Q: what is so special in India, in Bharat, that the art of yoga, alchemy and tantra appeared exactly there? not in other place in the world? Only here these arts are still alive: so what is so special in this land?

Guruji: the India, the Bharat peninsula is considered as representation of Adi Shakti; and you’ll agree that most of the alchemical things are discovered here- they are part of the Ayurveda as well. Also: only in Indian mythology we hear about the people living the very long life, immortality is discussed so much. That is specialty of India, because parts of Sati fell down here and Shiva came down because of her. So Shiva also lives here; maybe that is also special thing of India. Because of their presence so many arts discovered – because they are Gurus of everything.


Q: why in this year Kumbha Mela was shifted one year before – it must be in 2022?

Guruji: it depends on the movement of the Jupiter planet: this year it moves much faster – so it went to that particular sign, where it used to be: that’s why Kumbha Mela was shifted. It always connected with the movement of the Jupiter.

Q: it must be in the earth sign – or all the planets must be there?

Guruji: all the planets of Kumbha Mela are connected with the Jupiter. It moves faster than normal – that’s why. This year it happens.

Q: can we say that now Jupiter is very weak because it’s in Shani sign?

Guruji: being in Shani sign also considered as the cancellation of everything; maybe that time it will be much more than ever. He was very material – suddenly it becomes more spiritual. People also will become much more spiritual with that: this is how it moves on.


Q: I have the question from Gorakhbodh: in 127 shloka it is said about pavan atma, man atma, gyan atma and perception of atma as Guru 52 times; in comments it is said that 52 letters od Sanskrit alphabet also called akshar are situated on petals of chakras?

Guruji: yes

Q: am I right that every letter means music note?

Guruji: actually every letter represents particular sound vibration: letter is just a hint to the actual vibration of the sound; and those 52 petals of your chakras are directly connected to that particular sound, which is the originating from the dark in totality. So the more you’ll be able to define them – out of the general sound when you’re able to catch the particular vibration; your consciousness will be more and more when you’ll be able to differentiate between 52 types of the sounds– internal sound, external sound; then that vibration will create the extraordinary development in your consciousness. that is the aim of everything.

Q: and the perception of every sound in every petal of every chakra will give me the ability the sound of every element in Creation?

Guruji: first you will become aware of the sound; and when you will follow that particular vibration and you will find it connected to a certain chakra – and for the sake of expressing it they was written as petals of the chakra; but it is the connection of that particular sound with your nervous system, which you begin to call “petals”. It is just a junction, where the sound is entering your whole system. You will become aware – it will take time; these things always take time , and understanding will take some more time to develop – even after the connection you’re able to recognize, where it is connected with your system, your nervous system. Then slowly-slowly the understanding will begin to develop. Have patience!

Q: so I will hear the whole spectrum of nada? If I’ll here these notes?

Guruji: first you will become aware of the sound in general with different frequencies, different notes, different volumes; then after you have settled in those experiences – then different frequencies you will be able to distinguish distinctly. Suddenly nothing will happen, it will always take time. When your awareness will become extremely refined and even more minor things you will become aware of – then, this differentiation you will begin to experience. Keep practicing yoga to the best of your ability – then your senses will be more and more aware about this. Development of the brain!

Q: if that nada sound is the word of atma – will it be the perception 52 times your atma as Guru?

Guruji: atma comes from somewhere and just gives you life and when it leaves our body – it takes the life with it. It is your problem, how to maintain it’s attention to you or to make it interest inside you. The more you will develop your mind – the maybe atma will take more interest in you and you may develop to a level when the mind will become the disciple of your atma and it will accept it as a disciple and be the Guru of your mind; then the eternal association will begin.

Q: if we count the petals in every chakra – it will gives only 50? Where are two more?

Guruji: inside sahasrara there are 2 more.


I just understood this; when humanity was created – and it is a nature of humanity, wherever they live – the land becomes full of shit and all garbage start to come up. And the bad smell begin to reach heaven and all the gods were so disturbed and went to Creator– what have you done, sir? Save us! They went to Vishnu – he said I can’t do anything, go to Shiva! Shiva heard them and then ordered two of his main ganas – Chandibhairav and Bhringin; Chandibhairav said: ok, I will send my descendants – but they will remain away from society, only in smashan – because we cannot leave Your place. So those, who came from Chandabhairav, are chandalas, who live in smashan.

