Hatha Yoga Pradipika: rotate the abdomen muscles from right to left and left to right with force. With force!- that is called nauli by the siddhas. I have two disciples who can do it without any support – just slightly bend and do it.

Q: where should be the hands?

Guruji: on the hips or on the knees – someone is doing it with the hands on the knees. For success in Kriya yoga it is highly recommended. With 500 push-ups.


One important man came one time and he was discussing something and I’ve continued to answer him; most of his arguments disappear, he became angry and shouted: are you a perfect man?!

I was in good mood and said – yes, I’m a perfect man.


I told him: I’m perfectly imperfect – show me any flаw in my imperfection. I’m perfectly imperfect!

And he went away.


Q: what will be if I remove the person of my imagination?

Guruji: he will stop thinking of you much.

Q: when you’re thinking about someone – he or she is feeling that?

Guruji: some vibrations are there, so he will remember you.

Q: it’s like calling on the phone?

Guruji: something like that.

In India we believe: if a yogi is practicing very good, when somebody criticizes him – he take his bad karmas; if somebody is admiring him – he takes his good karmas – so he goes without karma. That is the best situation.

Q: so if we upload some pictures – we create the situation for that persons, not for us?

Guruji: of course – especially attached to Ishwara yoga.


Truth is one, but the knower express it in many different ways.

Sitaram sa hai- tinki kyo megre nirbhai: means when Sitaram is helping than nothing can go wrong.

Your spirit knows you – because it is his job or its job to give you life. In English it’s a very complicated translation; in hindi we call it “jiva” and consciousness: together them both becomes jivatma. How we will do it in English – we don’t know.

Q: my jiva is in me?

Guruji: yes, like butter is in milk – it is everywhere inside you, everything is alive. And your consciousness is your atma, which gives you that “I am”. They are together forever – Shiva and Shakti.

Q: to know my spirit Kriya yoga is the only way?

Guruji: I have been studying and doing enough research of all the methods which are available; and I think – if I’m allowed to boast – I may have read almost 7 tones of books so far, which is pretty much. Nowhere I’ve come across any method similar to Kriya yoga. In fact, before Babaji gave this yoga to Lahiri Mahasaya this thing was not even discussed anywhere. In all the philosophy, all the upanishadas, all the vedas – nobody was discussing that spirit can be seen and you can make friend with the spirit; – and this is a direct method.

Spirit is connected with your physical body and the breath- so you try your breath and you will reach spirit.

And only in Kriya yoga method you taught the way it will actually appear and you will see. Even though, it will take many years when you will begin to understand what you’re seen, but it started to appear. There is no other method which is so direct. And I’ve read quite a few methods.

Q: it is possible in many-many years?

Guruji: to understand your experience – that’s the point.

Something happens to us and we say – oh my god; then we think – oh, it just happen by chance or something; but then the understanding will take some time to develop and you will see it – oh, this is this.

That moment will continue to repeat so many times – not only one time: that’s a beauty of Kriya yoga. I’ve read almost every life of every famous yogi or saint of India and also all over the world; when I read Lahiri Mahasaya’s life and his diaries( I was fortunate enough thanks to my Guru’s grace he allowed to me browse of his personal diaries) – some of the portion has been published now even in Russian language – you may find this book, you must read that; before Lahiri Mahasaya nobody has ever discussed the kutastha and spirit and those fantastic experiences which he had when he was practicing Kriya. This is something very special, extraordinary.

I think I’m very fortunate I learn this thing and I’m practicing and sharing also by my Guru’s order. Otherwise I would live somewhere privately and doing it alone. But sharing is good. Why sharing is good? Because I was not very talkative when I was practicing, then my Guru told me that you’re my successor, now you can initiate. When you’re answering questions – like I’m answering so many questions – your own thoughts become very clear. It’s a very great privilege for me: because more questions are coming your way – your thinking ability is developing and you’re able to express something, so it’s a big privilege because not many yogis have been seen who were communicating like this – that is again a very good thing. So we’re fortunate we received this. And if some art – let’s call it yoga art – can make spirit appear immediately after receiving the technic: just imagine what will happen when you will advance very far in this. Just try to imagine that! Life will become very different.


