin and say – come and say “ sorry”. And he touched the feet of old man and said – sorry sir, my mood was not good. Suddenly the atmosphere was different – it’s okay, it happens sometimes every day. They even gave us address – they live somewhere in Delhi doing business – some shops or something. One time my cousin was visiting that area and remember – some west patel nagar, I still remember that. He went to say hello and the secretary asked – he was a big businessman – who? He told he was the one who clashed in a bus from Rishikesh. That man came out of his office all hugging him the he came to his house, offered him lunch(smiling). If we would not say “sorry” that time – I don’t think they have very good intention for us. So if you feel some wrong you have done – always say “sorry”, that is the best way. And I think – if somebody remembers you in a good way – that is very good. Only your enemy should fear you – if you have enemies. But this thing should come from heart: if somebody will force you to say “sorry”  – you’ll never feel sorry.


Q: Guruji, what type of body we have in astral world?

Guruji: let’s say it’s mental body. This is a mental world – so mental body. Your mind perception of your body is there.

Q: it’s not vayu sharira?

Guruji: no. it’s mind perception of your body. You’re in a mental world: all your mind perceptions will be there.

Q: but for the yogi – it’s vayu sharira?

Guruji: no need, mental perception. Vayu sharira is more gross; you’re not in the mental world – you’re in the gross world. But there is a mental world: you’re exploring the mental world of the creation. It’s a different thing.

Q: it’s impossible to extract vayu sharira from the body without destroying the body?

Guruji: it is also possible – anything is possible

Q: what will be with the body if vayu sharira is going somewhere?

Guruji: wind connection will remain so it will continue to breathe, the gross body; and if you want to stop all the connection – it will be called death and you will go free.

Q: how it will breathe if the vayu element is going somewhere?

Guruji: that is the key. If you want to remain alive in 5 element, then.

Q: Guruji, bhur, bhuvah, svaha – where is astral world?

Guruji: all three are gross. Astral world is the mental world. You will be exploring the mind of the creator, the creation’s consciousness – it’s the very different concept. We discuss gross things – 5 elements and other – and this is a mental world. Whatever you will see with your mind’s perception – is your physical body. The stronger your visualization will be of your own thing – the stronger you will be in the mental world. This is the magic place. It’s absolutely not physical.

Q: gods are living in vayu sharira world?

Guruji: they are different, yes. It’s a complicated information; we have vayu in atmosphere – so in vayu sharira you will be to move only inside that. But then our books says there are 49 types of vayus. They move everywhere in the space and all over creation. Even then – if your vayu sharira becomes extremely refined – you maybe connect with one of those winds, vayus and you may ride with them all over the creation.

Q: so the Earth is carrying only one type of vayu?

Guruji: only, yes. 49 Maruts are everywhere – like solar wind and other things. First you need to understand our vayu mandala, vayu sharira; then you will become aware of 49 different airs, winds, exploring every corner of the creation – if there is a corner. Even a vayu sharira may have 49 types of different categories.

Q: when we’re talking about heaven or hell – they are in mental or in vayu world?

Guruji: it’s together – vayu and mental both.

Q: how they are connected?

Guruji: they say that place of Yamaraj is 8400000 miles from Earth. That means there are space stations, where you’re taken – then you’re junked, cooked and served in heaven. Like a big mall or utility providing station where you’re arrest then cook and then served in heaven. It’s a different set up.


Q: it exist some method to somehow jump from the astral world to vayu sharira world?

Guruji: it could be that. Whoever will rule in the mental world – will be ruling everything.

Q: it’s primary?

Guruji: yes.

Q: concentration, imagination and…?

Guruji: visualization – that is the key. You can go on exploring; even concentration may have hundreds and thousands of differentiations. We use these words – but how we’re actually understand them?

Q: if you have the perfect concentration – what is the boons in astral world?

Guruji: you can do anything there. Almighty.

Q: if you lose concentration, when you’re there?

Guruji: then you lost everything. Then government will send you to some asylum or something and you will live the rest of your days like a paramahamsa.

Q: what do You think: the power of imagination and concentration develops simultaneously – or one can be much stronger than another?

Guruji: without concentration no strong imagination is possible. Both go together.

Q: ghosts are living in the vayu world?

Guruji: yes

Q: who is living in mental world?

Guruji: oh, they also have mind. And if they concentrate hard enough – they can enter the mental world; if they know how to do that. Vayu sharira ghosts almost have.

Q: everyone, who has the mind, could connect with the astral world?

Guruji: of course, yes. We’re outgoing to become ghosts, so no doubt.

Q: it exists the danger for the yogi if he start just play with astral?

Guruji: but then there is a father for every child. If he will become arrogant – there are far more powerful beings there. You have to remain careful there. And: those five elements called pancha mahabhutas – so the whole creation stands on ghosts( smiling). Creation of great ghosts, bhutas.

Q: can we compare mental world with electricity?

Guruji: again electricity is the gross thing; expression of some nature. Mental world is beyond everything.

Q: it exists some examples when someone do something in astral and couldn’t come back after that?