And from Bhringin – all the bhangis, now they are called “bhangis” – the sweeper cast; they came and also Shiva said: that you will be considered as the most supreme, you will be the better than everybody else; so the language came into matter. It is actually “mahattar” – better, like Mother, who is clean the shit of all her children those who are human beings. So “bhangi” and “mahettar” is the name – their origin is from Bhringin. He is one of the chief ganas of Shiva. That’s how it started.


In the beginning it was so full of cactus and very bad ruins – so I took 100+ laborers and told them: I will pay you after 1 month. Before 2 days of ending the month there was no money. That night – I couldn’t say it will be next month, they are not rich people( rich people are more miserly than them). It was difficult for me to sleep that night, I was very tense and very worry – what will I do? Then a realization came to my mind: the fruit of karmas are definite; and they are working for money – so god will give them, I’m just the manager in between. And I went to sleep.

Next day one man came, looking for me – from Asansol, Bengal. When I visited Bengal in 1987 he was a footballer – he was playing for Mohun Bagan, he was a goalie. He was trying to stop the penalty kick – and the ball was striking him in the chest and he fainted. After that something happened with him and from time to time he will be vomiting blood. The club sent him to Germany, to London for treatment – because he was a very fine goalie, but nothing happened. I was visiting Asansol and he came with the crowd – he was the relative of one of my future disciple and requested for some help. I was carrying something in my pocket and I gave him – ok, you will be all right. He came away and he became all right.

He resolved – that whatever reimbursement of medical bills will come his way – he will give it to me. Since 1987 I changed so many places – he kept looking for me; and in 1993 he arrived in the evening with exact same amount which I use to pay next day. So the karmic theory is just perfect. It works!

Q: what remedy You gave him?

Guruji: I don’t even remember that. something was in my pocket – maybe it was the mercury ball or something, I just gave it to him. I think it was mercury, solid mercury – he was cured with that.

Q: to keep it under his tongue?

Guruji: no, to boil in the tea: it was the boiling thing.


One of the char Dham; Dwaraka is one of the main hindu prominent Dham – like Badrinath, Dwaraka, Puri and Rameshwaram; so we went to unlock them. We went to Dwaraka and then take the thing what was there to do; when I was told that Gopi Talab is nearby; where Radha Ji and all the gopis – they just went after they heard Krishna’s demise; – and they jumped inside it.

So I had a very strong urge to go there – even it was not a part of the plan. I tell you: that is the saddest place I’ve ever visited in my entire life. As if the whole nature was weeping and crying – that cry was still there. we were very high in those days; when we with full concentration – if you’re here, please, come with us to Govardhan. Otherwise I will start to live here now, anyway. And if you’re coming with us – please, show us a sign. It was parse land, absolute very hot time – when we started from Dwaraka there was taxi: a small cloud showering, followed us from Dwaraka to Jamnagar.

Then suddenly home began to appear and so many fig trees begin to grow everywhere, all over; and we found Shivalingam.

Q: which month was it?

Guruji: it was hot time – maybe may. May 1997.

Q: You go to any particular place?

Guruji: to the main temple and inside the temple premises – there was a place: seat of Shankaracharya. No big deal, it was easy. This was something.

Q: since then we’re assuming that all the gopis came back?

Guruji: I think they came back – because as we believe from Maha Bhagavatam and it is my firm belief – that Shiva took form of Radha Ji. And the Shivalingam was bound to happened here- and the OM started on my nails – we must have photographs on those days.

Q: I think in 2008 You still have those photos – You shew…

Guruji: yes; they kept coming to maybe 2010. And I stopped touching – much less nowadays, so they are less.

Q: stop touching what?

Guruji: OM in the time of initiation.

Q: You think, it’s the connection with the initiation process?

Guruji: I think so.


Q: this is rather technical question: at some point, when Shivalingam was installed already and dhuni was already litten going; You said Dattatreya changed his routine and he started to stop here on his way?

Guruji: back to Girnar.

Q: and it was approximately 19:30 time?

Guruji: between 7:30 to 8 o’clock.

Q: when exactly it happen – when did You know this?

Guruji: we were not exactly aware, what’s happening. But some very eering mysterious things started since installation. And I was not able to understand them; then Ganganath came.

Q: it was happening before?

Guruji: from the day of installation. But we couldn’t actually understand, what is happening. He told us: Avadhuta – the Rudra face of Dattatreya – is now awake. Avadhut is Dattatreya; so his Rudra face is awake now and he was to sit on a cremation spot of a king. So it has happened. Then we did some research and inquiries and then I begin to observe what’s happening between 7:30 to 8 o’clock. then I realized, that from Mahur Garh he’s going straight to Govardhan then he go Girnar straight way.