Q: Guruji, who create atma?

Guruji: they are immortal – without beginning and without end; so the consciousness is without beginning and without an end.

Q: consciousness is a part of Shakti?

Guruji: consciousness is Shakti herself. We are using that word – consciousness – but how many people actually understand, what is consciousness? That’s why we’re trying to develop it so we can understand one day. Matsyendranath answers, what is chetan? – like a fragrance of a flower.

Q: why in ancient texts of Matsyendranath kutastha is not mentioned?

Guruji: but he is talking about chetan and atma. Kutastha is the specific term for atma; otherwise atma goes into so many different things. Kutastha means exactly that!

Q: why they didn’t describe this circle?

Guruji: because they are already immortal: that is not instructions manual – that is their discussion, a reference book for the accomplished yogis.

When you’re reading the very literary work and somebody is asking – why they not describing how to write a, they are not mentioning any grammar there – it is like that. It’s so natural for them and so supernatural to us.

I’m sure they must be feeling. (conversation about the spirit)

Q: if he’s feeling – I’m feeling too?

Guruji: not necessarily. They have their own club.

Q: if we feel some energy in vertebra – it means it is some energy of dehi?

Guruji: it may becoming from the food or drink you’re taken. When you have eaten some food – it also becomes dehi, which is inside you.

Q: where is my dehi after my death?

Guruji: it goes away in your vayu sharira.

Q: and where is my vayu sharira?

Guruji: depending on how much you were develop yourself: you’ll find that level there and you will reach there.

Q: dehi always leaves in vayu sharira?

Guruji: yes, he’s essence of any body or any life. Even ghosts have dehi.

Q: what is ghost?

Guruji: vayu sharira( smiling)

Q: is it exists different types of ghosts?

Guruji: I mean most of the ghosts – they are like vayu, like air; air element and akash element form their body, so in hindi we simply call it vayu sharira. But the ghost is the ghost.

Q: so if someone is very developed like You…

Guruji: oh, I’m just starting on the path

Q: it means that we’re talking with Your dehi?

Guruji: you’re talking with me. My dehi is resting somewhere.

Q: but maybe some connection with dehi?

Guruji: I’m aware of his presence, yes. Recently I’ve introduced myself and waiting for the response now.

Q: You’re saying like it’s separate consciousness…

Guruji: yes. Because you have not a good relationship with that and you have no control of its coming and going from you: that makes me feel that he doesn’t care. It is upon us – to somehow make it care. And the only care will come… please, lift your left hand.(disciple lifts) see – this is care: we already know each other, you have enough faith so when I say: lift your left hand – you lifted it without asking anything. This sort of communication, when will start with dehi – then true belief on each other and true friendship will begin. Now because he’s temporarily inside you and he knows that after certain time he ready to leave you – so they don’t want any emotional entanglement. We must somehow be able to form a communication, then some friendship will begin. That’s why I like “Arabian nights”: you keep creating interesting stories to dehi and it will continue to listen to you. It is the best example.

Q: if You are friends with Your dehi – why You’re saying about it like it’s separate?

Guruji: he is separate. You’re friends with yourself first, then you can be friends with others also. If I’m slightly beginning to know my own consciousness – then dehi also will notice. It takes time for the friendship to grow. When we introduce ourselves to someone or someone introduces to us – from that moment friendship doesn’t started, it takes quite some time. Till then it is mere acquaintance, he just know.

Q: we have individual characters: are these characters go from our dehi?

Guruji: consciousness and dehi makes jivatma. Consciousness is there, which makes us different than others.

Q: it means my subconsciousness feels the individual character of dehi?

