Another thing: see my lawyer, who acts like a genie? He is the only one who is successful in cultivating the land in that area. He connected him with me and he solved so many of my problems. Now it just came to me- it cannot be a coincidence. Now he’s thinking of buying a horse – so he will inspect all my farming by riding a horse.


Many people have asked me – why is Hanuman Ji so friendly and compassionate with yogis? My answer is that only yogis are practicing pranayama, using the vayu in different ways: this is like serving in a more respectable way. If you’re giving utmost respect to someone’s father – he will have very good feelings towards you. I think this is the only reason Hanuman Ji blessed me and helped me a lot: I’m yogi and I’m doing pranayama – he noticed that.


They say that the first appearance of Shiva was Ardhanarishwar – half-men, half-woman. As long as I’ve been pondering on this and looking down on things and the nature in general: on Mother Earth and all the physiological discoveries, which modern scientists tell, I’ve beginning to think: we should call her as Ardhapurusheshwari, Adi Shakti – the main female principle, became half- man: not the man, who became half-woman. We all start in our mother’s womb- for the first three months everybody was a girl, then became different. So I think this is very important, we should understand this thing: she became Ardhapurusheshwari, she took on the form of a man – so the Creation begins and the play of man and woman started.


Q: About tantric practices: there are certain complicated visualizations, for example connected with the form of Ishta devata; is it closer to the bhakti or it’s an attempt to establish the connection and receive the grace from the certain deity or is it a transformation of the practitioner, merging with this Ishta devata?

Guruji: Well, everybody is missing the very obvious thing: by teaching us how to visualize a deity or something – it is a very deep training for our mind and for our imagination. When you’re in the Void – or let’s say on the other side; only the capacity of your mind or visualization or imagination will come to help you. People label it as “bhakti”, people label it as “tantra” – it’s a very great training for your imagination. Concentrated focused imagination is very much needed on the other side.

Q: Is it in an attempt to merge with the deity?

Guruji: No, definitely it’s not an attempt to merge – it’s just to train your mind. Where will you merge? You will always retain your individuality; look at the water – salt is dissolving, sugar is dissolving,- but go the micro-micro level: you will see the separate molecule here – of water, of salt; it’s just a point of view. Individuality will remain forever. The point is to establish your own reality in this world of imagination or a dreamworld, or maya, illusion: you’re making your presence real. That’s why this visualization is just a training for your mind and consciousness and imagination, concentrated imagination.


Q: There are so many texts which are saying that you will become one with the projected image?

Guruji: As you consider yourself – so you will become; maybe you will begin to look like. What are your looks? It is your mind’s perception of yourself. Maybe; the image will be imposed on you.

Q: We’re carrying a certain mark of Yours: many practitioners, who practice sincerely and very well – their looks are becoming a little bit like You?

Guruji: I have noticed that; but as the Guru is – so the disciple will become also. It’s a very good sign. That also tells me that their mind started to work in the same gear – maybe towards the same direction.

Q: They are walking the same path?

Guruji: Yes, they are all sputniks.


Q: Such practices of visualizations – they require very strong imagination and consciousness; they may not happen even in the first 10 years of the practice? But then you should do other things – like passing the granthas, formation of the chakras and other more simple forms of visualization take place before…

Guruji: No, absolutely no need: they will derive you from the path – it will be a misdirection. Another thing I will say: you need an extraordinarily powerful and developed mind to be able to visualize yourself. So that will come finally.

Q: That is very true. We still don’t have a perception of selves.

Guruji: That’s why this yoga practice is extraordinarily important to us and to anybody who wants to reach that height.


Q: The question was about bija mantra sauh – and you answered that it’s just a vibration, there’s no need to connect them; in the context of this question – You said it’s a tantric story, not a yogic practice story; so: our yoga is connected with Nathas and they are the for-fathers of hatha yoga and they are connected with the tantric lineage in general. Alchemistry of hatha yoga and certain rituals; You never merge these things – can You give any commentaries?

Guruji: (laughing) well.

Q: What do You mean by tantra?

Guruji: Tantra simply means a technical aspect of anything. Engineering is called “tantriki” in hindi – so it is; but because we are human beings and living in society – we love to categorize. Alchemy, all different vibrations like mantras – they all are part of yoga. Now we say that they are the same with Nath yogis – but they are the original yogis, only they are still called yogis. Everybody else began to copy them- and actually they couldn’t learn much from them. All alchemy came from them, all different tantric practices came from them; and what is Kriya yoga? What we read in Bhagavatam: technical aspect of yoga, making yourself, making your mind extraordinarily powerful – then rituals are prescribed; that will train your mind in a very different way, you will be in tune with nature – or with so many subtle things of this Creation, you cannot separate them. Who is giving you solidified mercury? Who gave you the alchemical explanation of Gita and who is talking so much about different seed mantras, different vibrations, directly coming from the Nada? Is it not alchemistry, is it not tantra – what it is then? So you just need to prepare yourself and then all these things will follow. It started from Shiva, Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath were the foremost yogis, Swatmarama learnt from them and then gave an extremely great thought: that the physical aspect and spiritual aspect came down to us through competent masters.