Q: there was some mental contact?

Guruji: I could see! And mental contact I’ve never dare. But impression comes – and we could see him sometimes: he comes, walks a few time, from dhuni to the back of Shiva temple – and simply go away. He looks at the Shivalingam, looks at the dhuni…

Q: making sure that things are ok?

Guruji: maybe – or maybe something else: we’re not absolutely sure about it.

Q: You also mentioned few times that the wind is resizing – otherwise the wind starts; I forgot – You said something about natural signs?

Guruji: when big forces are moving, initially, some very big movement of the nature will take place – it happened. But nowadays it’s much more subdued, not to that level.

Q: to Russian disciples You gave the permission to be there?

Guruji: yes, to Andrey and Peter Shubik – when they heard it, they think it’s adventure; so they were sitting there behind Nandi and as I remember they said that something shifted in the space in front of them and they were not aware for half an hour, what is actually happening. They were sort of out. I told them: don’t dance in front of truck, who is coming in full speed. And you will also notice: in that portion you’ll never see any worker. No monkeys: nobody goes there. even dogs don’t go there. even in daytime.

There is a discussion goes in the world for a very long time: some people say – we believe in god, and some people say – we’re atheists, we don’t believe in god. This question raised in front of me several times – and my answer to that question is: it is a very mathematical conclusion – most of the mathematical problems we start to solve them by assuming; let’s assume- and we tried to find the right formula and reach the conclusion. So this “belief in god” is highly mathematical substance: we start assuming, that there is god; and there is a spirit, there is a soul; then we need to find a right formula and we will surely reach the conclusion. This is my opinion; you also please honor on that.
 when Ganganath spoke to You and he addressed “Avadhut”- that he is awaken; we take it as Shiva and Shiva only?
Guruji: actually when Ganganath told us that Avadhut has been invoked successfully and it was to happen once in a same Creation and You have done it successfully – so You’re the Badinath, Nath of the Naths. First when I’ve heard it I’ve also took him as Shiva. All this understanding came later.
Q: I’ve only started to understand it when we spoke yesterday -when the story of Datta Guru came. About Alakh Niranjan, Datta Guru – how did this calls came?
Guruji: Alakh Niranjan – I don’t know, it was not suggested by the Bhattaji in Nepal; he just outlined how to do the rituals step by step. But first time when I found damaru – this call came automatically, Alakh Niranjan. For 4-5 days – “Alakh Niranjan”; then suddenly Alakh Datta, Guru Datta also came.
Q: automatically?
Guruji: automatically – since then I’m doing it. Two times. The first is Alakh Niranjan, second is Alakh Datta, Guru Datta. Which is beyond carbon, remained unseen; and the giver, the Guru – Datta – also remain unseen. It took time: when he was talking – we could understand nothing. But all this understanding came slowly. Then we connected so many dots: in Bhagavatam is written that Dattatreya himself give upadesh to ancestor of Krishna on a hill- maybe on Govardhan hill he did it. That’s maybe why Krishna worship this holy hill – as a place of the Guru. In Shrimad Bhagavatam it is written.
Q: but hill is not named?
Guruji: hill is not named. And also it is written there that 9 Naths also went to Krishna and they had a discussion. They addressed as 9 Yogi – shwar; they were 9 Naths, and all those names, who became Nath yogis – they talked with him.

Q: it’s very interesting that Guru Datta have 23….

Guruji: 24; he is saying that – I learn from that 24 people. And pandit, preacher, begin to say here – 24 Gurus. Looking at something – and learning is another thing.

Q: but they are actually not people: they listing the river, the spider ?

Guruji: there are some people also. That one girl was just pounding something, and she had more than one bangle – so there was sound; she remove all, left one – and then there was no sound; so I learn to remain alone from that. it is like that.

Q: yes, there are some humans as well; so what do You think on that: it’s just colorful legend?

Guruji: no, it is the very deep thing. That means you need to develop your awareness to that level that even you can learn something from an ant, from insect! Every thing, every insect, every being is an expression of the consciousness of the Earth – so you can learn some wisdom from him.

Q: I thought it was absolutely magnificent picture – how he was bringing attention to it?

Guruji: amazing thing! I learn this: every being is an expression of the consciousness of the Mother Earth – or people say of the god; so you can learn some angle of consciousness from anybody. From a pig to a whale, to an elephant to a man, from a sinner to a virtuous person – everybody. As we discovered that all sinners are much more wiser than innocent people. Here lies the secret of this term.