Guruji: no, it is just sleeping and dehi is waiting that if your conscious mind is able to wake it up – then it will be some interest for the dehi to talk. It’s a complicated program: you need to introduce yourself to the jiva, which is there, and also you need to wake up your subconscious mind: so there will be somebody who will be able to talk with the jiva on the same level – only then friendship will develop. We’re trying to achieve these two things: to wake up our sleeping mind and also to introduce ourselves to the jiva. Don’t you think – the awakening of your subconscious mind and awakening of kundalini is one and the same thing? Both needs awakening.

Q: part of our subconscious mind is situated in the earth element in muladhara chakra?

Guruji: main power is in earth element, yes. The spinal cord is an extension of the brain, it’s not a separate thing.

Q: so if I don’t know my dehi…

Guruji: but you’re aware of it. Simple thing that you’re alive means you’re aware of a dehi inside you.

Q: but that means that until I know – I’m not the individuality?

Guruji: you’re individual and it has separate individuality. Only it is providing you with life.


 It happened in 1979 in the beginning of the rainy season – so it should be month of June, fourth or third week of June. Me and my friend – Padam Upadhyaya; we were sort of cocky and looking for adventures. Sometimes we will take the lunch pack and the water bottle and just go on tracking; there are so many mountains around my home town, Gwalior. We will just walk for many hours then have lunch and then come back.

My friend came to my house about 7 or 8 o’clock and say – today is very cloudy and it’s drizzling, so let’s walk. We pack some paranthas, acharam and a water bottles and we started. There is a very ancient mountain – it is called Amra Pahar and it is a part of the reserve forest so nobody lives on it. It is about 200 meters high and on the top is the flat plateau – for miles and miles. So we climb on it; there is a temple dedicated to 9 planets and on the other side there is a very famous Shiva temple, Gupteshwar; in the middle it is just plain. We started to walk; it was beautiful weather – all clouds, slight drizzling of rain – and we walked for maybe 2,5 hours.

Then the sun begin to come – it will be hot serious, we have our lunch and go back. Few miles away it was police training thing and the buses were going regularly from Gwalior to Tehra – there was a big water tank also. We sat down on a boulder and had lunch and to my surprise we saw white crabs there, several of them. There was a slight water going down – maybe in heavy rains it will act like small waterfall – it was just dripping and there was a pathway which water makes.

I said – we’re tired enough so let’s climb down like mountain hikers, it was slippery – with the help of the pathway which water has made – and we will catch a bus, the road is just down there. So we begin to climb down. When we climb down about 50 meters we found the big sort of overhang and the very huge trident was created with sindoor and there were traces of fire burning as if something has been done; it’s normal things for sadhus. We climb down some more. When we went down nearly 100 meters or so – another very small overhang we found and it was hold up by boulders: there was a small door – maybe just 1 meter and 1,5 meter; but the boulders were creating a wall there. I’ve just look inside – it was semi-hard and I saw a man sitting there. Very peculiar looking man: he was looking like a sadhu, absolute white hairs and they were tied in the tight knot on the head and his beard was tied in the knot under the chin, absolute tight. I have never see moustaches like that in my life till now: in one straight line than straight up. It was like a trident – and the ends were coming to the level of his head. Big shiny eyes and his body was like copper color; his legs were inside him, he was wearing a dhoti, whitish dhoti. He was sitting hands on the knees, unblinking eyes looking at me. He was short, thin, but not impuissant. His eyes were frightening – unblinking, sitting in the semi-dark looking at me; we couldn’t see his legs – but knees were visible.

Just to calm down my nervousness – I saw a pitcher of water here and a brass pot and I just asked him: Baba, please give me some water( in hindi). He moved on his hands without opening his legs, filled this brass pot with water and gave me – and he gestured that I must drink not direct, but from the distance. I drank some of his water – I don’t remember if my friend drink it or not and give it back to him – ok, Baba, we’re going. He continued to sit in the same posture, unblinking eyes looking at me. We climbed down – it was about 70-80 meters before the road: we waited there for 5-10 minutes then bus came and we reached our town.