Q: In fact you merge with Swatmarama and Babaji must be the same?

Guruji: It is my strongest of strong convictions inside. You see, when we say “Kriya yoga” ; just read Hatha Yoga Pradipika – every mudra, which is described there, they are taught in the first level. And then the elaboration of these things will come – as you will progress in your practice. Who is teaching all these things except Kriya yoga? Only here they started from day one. I’m very hopeful that your consciousness will develop to that level of understanding all these things. I will be very happy to see that; and already it’s happening – otherwise these questions will never come. The first alchemical explanation of Bhagavad Gita- who can imagine, who can believe that? But it has been done. And who is giving you solidified mercury to keep it under your tongue? These are dangerous grounds – to play with mercury, it’s a dangerous substance.

Q: Until unless it’s treated and processed by the knowledgeable mind,

Guruji: Of course, yes. That’s the main obstacle. But then the more obstacles you will face – the stronger you will become. This is like the child that will always follow the mother’s skirt – he will never venture out and have to face adventures. But even that is not so bad.

Q: Those were the good questions?

Guruji: Very good – suddenly I’m in the good mood answering them.

Q: So many ways leading to possible samadhi and turiya – so many different traditions; but will vayu sharira be the same?

Guruji: I’ve just told you: the source is one. When people start to categorize to create their own thing, who have not experienced all these things – then all the confusion comes.

Q: Can we then analyze some description in literature – or verbal description – if we see any descriptions, working with the navel area, working with khechari? Can we say that might be right?

Guruji: I cannot say whether it’s a right technique without examining it, but I will say – the source is one.


Q: In numerous traditions many different sadhanas are described with seemingly one goal, which can be samadhi and turiya, but do they work as intended, as they are so strongly differentiated? Because the algorithm of the unlocking sushumna, piercing and going through the granthas, rising of Kundalini, formation of the chakras; it cannot be very different in many different sadhanas just because the vayu sharira is the same and it composed out of the same elements. So is it true that we have to start with brahma granthi and continue with hridaya and if it’s true that those techniques and specter of methods is not so variable, it’s a very limited way?

Guruji: I will start by quoting the very ancient thing: truth is one, but different wise people tell it in different ways. So the source of all the wisdom and all these practices is one.

But as not so qualified people began to propagate it to create their own empire – so many different versions of so many different simple things started. The more you try to make things complicated – the bigger your empire and followers will become. They will grow; because you’re giving them so much complication, and you’re giving the understanding that you are the knower of these so called complicated great things and only you can make them uncomplicated; so follow me!

Remember, truth is always so simple. Whatever you’re doing, whichever tradition you’re following – you’re using your consciousness, your mind and brain. When I say – develop your consciousness, develop your mind and develop your brain along with your physical body, which will continue to support your greatly developed brain. That is the basic tool for doing whatever you want to do. And remember, the understanding of Kundalini will start only after your three granthis have been pierced, and chakras have been formed. Otherwise till then we will continue to discuss it without actual understanding. When you begin to experience – then you will begin to actually appreciate its different movement, different sound vibrations; so many different things will come to you only after that.

But if you somehow follow any tradition and you start as a newcomer in that and after some time you think that you’re progressed to a certain level; then you’re afraid to change the tradition – even if you started to see it is not taking you anywhere. There your vanity and ego will come into play, because you spend 10 years there; YOU have given your 10 years – so it must be good and great. That will just keep you there in a cocoon of ignorance and you will remain happy; but no butterfly will come out of the cocoon – take my word for it.

Source is one, truth is always very simple; and remember here also: these terms – samadhi, turiya – they are part of the yogic language. No other tradition; all other traditions took these terms from yoga and started to use it to impress others. Samadhi was so much talked about since Yogananda went to the west. Do some research; how many people have experienced samadhi? How many people have given descriptions of samadhi? How many people can you see that they may have achieved samadhi? And in India, Samadhi and death are also synonyms.

When as a token of respect, some sadhu dies it is said – oh, he has gone into Samadhi: that is another linguistic problem. But try to do some research: you’ll find 5, highly 7 – no more than that. Only in yogic texts you will see people achieving it, but not so many.


Q: In many of Your stories You mentioned that before coming here You never conducted any puja?

Guruji: No

Q: You never had a religious background in any sense, it was not practiced in Your family?

Guruji: Not exactly, not high priests. Never.

Q: How has Your presence here in Govardhan, next living Giriraj changed You?

Guruji: It started with the Shivalingam. And finding Shakti’s different body parts. When Shivalingam came – it started automatically.

Q: But before those years, the presence of Giriraj himself was so close …

Guruji: We visited it, cleaned it, – my focus was not exactly there. Those were hard times, but we passed through it. Now we’ve discovered all these rituals are the extension of Kriya yoga – after some time. I think we’re on the right track. Also: when you’re offering your pranam to super.. people – your ego remains in place. There are people, who are much more knowledgeable and more powerful and better than. I think it should also be there to keep the ego in balance.