Q: this subject is a book by itself, undoubtably.

Guruji: a main thing is to you observe the sinner move on, that’s the point(smiling)

It’s not the nature of the dehi: dehis are like students; and no matter how your mind is working – you have to remember that your physical body is carrying trillions and trillions of gigabytes of information. It is like a book: and book is not aware, what is written inside.

Q: during the time of puja the call “Alakh Niranjan” ? from where did it come?

Guruji: it is a very ancient Nath’s call, from thousands of years they are saying it. Even to greeting each other they sometimes say “ Alakh Niranjan”.

Q: did You obtain this instruction from pujari?

Guruji: no; first time we started to say it; damaru was also not a suggestion. But it just came to me, that we must have damarus and when the first day we did it – this Alakh Niranjan came; second day Alakh Datta, Guru Datta came – since then it is continuously on.

Q: it signifies “he, who is beyond carbon” – but it’s not an exact translation?

Guruji: Alakh Niranjan: Alakh means – which remains unseen, which can not be seen. Who or what is beyond carbon, remains unseen.

Q: and what is the continuation?

Guruji: Alakh Datta, Guru Datta: the giver, Guru, Dattatreya – also remains unseen. Here I’ll elaborate just a little: the Prana vayu, which is moving inside sushumna, has a technical term: “atreya”. Which remains unseen.

Q: is it somehow connected with the rishi Atri?

Guruji: yes, Datta Atreya- yes.

Q: also it came by itself?

Guruji: no instructions – it just came. Alakh Datta, Guru Datta – I’ve never heard; but I hear some Nagas call it and sometime some Nath yogis do it.

Q: why do You think suddenly it just became…?

Guruji: because it was Avadhut – the Rudra face of Dattatreya.

Q: so he projected that call?

Guruji: I think, he projected that call.

Q: but You noticed him later, after You started puja?

Guruji: I noticed him much later, yes. Much later means after we started the puja according the instruction of the Nepali Bhattaji priest – then, after dhuni specially, yes.

Q: so when everything was at place, he came?

Guruji: yes. Dhuni was in 9/11 2001.

Q: and what do You think on that coincidence – or there are no coincidences?

Guruji: I don’t believe in coincidences any more.

Q: so how You think it could be related?

Guruji: the chain started from that very day the dhuni was ignited; he accepted it and started to come.

Q: is it a shift of world powers?

Guruji: I think the world power is already shifted – I mean we’re already into the new world order. As I keep repeating- monarchy go, democracy came; the refinement of the democracy begin from that time.

Q: how the fall of the most significant emblems of capitalism and ignition of the yogic dhuni on smashan – how those things correlated?

Guruji: capitalism is just an expression of monarchy- you want to rule and create an empire; whether it will be the business empire or religious empire – empire is just a symbol of monarchy. So slowly-slowly the democracy will become more and more refined and the individuality will be respected by the individual. Yours also – and others also.

As I already gone through many times: there were four yugas and four varnas in vedic creation or ancient creation. So with demise of Ravana the Brahmanical era ended – and he was there for 3.11 billion years, which is like immortality. Then Rama, the kshatriyas era came, which lasted for 2 million years. If we compare the personalities from 3.11 billion years to only 2 million years; it ended with the coming of East India company to India: most of the kings were defeated by the businessmen.

If the take the rating of that – it may last maybe 150-170 years, no more than that. So maybe by the 2050 the service – the shudra ruling will begin. And you will agree, that shudra means service: service sector is becoming more and more powerful.

Q: what do You think Dattatreya has to do with all of this?

Guruji: he is the foremost exponent of equality, the Guru. Equality is the name of the game.

We must equally share this planet, the planet is providing everything; and no matter who we are – blue-blooded or red- blooded or black-blooded – we have equal legal rights.

I will say here one more thing which very few people noticed: the Lord Macaulay, the great british scholar – created criminal procedure code of India, which is still on; and that time first we see that social equality: no matter to which family you’re belong, to which religion you belong, whatever – rich or poor, you will be prosecuted if you commit a crime. Equality start from that very moment. And I hope it will continue.

Q: interesting that equality started from the punishment moment – actually the justice?

Guruji: justice should be equal, that’s how it started. Otherwise blue-blooded people were beyond this thing, they were never to be arrested – but it all ended now.

Q: I think it’s absolute wonderful parallel, that Dattatreya is the representation of equality: equality of elements, equality of castes?

Guruji: of three major gods as well – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva equally. Let’s hope his kripa will be on us. His look will be upon us. Most mysterious being.

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