After about 1,5 months again the weather was very romantic and my friend arrived in the morning: let’s go again, let’s go and see that sadhu again. So we again went there with the lunch pack and everything, again we had lunch in the same boulder and again we see white crabs. Then we began to climb down and saw the big overhang, again big trishul and the traces of fire; and where we were hoping to find that sadhu again – that place has disappeared. There was only mountain wall – we went up again for 8 or 9 times but the place was not there. Nothing – no sadhu, no wall of boulders, it was just stone and nothing else. That is again miraculous thing that we never went there before that and we never went there after that. Maybe he was sitting there to give us some water. after 40 years some old people came and we were telling that story so many times and nobody believing such story can happen – but it happen. Then recently so many old timers were coming and this story was coming up again and again.

Finally after 40 years I decided to ask it to Balaji – who was he? In the night time I’ve asked him and he gave the very frightening answer: he said he was a shape-shifting snake. By the order of the Naga in the kund he was waiting for You, called You mentally so You reached there to give You special water. and because he was in the process of becoming a man from a Naga, so his legs under the knee – they were still tail, that’s why he was hiding it under him. that frighten us even more: suppose, we were hardly 22 years old: suppose with the giving water his tail will come out – I think we would have fallen from the mountain. It could frighten us that we may have heart attack. And we still don’t know, what that water was carrying. But I will tell you that my journey towards the yoga became more and more intense day by day. Adventure begin. My friend also: because he saw him with me- I don’t remember it exactly whether he drink that water; he was in a very humble condition and his career begin to rise, he became very successful in his career; now he is retired as a very senior government officer. So our both lives were affected by that. That is the story which happen in June or August 1979.

Q: when You inquired Balaji?

Guruji: recently, maybe 2 months back. It is believed that Amra Guru lives on that mountain – Amra means immortal Guru. That is very famous story that the immortal Guru is somewhere there. He was a shape-shifting snake as we learn. Very mysterious mountain: nothing is happening on the other side of it – no city developing, nothing. Only forest and some small villages – otherwise it remains untouched.


Q: is it true that You had a vision of Shiva Ji looking at You from Himalayas?

Guruji: yes, it happened even earlier – it was in 71-72. My sister-in-law, who is the princess of Jamnagar; my eldest brother married her and they had estate in the Himalayas near Baleshwar. It was beautiful- we was there in the summer vacations; Trishul and Nanda devi – two beautiful Himalays peaks were seen just in front. I was sitting there – it was big upper terrace more than 300 acres, it was big estate. I was just climbing on that fruit house and keep looking at those breath-taking, amazing view. I was just sit for hours looking on that peaks. Morning and evening time they became absolute golden in light, fantastic view.

When we came back from school – I was in high school then – and bought a new comics, after lunch this thing happened. I saw these peaks and the vision of Shiva came to me: one leg on Trishul, another leg on Nanda devi; his jata like flames were covering all sky behind. With the trishul in his hand, tiger skin and garland of the skulls he was looking at me directly. It affected me so much that I felt that I reached Him immediately there he standing. I became very disturbed after that- I must do something. Then so many things happened after. It must be in 71 or 72. That was first time I had such a vision, never before.

Q: and when You met Him here…?

Guruji: oh, that situation was different.

Q: but the appearance was the same or different?

Guruji: here he was wearing the elephant skin. In that He was wearing the tiger skin.

Q: and the face was the same?

Guruji: here I was not looking up, I was so frightened. The shape was very similar. Fantastic vision, still very clear in my mind. After that journey with water I came back home I slept for 4 hours.

Then mind became different and the search begin. It happened when I’ve read the “ Autobiography of the yogi”. In between these two visits on that mountain we were fortunate enough to come to Vrindavan and visit Anandamayi Ma and receive her blessings also. That was a very big turning point. 1979 was good. Karoge to hoge: if you will do it will happen.

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