Q: Is it in every discipline – to keep the ego in balance?

Guruji: In fact, if these rituals are not part of it – the ego will become very high. I’m following this discipline, I’m doing such a great tapas – so I’m the greatest, I’m god. I’ve seen several cases of that. But when you’re doing puja to Shiva, to Babaji, to Bhairav, when you’re offering your pranam – your ego remains somehow subdued. And they are there – you realized that also. That’s why in Shrimad Bhagavatam it is a part of Kriya yoga: so your ego will remain under control and under balance.

Q: In early years not many western students were conducting regular puja…

Guruji: I’ve started after so many years; when the right time arrives – they will start. There should be no forcible conducting of puja, they should as a natural development and a result of your yoga practices.


Vishwamitra killed 100 sons of Vasishtha – so Vasishtha acknowledged him as brahmarishi. So he got sin of killing a brahmin 100 times. We have never come across any record that he atoned for that or did some prayashchitta to remove that – nowhere. So the mantra, which he may have given, is carrying that curse. And also it is not complete: Gayatri Chan – it is a Chan, poetry, which has  got 24 matras. Half matra is missing in this mantra. We need to be very careful about it. In that Gayatri is 23.5 matras: half matra is missing. The Sanskrit scholars say – it is not complete, also carrying the sin of 100 brahman killed. 

Q: So it’s not recommended for us to practice it?

Guruji: Not at all: if you want – practice Giriraj gayatri, it’s complete and no curse. 

This gayatri is specially for solar worship, for the Solar dynasty. As we look around the history – most of the Solar dynasty are gone, disappear; the cultures have disappeared: from Inkas to Sun temple of Konark – all over the world if you take a larger view – no solar worshipping dynasty has survived. There is something there, which you should look at and find out; that is my observation.

Most “solar” practitioners are not so well, they are miserable. We have a very large perspective on that. Since that point came into my mind – I’ve been watching, I’ve been discussing, asking people to look at them – they are not happy. How many people have you seen doing Surya Namaskar and still looking good? You’ll not find it. Russian yoga instructors are also looking good because they are doing so many things besides that.


Q: People ask You thousands of times about Babaji’s identity? So many texts are assuming or stating that he is of south Indian origin, one of the Tamil siddhas and so forth; but when he appeared – You said numerously that he spoke northern hindi dialect – there was no trace of southern accent. Is there the thing that he might be changing his appearance also?

Guruji: Even in Lahiri Mahasaya’s diaries and Yogananda’s texts says that he generally speaks Hindi. And he looks like a person belonging to this area, western Uttar Pradesh. The main thing I would like to say here, I will make a statement here: if Babaji doesn’t want his identity to be revealed – we should honor his wishes as his followers. Instead of trying to become like Sherlock Holmes; if he would like to reveal his identity – he is free to do so, whenever he desires, nobody can stop him. That has to be some big reason behind it – so he maintains absolute secrecy on it; so we should honor his wishes.

Q: He is the son of the mortal parents? He is the one who achieved immortality in a human body or…?

Guruji: He is human for sure, yes. And a successful yogi. This is the result of yoga in all ancient texts. Ward off old age and death: he is successful in that.

Q: Of course we will not try to discover his identity, try to resolve it; but connection with Swatmarama became obvious to You when we work?

Guruji: If you’re very deep into Kriya yoga by the grace of your Guru and Babaji himself – similarity is stricken, based on the text of Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Also I remember in Lahiri Mahasaya’s diaries, I remember absolutely, reading: the supreme exponent of Hatha Yoga, Babaji – this is how he addresses him. So we will continue to honor his wishes. No name of his Guru: only in Hatha Yoga Pradipika there is some link that Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath were the knowers and he learnt that yoga by the grace of them.

Q: ami no ami – I am what I am…

Guruji: On the lighter note – it might be the Bengali gentleman, who went there in seclusion. God told them: remove your shoes – this is the hindu thing, and then they ask: who are you? He said ami, ami – this is Bengali also, same meaning: “ami” means “me”. So he may be the Bengali person, sitting there in that cave.

Q: Siddhanath in his book was making a suggestion, he claimed that he is Gorakhnath?

Guruji: He was so much infatuated with Gorakhnath – we used to talk for hours on that. But Gorakhnath looks hardly 15-16 years old; Babaji looks older – anywhere between 25 to 35. I’m sure they are 2 different people.

Q: It should not really matter to us…

Guruji: No. He wants to keep it a secret – we should honor his wish. And he is old – that is for sure.

I will quote from one movie – maybe it was Ironman 3 or something – the villain: he went on the roof, he was thinking of jumping – then he realized that he has the greatest gift: obscurity, nobody knows him; and he began to use it. It may be his greatest friend: obscurity.

Q: Every second man can say that…

Guruji: But some people definitely know him.

Q: And even immortals need friends?

Guruji: That is for sure.

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