Guruji: we heard many stories like that. Once you have mental problem – then no matter what you receive physically – medicine or something – it will remain bad. Maybe in the mental world something went wrong. In India we say: if somebody is sleeping- never wake him up suddenly, do it slowly-slowly. He maybe somewhere else.

Q: so mental world is like pure thought?

Guruji: no, pure thought is much more higher. Thoughts are there – but they have shapes and so many different things. Let’s say the mental world is the place where all your imagination and all your thoughts live. And there are nightmares also.

Q: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti: where here the mental world?

Guruji: they maybe ruling it.

Q: if someone wake up with the very painful feeling on the whole skin – what does it mean?

Guruji: it means something happen up there; he may not be remembering it – but something really happen there. It is like in “Matrix”: if you die in Matrix – you will die physically also. If somebody will catch your mind or imagination – you are as good as dead.


Q: when we are in twilight state – the perception of the time is different?

Guruji: it is faster, yes. In twilight state you’re aware that your conscious mind is there; and you’re beyond it that moment when you’re aware of the big subconscious mind in front. Just like in the evening twilight: you know the day is over but big night is there – you’re in between. Same thing with conscious and subconscious.

Q: for yogi it’s important to tolerate that state for longer time?

Guruji: that is the result of your regular abhyasa, practice. With the time you could be permanently in that. But it takes a long time.

Q: it is the goal?

Guruji: no, it is just one of the results of the very regular abhyasa. Goal is beyond – inside subconscious somewhere.

Q: what is inside subconscious?

Guruji: you will find out( smiling)

Q: it exists the higher states than twilight?

Guruji: it is the first in between state. When you’re develop the particular understanding what is your conscious mind and you will become aware of the deep, that is your subconscious mind, and you’re able stand in between them. And your awareness is much-much-much more than an average person. When you know exactly which direction you’re going now; and also in twilight there is no shadow. That’s magical time: that means first impressions are not affecting you there. First is actually cast a shadow on you. Atit ghat will take place – subtraction of the past will take place there. Your understanding will work much more deeper than that.

Q: when subconscious mind is fully awaken – that is some other state?

Guruji: that is beyond twilight, when subconscious mind has become conscious and there is no duality – it is one whole thing becomes conscious – then it is supernatural state of the mind.

Q: so only when we can tolerate this state for 24 hours – only then we can think about Samadhi?

Guruji: this is a preparation – but Samadhi can come any time in twilight. What is Samadhi? Your first dive in your subconscious mind.

The word Samadhi itself explains its meaning: sam – equal and dhi; when your intellect becoming equal, conscious or subconscious doesn’t remain – that state is called Samadhi.


Q: when parents decides if child is ready they gave him education?

Guruji: because parents are worried about how their child will survive in the society, make enough money so he will be secured, have some food and shelter. They guide him.

Q: same if the student is ready…?

Guruji: Guru introduces him into Samadhi. Without parents child is so weak and innocent – society will just hit him up. Guru’s work requires great patience. Students, disciples are always in a hurry. But we need to see exactly whether his nervous system or he is physically prepared, nervous system is strong enough to tolerate such things. Just imagine: all these high feelings which you feel more often; suppose the man who doesn’t know me just begins to feel high – he will be afraid. What happening to me, I’m feeling sick or what, might be magician doing some spell on me – you never know. Old saying: everything takes time and it evolve slowly. Like a gardener: no matter, how many buckets of water he is putting on the plant – it will give fruit in time. We must remember it.

Q: could this prolonging being in the twilight state lead to Samadhi state?

Guruji: twilight state means you’re constantly in the dhyana state. You’re just there looking where you need to go. The sleeping giant is in front of you – you just need to wake it up, enter to his chambers. Sitting on the vehicle of dhyana your mind goes there.

Q: so you will see, where you must go?

Guruji: no doubt about it. Goal itself will come to you and tell you – I’m your goal, recognize me. There will be no accidentally. Amazing word – accident: when your dent becomes ex. If you just look at the language – it carries so many deep things.

Q: if we achieve theta-state not during the practice – it’s not dhyana?

Guruji: if you’re in constant theta-state of mind – it means you’re constantly in dhyana.

Q: if it comes not in the practice – what we must to do?

Guruji: nothing, enjoy that! Practice is the process to put you in this state. When you are in that state – feel it.

Q: can we say that dhyana is direct result of dharana?

Guruji: all these things are the direct results of the very regular practice. Dharana is also a big achievement. I’m still thinking about delta waves: they are coming only in a deep sleep – but they are there. Nobody talked about delta-state. In awaken state it’s even more extraordinary, then theta. From spiritual point of view if the delta waves when person are awake – that means he is always in touch with the other side of life.

Q: that is the common state for person in coma; question is – could the person be connected with this life?

Guruji: he is already connected with this life but at the same time he is connected with the other side of life as well. I’m not in coma. Actually that reading was surprise for me, I don’t read about it anywhere before. It was a big revelation in a way. Delta are mysterious waves. We will remain in a theta-state: better to be like a child than like a person who is in coma. With the very heavy successful practice of Kriya yoga the mind begin to functioning in a very superficial way. We call it supernatural because our understanding of naturality is very limited. Maybe it’s naturally state of development of the mind, of the brain – but it’s the result of the practice. If those waves are high – those should not be a so-called normal person; that means very different types of hormones begin to form. Now we don’t know when I’m sleeping which waves are high – something very different that hadn’t be measured yet. Brain development is the key.


When I was in college – it happen way back in 1974-75. I had one friend: his name was Lalmani Sharma. His father was a retired army officer, not commissioned officer. We were very good friends, we talk for hours – and he told me that his father saw Hanumanji face to face; – which was the very curious thing for me so I insisted – I would like to visit your father, please take us. I went his home for the first time, which was about 15 km cycling from college there. I saw his father; he was retired and his eyesight was extremely weak: he wear the very thick glasses and even then used to come very near to recognizing. He was very happy to see me and I asked him, what happened – then the very fantastic story came.

He was serving in Sagar – city in the central India, Madhya Pradesh; and it’s very hilly area – whole city is hilly. He was serving there in the army and there was one horse carrying man, which he call Tala. He will come to bring children to a school and then bring them back home – this is normal practice in some areas of India. He was the horse carrier, driver. Everybody will call him “Master”, it was his nickname. He was the very great devotee of Hanuman. And my friend’s father was the very great critic of devotion and all the Indian gods; so when he just bring children home – he will offer him chai and telling for one or two hours that you’re idiot, you’re worshipping monkey, and this, and that, etc. And horse carrier driver just was listen very peacefully, drink one or two cup of chai and if they give him biscuit he just take it and say “ok”. It continues for nearly 2 years. Every day he was criticizing – even a critic needs an audience, where he can just let go; and everybody was listen and say – wow, he’s such a great person. Then the time for his transfer was coming, he was transferred to serve in another place. Then this taniwala( horse carrying driver) asked him: sir, you have been criticizing my devata for continuously two years; if you see him – will you believe, that they are there? Again he said – it’s not possible, it’s just a play of imagination. Then the Master (taniwala) said: on this day( it was full moon day or something like that) you please come with us. It was very remote place of that area, there will be two other devotees – they have some problem and I will invoke Hanumanji; if he will come – you will see. But it’s one condition: you will remain absolutely silent, without saying a single word. He took it extremely lightly, like a joke. On the promised day they went there; there was nearly 11 kgs of sweets and so many flowers and some other things. When they reached this remote place – it was heavy – he put some cow dung in square then above made some chowkpurna – with flour and some colors he create something. Then he put the sweets and flowers and everything and then said: now you sit quietly, I will invoke Hanumanji. And he was not using the name “Hanumanji”, he called him Dada – which means elder brother in hindi. He invoked; maybe for half an hour they were sitting quietly – then the big flash of light appeared and Hanumanji appeared out of it in the place he created.

Then I asked him even more: how he was looking?

He said that he appeared very shapely like a man, taller than 6,5 feet, but it was all light – I was unable to see the features, it was the being of light. His gada (mace) he was carrying in one hand and I couldn’t see his tail, because he was facing us. Then He asked taniwala: what do you want? And he said: Dada, I’m very sorry to invoke you to make you problem; but these devotees have some great problems. Then He asked: what problems? He said – one of the child is mentally retarded since birth. And another devotee – he was childless. These problems was told and Hanumanji said: from today, this moment, the child will begin to improve. And he will have two children, two offsprings.

I asked him: how His voice was sounding?

And he gave the very peculiar example: that you put the bucket on your head then you speak inside – so surround sound was equal from everywhere – like this His voice was sound. And it was impossible to tell whether it is a male’s voice or a woman’s voice. By then he has convinced that it is the fake thing and it was done just to impress him. he said: I have a question! If such powerful devatas like you are here – then why world is suffering so much? And he received the answer; Hanumanji said that: we never interfere, people receive the results of their karma – we never interfere in their karma. Till then taniwala said him to sit quiet. Then he thanked Hanumanji: Dada, I thank you very much because you took trouble to came here. Please continue your grace on us and bless us and when I will call – please,  grace me again. Hanumanji simply disappeared; there was a supersonic sound – like high velocity of the wind – then sweets disappeared, flowers disappeared and Hanumanji disappeared.

But the father of my friend, army man, was not convinced – next day he came with high glasses, like Sherlock Holmes – but he found nothing. Then he was transferred; but after he spoke without any permission – his eyes begin to go bad. He was retired from army because his eyesight become so weak that he couldn’t see even with the very thick glasses. Then maybe after 5 years of his retirement – he go back to the city and asked about that taniwala. He was dead then; and he inquires about those two people: his son was improving dramatically, almost normal, and other devotee has two children. It’s a true story. He almost lost his eyes. Maybe the power was too much or by speaking he broke some protocol – because he was told not to say anything, but he said. Anyway – he was lucky enough to see Him. but imagine, how close relationship must have that taniwala with Hanumanji to call him the elder brother, Dada; and by his invocation He appeared. He was simple horse carrying man.

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